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  • rb1987

    Hi Miller115. I hope you notice my message, I am seeking guidance and help on realizing my dream to live and work in Australia. I don't know the whole process. It would be very beneficial if you can help me with this concern of mine. Appreciate your response.

    January 28
    • miller115
      Hi there, Rb1987. I am not a migration agent, and I am also doing the migration process via the Do It Yourself (DIY) route. From the pieces of information that I have gathered from many different websites/forums, you need to start with your skills assessment, as having a positive/suitable assessment in your nominated occupation will allow you to lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI).

      Just verify whether you are required to take an English test (IELTS/PTE Academic etc.) when you apply for your skills assessment. Some assessing authorities, such as AITSL, (for teachers) require potential migrants to have their IELTS Academic results, if the applicant is not a resident of the USA, the UK, Australia, NZ, etc. Other authorities, like VETASSESS, do not require such.

      Check out this link, https://www.anzscosearch.com/221111. This website will provide you with critical information regarding state/territory eligibility and the corresponding requirements required by each state for onshore/offshore applicants. Also, you may want to look at this website, https://deltaimmigration.com.au/Accountant-General/221111.htm, to find out more about the duties for your occupation.

      There is a lot of information online regarding the type of visa that you would like to apply for (189/190/491/482). In a nutshell, the process goes something like this:

      1. Apply for Skills Assessment (you may need to take an English test before or after submission; it depends on the requirement of the assessing body)
      2. Lodge EOI via Skillselect
      3. Wait for ITA (Invitation to apply for the visa) NOTE: Some states directly invite (ITA) you through Skillselect. Others, like the Northern Territory, for example, require potential migrants to submit their application to their MigrationNT portal after lodging their EOI
      4. Lodge visa [at this stage, you need to provide all pertinent documents, do your medicals, get Character reference (Police clearance)]
      5. Wait for visa grant

      If you have the time to read and if you are pretty confident that you can handle the whole process, you may want to do the whole application process by yourself. If you feel the process is too onerous for you, engaging a licensed MARA agent will prove to be wise. God bless you in your plans.
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