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    July 20
  • emzkie

    Hi Juju,

    Since you're the only one who have shared their experience in the NAATI CCL online exam, would like to seek for your opinion or advice.
    You mentioned that they will check the 4 corners of the room where you are taking the exam. With this, if my door is slightly open because I'm planning to use a LAN cable for the internet connection, does this mean they won't allow it and the door must be fully closed?
    Moreover, I suppose a living room is not appropriate for the test area right? Because I am after for the faster and reliable internet connection.

    Hoping for your response.

    Thank you


    July 3
    • juju06
      Hello Emma! With regards to the room, I am living in a small apartment wherein the living, kitchen, and dining area are all connected so I think there is no problem if you're taking the exam in your living room. I think what's more important is that you will be alone in the room where you'll be taking your exam in when you take it. The open door is tricky; I don't know what they will require about this, but what I'm certain is if there are other people in the other room and the invigilator hears them through your mic, they might ask for you to close it since there is a possibility of cheating.

      In my opinion, if you've got normal reliable Wi-Fi from your internet connection that you usually use, there's no need to have your PC/laptop wired and risk to possibly incur an issue with your test. In addition, there will be a few minutes that you and the invigilator will talk about some stuff such as the rules and others before the exam proper, so there will be plenty of time for you and them to evaluate the space where you will be taking the exam, including the internet connection. You can ask them during this time if they can hear and see you clearly. Just my 2 cents. Of course you'll still be the one who will make the final decision about that.

      Hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions. Good luck!
    • emzkie
      Hi Juju,

      Thank you for your thoughts.

      Would like to ask you further when you said they will check the 4 corners of your room. Does this mean you have to show them every corners by rotating your laptop? pasensya na medyo praning lang haha.. Though I hope wala mga housemates ko sa bahay on my exam day so that I can use the living room. I doubt kasi na my other housemate will be at home since flexible sched na siya.
      I was thinking if I will use a LAN cable, since I have to show them every corner of the room so my laptop will be moved and nakakatakot if matanggal ang LAN cable.
      Moreover, need your opinion if okay lang ba gumamit ng portable wifi like this: ? I was thinking of renting one, then sa labas ng room ko ilagay. Hindi naman to hotspot from mobile.

      Thank you and sorry andami kong tanong.

    • juju06
      Hi Emma,

      Yep, I had to stand and move and rotate my laptop for the invigilator to check the room where I was taking the exam. I forgot to add that they will also be checking the surface/table where your laptop is will be placed, and they are quite strict with this. Aside from your phone being turned off, there should be no electronic devices in there that can transmit data.

      Regarding the portable wifi you mentioned, in my opinion it will still be considered a mobile hotspot since your source of the internet will be from a sim card. Only difference is, it is connected to a portable router, and not a mobile phone. I think the wifi they require should come from a wired broadband connection to prevent reliability issues. I am not sure about this though; during my exam the invigilator asked me what internet source was and I said wifi, but she did not inquire further if it was a from a broadband wifi or just a portable router. Also, since you're in SG, your internet service providers are more reliable than what we have here in the PH, even if you're using a mobile hotspot, so it is possible that you can use it. My advice though is to use the LAN connection you have since it will give you better peace of mind so that you won't worry about it while taking the exam. You can also inform the invigilator that you're using a wired connection so your movement will be limited, and I think they will be considerate of that.

      Good luck!
    • emzkie
      Thanks a lot Juju for the info and advise.

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