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  • @lecia ok na nakasubmit for appeal approved na din. Nagsubmit ng application for clearance dko pa nareceive invoice pero check ko online this is the status Status Accepted, Pending Finger Print .. Pwede na kaya mag finger print kasi this time for…
  • @lecia nag attached naman pag next proceed may error pero pag down bakit kahpon pa...unusual... ano browser gamit mo IE chrome parehas gamit ko. The web page at https://eddies.police.gov.sg/eappeal/xhtml/layout/Frame.faces might be temporarily down…
  • hello nag apply ako COC online Nov 17 and this morning Nov 18 kaso hindi ako maka attached docs . nageerro pag proceed .. is anyone encountering this issue. nag feedback na ako sa spf website. thanks
  • @engr_boy @Hunter_08 ano pala mailing address ginamit nyo to send the fingerprint with acknowledgement slip.. dito ba?? Thank you. ==beta chat says=== The COC office is located at Block D Police Cantonment Complex, #02-07/08, 391 New Bridge Road,…
  • Approved na rin online status husband ko with our daughter. March 22 2018 submitted online brisbane Marxh 18 2019 invited for test April 2 2019 2pm test and interview April 3 2019 approved online status. Next ceremony is on May and then Ju…
  • Applied March 22 2018 Brisbane Received test exam apppointment March 18 2019 April 2 2019 140pm scheduled interview and exam . Passed 100% madali lang basta nagpractice. No major questions on the interview. The officer give a hint expect the let…
  • @LakiMasel san link ka nagreview.. Pasend at salamat! may test schedule na din kami Brisbane Apr 2 sabay kam husband ko (March 22 2018 kami nag apply )
  • @echo congrats!! oi oi oi na. nabasa ko ibang forum 15 months in total hanggang ceremony sana makasama ka next!
  • @echo all the best! tuloy tuloy na feb 2018 ka nagsubmit db.. next na kami sana
  • For 12 months stay need to wait 6 months for another re application. Also CO are checking if the applicant over stay more than 12 months on 18 month period. Thanks sa nagreply sa akin sa email
  • @Captain_A yes the system can now check if you are illegible to apply. We tried the day before our 4th year as skilled PR I dont remember error but we cant proceed to the next page. Siguro error na ngayon ang mag prompt kasi madami sila ginawang c…
  • Hi is there anyone here refused for application of parents tourist visa. When re-applying new visa. The case was parents stayed 12 months period on previous visa But when we called immigration australia they mentioned we can reapply anytime . So we …
  • @fgs single at last person to apply conferral mabilis.. though your nephew is link to your application you both have separate application unlike family your children are tied to your application. Anyway congrats! yes mabilis pag single applicant or …
  • @fgs congrats mabilis sau .. are you single or last person to apply conferral citizenship in your family. meron din ako indian national kasabayan mo nag oath taking na sept 2018. pag tied application (family) medyo matagal... yun napansin namin sa…
  • @echo @julz nakareceive na ba kayo invitation for citizenship exam. thanks. Applied March 2018-family.
  • @fgs are you solo applicant or your family /husband already citizen ikaw na lang nag lodge conferral? I have officemate indian national solo applicant kasi husband and children are already australian kaya mabilis she applied march2018 oat na sept201…
  • @PNay yes ok lang expired passport, 2 kakilala ko expired na passports ginamit sa pag applied. All the best!
  • @janine0511 may mga listed profession at may minimum months that personally kilala ka noong nasa identity declaration try mo yung GP nyo doctor nyo .Pwede sya magsign.
  • @fgs did you apply australian citizenship by conferral . I called immi 131 881 -4 sabi eh ano daw case to case basis depende san napunta yung application but still 16 months processing daw.. she did asked me kung australian citizenship by conferal …
  • @fgs bdw QLD din state ko
  • @fgs congrats bilis ng exam mo. I have submitted march 22 wala pa din schedule for exam, Did you received an email for the schedule of tests.
  • @ajet02 proof of residency this is for your current address (rental agreement etc ,utility bills_ ... While for evidence of initial entry or lawful entry use your immigration stamp in your passport when you first enter Australia with valid reside…
  • @helloworld there are only listed persons who can sign your identity declaration like your GP doctor. Good luck.
  • any updates on your status @dee0829 @epiboy99
  • 1. Date Applied: 22 Mar 2018 2. City/Council Area: 3. Online / Paper: Online 4. Acknowledgement Email: 22 MAr 2018 5. Citizenship Test e-mail: TBA 6. Date of the Citizenship Test: TBA 7. Approval letter: TBA 8. Date of ceremony: TBA
  • Please share your timeline yung mga latest nag apply. I have offi emate chinese who applied after April 20 2017 mag 1 year na wala pa approval. She took exam on 8th monh after application _Chinese descent sya . Date applied: 22 March 2018 …
  • anyone who knows working in cookmedical? o pinoy.. salamat..
  • try nyo sa urban hotel pinoy doon ang manager @acerone.
  • approx 6 weeks ave TAT for tourist visa applied in immi online.
  • september is flower festival in toowomba.. Daming pinoy punta , isa na kami doon. But we are in Brisbane area so mga 1 hr++ drive.

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