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Welcome to the New and Upgraded Pinoy AU Forum! We have only updated a couple of times since 2010. Apology it took some time. Some of the features are still being migrated. Please feel free to report here or email me at [email protected] if you will encounter any issues. Thank you.



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  • Hi @danyan2001us saan po bah magsimula maghanap ng part-time job? Can you recommend a website or options kung saan? Thank you po.
  • @clzap likewise! All the best to our endeavors!
  • @clzap yeah me too, anything to get me there, but my best option was to study. Since I don't have much work experience. Although, my other option is to aim for a band score of 8 in each category in ielts, which was a challenge just so I can earn 20 …
  • @clzap yeah, about that, when I started applying, the agency told me that if you apply for masters program, there won't be a need for a show money. But, for some reason, now that I am preparing my documents, they told me that the sponsor's show mone…
  • @Sheenica yeah, started planning it since last year, however, I just took the ielts exam last april 8. I suggest to take the ielts exam first so the application will be smoother. Just aim for 7 and above in all categories, and 7.5 min overall band s…
  • Hi Sheenica, I am also thinking the same thing. However, when I decided to apply, I took up masters 'cause my bachelors degree was acknowledged. I don't know if there is any difference in getting a PR, but I do know that it depends on how long your …
  • Does anyone have an idea on the itemized living expenses at Sydney and Brisbane? I am trying to compare the two cities, even if Sydney is statistically expensive. I want a concrete list of a weekly or monthly expenses sa dalawang cities. For example…
  • Hi! I got accepted to a school offering 1 year masters degree. That means I am allowed to have additional 90 days for post work. I was wondering if the time is enough to find a job that would transition to a work visa or any other visa that would es…

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