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  • @fgs thanks. My question was kung makikita ba nila sa system sa NAIA airport pag nipresent ko yung Philippine passport ko na hindi ako dual citizen?
  • @Cassey thank you! I have another question. Once I take the oath, I automatically lose my Filipino citizenship, right? What happens if I travel back to our dear Pinas and use my Philippine passport before getting dual citizenship (and before gett…
  • @Cassey Thank you. I just find it rather odd that arguably the most important thing in the process has this silly loophole. In this day and age, really, something as important as this letter should be electronic. But that's just me. By the way, the…
  • Hi OP. Sorry to hear about your visa refusal. Is that the actual reason, word-for-word, given in the refusal letter? Can you copy and paste what exactly is stated there?
  • Update! Date applied: 27 March 2018 City/Council area: Parramatta NSW Online / Paper: Online Date received the acknowledgement email: 27 March 2018 Received test invite: 11 Feb 2019 for 25 March 2019 (rescheduled to 25 Feb) Citizensh…
  • @ktelita yes there’s still one position left. No call centre experience required but must have SAP experience. If anyone’s interested, send me a message ASAP! Thanks!
  • Good luck po sa lahat ng big movers! Naeexcite ako for you just from reading your comments! Brings back memories of my BM din haha. Gastusin nyo na po yung million pesoses nyo na ipon to buy AUD while mura pa siya. Kasi pag AUD na po ang kinikita n…
  • @Cassey wow a year of waiting just for the approval? That’s outrageous. I actually thought of changing my address to somewhere na tingin ko mas onti yung applicants but in the end I decided against it. I was able to wait for almost a year just …
  • @Cassey thank you! More patience please, Lord haha. Good luck to everyone who’s still waiting like me
  • Hi guys. I’m checking my mailbox everyday lol wala pa ring letter. May email ba yun or physical letter Lang like the citizenship application approval? My application was approved March 11. Ilang buwan pa ako maghihintay?
  • @LakiMasel NSW po ako. Hindi ko alam actually kung anong council nyahaha. Where do I get that info?
  • You can read the material (booklet) in one day and pass the test, and you can do practice tests online. All of the questions that I got during my actual test were in the practice tests. Good luck everyone! I’m sure may nagkwento na before me, p…
  • @shesellscars hi there. Sorry, you need to have work rights to join.
  • Hi NSW peeps, Our company is looking for Customer Care Officers (call-centre like environment but without AHT and QA checks hehe), both full time and part time so international students are welcome to apply! Send your resume to [email protected]
  • Update: Date applied: 27 November 2017 City/Council area: City of Norwood (SA) Online / Paper: Online Date received the acknowledgement email: 27 Nov 2017 Received email re citizenship test: 27 April 2018 Date of the Citizenship Test: 8 June 2018 bu…
  • Date applied: 27 March 2018 City/Council area: Parramatta Online / Paper: Online Date received the acknowledgement email: 27 March 2018 Date of the Citizenship Test: Citizenship Approval: Received Ceremony Invitation: Date of Ceremony:
  • @mhej I answered your post sa kabila haha. But for good measure: my understanding is that it's (2), so: photograph and signature - passport bio page current residential address - your NSW driver's license or any utility bill in your name birth nam…
  • Hello PinoyAU folks - Eligible na kami ni partner mag apply for AU Citizenship this month. We were looking at the requirements, and sa unang requirement pa lang, medyo alanganin na, UNLESS mali pagkakaintindi ko. Which is why I'm seeking your advise…
  • Hi guys. Sorry to crash this thread. I'm planning to apply for citizenship as soon as I meet the 4-year residency requirement (which is by the end of this month), pero wala akong birth certificate. I could request for one online, of course, pero it …
  • Hi @jjenniefer. Customer Service Manager is in the STSOL (Short Term Skilled Occupations List), so you may be qualified to apply for a 190 (state-sponsored) permanent resident visa. Good luck!
  • Hi guys. Help please. I think I lost my passport and I’m scheduled to take my PTE exam this February and my student visa’s expiring this March. I have to take the exam to be able to lodge my Grad Visa. Anyone knows if the Consulate does expedite pas…
  • Fortunately, the legislation won't be in effect until 1 July 2018. Makakahabol pa! Haha. To everyone who's eligible and wants to apply for citizenship, do it before July 1!
  • Kumusta po ang mga Team December! Nasaan na po kayo nowadays?
  • @Cassey I understand what you mean now that the changes affects those who came to the country not on a PR visa. I can see also that having PR on the first place is now an advantage against other visa with respect to citizenship timeline. To be fair …
  • Hello, everyone. I am working on my student visa via an agent. MBA ang naadvice saakin na course. Education ang undergrad degree ko. What are my chances of finding a job after taking this course (MBA)? Maganda po ba ito na course para makahanap ako …
  • Hi Magtatanong lang po ako, anu po yung next step after ng Grant? after kase ng letter wla na silang email. Kaylangan pa ba magpa biometrics or visa stamp? pupunta po kase ako ng AU next month kinakabahan ako na may kaylangan pang action pa sa side …
  • @michikoi Hi Michikoi, Everyone! Good day! Would you know what's the best path or decision to be made to have a working visa or skilled visa in AU? I've already passed the eligibility assessment and written assessment as Physiotherapy. Clinical Asse…
  • @filipinacpa and everyone, thanks. sis @filipinacpa, kitakits sa NSW soon!
  • Hi Guys, Ilang days from lodgement ba mabuti mag follow-up sa CO? Thank you. I called DIBP before to follow up on my application 1 month after initial CO contact, and the person who took my call said that COs are expected to respond/act on the cas…
  • Hi Team December! Wow, first time logging in and 450+ notifications. Received the magic email last week. Piece of advice (although this has been given many times before) to all prospective applicants, it really pays to upload everything by the time…

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