Hi All, I hope everyone is well and also your family. As a way to extend help during this time of crisis, Visa Consort in partnership with Pinoy AU, would like to offer further reduced rate (for a limited period) to anyone who would wish to engage a migration agent service. If you have conducted your research, you know that their rate is one of the most affordable in the market. Please click here for more details about the offering.
Welcome to the New and Upgraded Pinoy AU Forum! We have only updated a couple of times since 2010. Apology it took some time. Some of the features are still being migrated. Please feel free to report here or email me at [email protected] if you will encounter any issues. Thank you.



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  • Occupation|| Skill||Visa Type || State || Lodge Date @littlemissy || Statistician || 190 || NSW || Nov 14, 2019 @cutiepie25 || Developer Programmer || 189 || VIC || March 2, 2020 || Offshore @linetdane || Electrical Engineer || 491 || WA || March…
  • @engr.levy Hindi po, nov. 29 ung "pre-selected" na tinatawag nila, then nung jan 10 ung ITA confirmation na.
  • Dito ko ata nabasa na for nsw they require na superior english daw dapat to get invited. I dont know if it is true, pero since July pa kme unang lodge ng eoi then saka lang naka superior nung october and then on november saka ako nkapasa sa pte for…
  • @plasticeye @_sebodemacho tama! kayo na ang sunod nyan! 😊
  • Talagang sinewerte ata kame nag agency kame. Actually low demand nadin yung occupation list nmen sa NSW hehe
  • @_sebodemacho wala. Offshore application po kame ni hubby, currently working here in Sg.
  • Thank you po! i hope madami pa mainvite na this 2020 @engr.levy lodge po nung Nov. 14, 2019 then got pre-selected ng Nov. 29 naman.
  • Just got our good news yesterday! 😊 ********GRANTS******** Username | Visa type | Lodge Date | GSM Office | Date Granted | Target State/City | IED 1. ******VISA LODGE****** Username | Visa type | Lodge Date | Date CO Contacted / Requested…
  • Just got our first good news this year! Received ITA yesterday 😊 ********GRANTS******** Username | Visa type | Points | ANZSCO code | Lodge Date | GSM Office | Date Granted | Target State/City | IED @brodpete77 | 489 | 65 | 313112 | Aug 7, 2019…
  • @wallflower11 congrats sa new points! hehe same anszco code tyo hehe! praying na mainvite na tayo! 😄
  • @megumi said: ********GRANTS******** Username | Visa type | Points | ANZSCO code | Lodge Date | GSM Office | Date Granted | Target State/City | IED @brodpete77 | 489 | 65 | 313112 | Aug 7, 2019 | GSM Office | Nov 15, 2019 | SA | Mid 2020 *******…

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