Happy 2020 to all! I'm very pleased to announce that we have reached the 1 DECADE milestone! This is a proof that we continue to hold the title "Longest running Filipino Australian Forum" on the net! This will not be possible without your continued support , especially to those who kept on visiting us and helping others with their AU journey. To those who has already successfully migrated please don't forget us and continue to support our kababayan who will be next in line, while to those who are still in progress, we hope and wish you the best. May this year be a great year to everyone. Thank you!
Welcome to the New and Upgraded Pinoy AU Forum! We have only updated a couple of times since 2010. Apology it took some time. Some of the features are still being migrated. Please feel free to report here or email me at [email protected] if you will encounter any issues. Thank you.



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