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BM to SA(489)



  • mightysigsmightysigs PhilippinesPosts: 56Member

    kelan kaya magkaka plano para sa mga visa 489 holders? kakainip, parang wala namang pakialam Australia sa mga naipit na 489. buti sana kung i-adjust nila visa validity kaso mukhang hindi and sayang na yung isang taon from the date of grant. cramming ito if ever for 887 application. haha

    Main Applicant > Wife
    313112 | ICT Customer Support Officer

    **Date format is MM/DD/YYYY

    02/27/2019 : IELTS
    03/06/2019 : Received IELTS results | Proficient Plus
    04/10/2019 : Submitted documents for TRA assessment
    07/08/2019 : Received TRA positive assessment result
    07/10/2019 : Submitted EOI
    07/22/2019 : Submitted South Australia state nomination application (190/489)
    08/27/2019 : ITA received | South Australia Visa 489
    09/09/2019 : Visa lodge
    12/13/2019 : CO Contact | Medical & NBI Clearance Requested
    01/02/2020 : Medical at St. Luke's
    01/10/2020 : Medical results uploaded
    01/29/2020 : Additional medical test required | 704 Serum Creatinine
    02/13/2020 : Serum Creatinine results submitted
    02/17/2020 : Emedical Status - Completed
    03/05/2020 : Visa grant
    XX/XX/XXXX : Big Move

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  • baikenbaiken QLDPosts: 233Member

    @Hendro said:
    @lecia ano po ung link nia?

    eto po ata? https://iworkfor.sa.gov.au/

    all the best!

    263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer | Age: 25 | Education: 15 | English: 20 | Experience: 15 | PY: 5 | CCL: 5
    Total: 85/90 on Visa 189/190 Respectively

    23.02.2018 | Signed up for the forum. Started gathering Documents and Reviewing for IELTS.
    01.06.2018 | Company offered to provide 482 Visa, GRABBED IT!!!
    15.10.2018 | 482 Visa Lodged
    13.11.2018 | 482 Visa Granted
    POEA Processing = took me almost a year to get all documents in place.

    07.06.2019 | Finally the BM!!!
    01.10.2019 | Started to review for PTE, aiming for Superior scores!
    23.02.2020 | PTE Mock Test = L=68/R=64/S=90/W=77
    29.02.2020 | PTE Test = L=90/R=85/S=90/W=85 - Got SUPERIOR on the 1st try! Thank You Lord!!!
    01.03.2020 | EOI Lodged for Visa 189/190 NSW (80/85)
    10.06.2020 | EOI Updated due to PY point addition (80/85)
    24.09.2020 | EOI Updated due to Passing NAATI CCL (85/90)

    Wife prepping for PTE as well for additional +5, Target Points (90/95) = ******

    **ITA = ******
    Visa Grant = ********

    Jeremiah 29:11
    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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