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sachikosachiko DarwinPosts: 145Member

Hi kabayans! S mga kabayans n may ticket n papunta darwin, i have a very clean big apartment in darwin city, walking distance s lahat. Grocery restaurants and parks. All pinoy housemate po.
Gym, pool huge balcony fully furnished. Wifi netflix ready. Family feel po tau s bahay sharing of foods lage prng may fiesta.
A couple from bulacan
And from pampanga
Single $170 choice of sharing bills or $190 all in
Couple $190 choice of equal sharing of bills or $240 all in! Great location. We have everything u need po. Message me on watsapp or viber for fast convo 0475565876 see u po!!!!


  • FearFactory_17FearFactory_17 Posts: 109Member

    Interested for couple, no kid. All in. Ill messge u whataspp. Salamat

    *May 2016 -Heard one friend sharing stories about Australia
    -Had my research the ff.day about my job opportunity in Australia
    -Become aware about PTE, ANZSCO and VETASSESS
    *Sept.2016 - 1st attempt of PTE (Dubai). LRSW = 83/71/76/83
    *Dec.2016 - Submitted docs to VETASSESS for Skills Assessment
    *Feb.2017 - Positive result from VETASSESS
    (Only chance of EOI was in SA which require high points for a 489 visa)
    *Mar.2017 - 2nd attempt of PTE (Phil). LRSW = 86/76/65/90 (unsuccessful to get superior)
    *Nov.2017- I turned 40, which means minus 10 pts. =(
    - Started to lose hope and forget my Aus dream for a while
    *July 2018 - NT, SA and Tasmania were open
    - I needed to get a superior score from PTE
    *Aug. 2018 - 3rd attempt of PTE (Dubai). LRSW = 57/69/84/56 (scores were awful)
    (Despite my scores, I am determined and wont stop til i get that superior)
    *Oct.2018 - 4th attempt of PTE (Phil). LRSW = 79/90/83/86 (at last!)
    *Nov.2018 - EOI Northern Territory, Tasmania and SA
    *Aug.1, 2019 - Northern Territory ITA
    *Aug.7, 2019 - Official NT Skillselect ITA (Hired MA for visa lodging)
    *Aug.20, 2019 - Lodged Visa
    (Whatever the outcome is, life goes on & Im forever grateful to the Lord)
    *Nov.18, 2019 - 489 Visa direct grant

    Thank you Lord

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