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Australian Computer Society Skills Application



  • RheaMARN1171933RheaMARN1171933 Posts: 1,654Member, Administrator
    @SAP_Consultant yours is a renewal. They have a file of your records already. I believe the topic is about new applications. My professional advice is to follow the guidelines.
  • SAP_ConsultantSAP_Consultant AustraliaPosts: 69Member
    @xylocke yes, your old application will be referred to sa new application. Pwede mo upload new passport mo.
  • SAP_ConsultantSAP_Consultant AustraliaPosts: 69Member
    @RheaMARN1171933 agree, you can never go wrong by following the guidelines. I just revisited pinoyau. I was just surprised there is a new CV requirement so I shared my experience.
  • mister.hydemister.hyde PhilippinesPosts: 65Member
    @RheaMARN1171933 i’ve uploaded mine with cv attached. Regardless if there’s no field. I’ll give feedback here once i got an update.
  • RheaMARN1171933RheaMARN1171933 Posts: 1,654Member, Administrator
    @mister.hyde sorry couldn’t give you a tip on this right away. I don’t upload docs for my clients so I need to ask my colleague who does this kaso public holiday today. I reckon it will be dealt with no matter what. You can always send ACS an email to clarify this. Their customer service is good.
  • emem Posts: 3Member
    Hello, i don't know if this has been asked already but where do I get the template for Certficate of Employment, yung ACS format? also one or two of my previous companies already closed. I have a copy of my CoE from the companies though. However parang need to include yung roles/responsibilities sa CoE. I am planning to apply for ACS certification.

    Any advise is greatly appreciated.

  • mister.hydemister.hyde PhilippinesPosts: 65Member
    @em there is template somewhere here. But the main contents should be:
    • employment start and end
    • schedule e.g: 9:00am to 6:00pm
    • position
    • tasks - details of tech stacks
    If the company is closed, what you'll need is a Statutory Declaration/Affidavit. Included pa din what I mentioned, plus position of the person declaring the affidavit. Hope that helps!
  • iamabcdiamabcd SingaporePosts: 72Member
    @em You may refer to Page 11 of this document for the required information in the reference letter:

    Skills Assessment Guidelines for Applicants (Aug 2018 Revision)

    In the previous revision of the document there is a sample in Page 12. You may use that as a guide. I used that format in my assessment. Just be mindful that they might have removed the template for a good reason.

    Skills Assessment Guidelines for Applicants (Feb 2018 Revision)

    With regards to the companies that closed you can use a statutory declaration instead of a COE / Reference letter. Info is found on page 14 of the Aug Revision.

    Hope this helps.

    263111 - Computer Network and Systems Engineer

    POINTS: 75
    Age: 25 | English: 20 | Education: 15 | Experience: 15

    20180815 - Information gathering about Au
    20180830 - Started collating documents needed for ACS
    20180925 - ACS Assessment Submission
    20181102 - PTE Exam #1 L:87 R:90 S:90 W:78 (missed it by that much)
    20181109 - PTE Exam #2 L:88 R:90 S:90 W:90 (finally!)
    20181113 - ACS Assessment Received
    20181114 - EOI Submitted
    20190126 - Visa lodged
    20190412 - Visa Grant - DG. Thank you Jehovah! (Revelations 4:11)

    20181017 - Mock Test A L:73 R:83 S:66 W:82
    20181028 - Mock Test B L:56 R:61 S:10 W:87 (probably due to technical issues?)
    20181030 - Mock Test B L:90 R:90 S:90 W:90 (reset access by PTE practice)
    20181102 - Actual exam - L:87 R:90 S:90 W:78 (missed it by that much)
    20181109 - Actual exam - L:88 R:90 S:90 W:90 (finally!)

  • theloftprincetheloftprince ManilaPosts: 6Member
    Question lang po. Did someone try the RPL route for ACS?
  • cyborg5cyborg5 AustraliaPosts: 261Member

    The flower that blooms in adversity, is the most rare and beautiful.

  • coolitz_12coolitz_12 PhilippinesPosts: 50Member
    Hi All, need advice naman. I got my COE sa current company kaya lang ang nilagay nila is REGULAR employee instead of Full time, wala din pong nilagay na hours work/week. Ok lang po ba yun? or OK lang na REGULAR basta may hours work/week?

    Isa pa po, yung end date is PRESENT instead of TO DATE. Can it be considered na din?
  • RheaMARN1171933RheaMARN1171933 Posts: 1,654Member, Administrator
    @coolitz_12 ACS is particular with every detail on the letter. You could get a way with the word present but the ‘regular’ one, unfortunately that’s not a word used in employment in Australia so they won’t know what that means. You would need to change it as per how they want it.
  • mister.hydemister.hyde PhilippinesPosts: 65Member
    @coolitz_12 create a draft, then have it sign by HR. That’s what I did.
  • mister.hydemister.hyde PhilippinesPosts: 65Member
    @RheaMARN1171933, off topic question. Just wanted your opinion and probably experience. Do you think, I stand a chance for an ITA with 65points?
  • coolitz_12coolitz_12 PhilippinesPosts: 50Member
    @RheaMARN1171933 thank you for the clarification. I specifically requested my COE/Employee reference based on the requirements by ACS. Ill try to request another copy reiterating the information needed.

    @mister.hyde thank you for that suggestion. Ill try my luck again requesting for another COE/Employee reference. If that will not work, I will go with your suggestion. Thanks!
  • mister.hydemister.hyde PhilippinesPosts: 65Member
    @coolitz_12 do you have a copy of some format? Try looking a few pages back here, someone posted it. Goodluck!
  • RheaMARN1171933RheaMARN1171933 Posts: 1,654Member, Administrator
    @mister.hyde it isn’t impossible but in the end the higher the points the sooner the invite. Good luck
  • jessecjessec TaguigPosts: 19Member
    Hi guys!
    Just want to inquire regarding sa mga documents na pinaCTC ko. Nung una walang date. Ibinalik ko para lagyan ng date, kaso ang inistamp yung may word na "subcribed and sworn to before me this 25 Apr 2019 in Taguig City" . May nakapagpasa ba sainyo ng ganto kay ACS? Madalas kasi sa nakikita kong sample docu is date lang nakalagay, certified true copy stamp and notary public info with attroney's signature. Walang subcribed and sworn na stamp.
  • unbusybeeunbusybee MakatiPosts: 13Member
    Hello, good morning. I'm new here and nag-gauge palang kung pwede ako magtry mag apply.

    I'm an ECE grad from a section 2 school. Full IT ang experience ko, pero, magkaiba ng roles.

    1 yr - service desk
    3 yrs - operations support (incident management)
    Almost 4yrs - IT business analyst

    Ang aapplyan ko sana eh yung 261111: ICT Business Analyst.

    Ask ko sana, yung 'relevant work experience' na madededuct sakin, counted ba yung previous work na non- IT Business Analyst? O dun lang sila titingin sa years na ang work ko is the same as the job title?

    Hope someone can share their thoughts. Thank you!!
  • aria00000aria00000 Posts: 11Member
    Hello! Sa statutory declaration po ba, kailangan kasama yung magsasign sa document? or pwedeng sign nya then scan then print ko then ako pupunta sa officer? nasa ibang bansa kasi yung magstatdec sa akin so di ko sure if pwede na printed na yung signature? Thanks in advance po.
  • RheaMARN1171933RheaMARN1171933 Posts: 1,654Member, Administrator
    @jessec certifi d true copy doesn’t need to have the words you’re referring to. That’s only when you have a document notarised. CTC and notary are two different things. I don’t think you’re getting them mixed up. Google both to find out the difference.
  • coolitz_12coolitz_12 PhilippinesPosts: 50Member
    @RheaMARN1171933 and sa iba po na nakaexperience na ng issue ko.

    yung HR sa current work ko ayaw pumayag na palitan yung word na REGULAR to FULL TIME or FULLTIME REGULAR employee and iadd yung number of hours per week. Hindi daw sila nagcocustomize ng COE and hindi rin nila alam yung employee reference.

    Pwede po ba ipasa ko pa din yung galing sa HR and gagawa ako ng affidavit sign by my supervisor na andun yung mga hinahanap ni ACS? So parang 2 source of document? Or what will be my best option?
    Thanks in advance!
  • RheaMARN1171933RheaMARN1171933 Posts: 1,654Member, Administrator
    @coolitz_12 it’s becayse you’re asking for the wrong document. We usually assist our clients to draft their own reference letters and once they comply, they would ask their supervisors to sign it.
  • coolitz_12coolitz_12 PhilippinesPosts: 50Member
    @RheaMARN1171933 my assumption is kapag galing sa HR mas valid sya since sila naman talaga nagcecertify na sa kanila talaga ako nagwowork. Hindi po pala sya 100% correct?

    Tama po ba na I can create a reference letter that will comply to the ACS requirement and have my supervisor sign it and a copy of his ID and that should be enough?

    Thank you so much po sa guidance nyo and napakahelpful ng mga inputs nyo.
  • RheaMARN1171933RheaMARN1171933 Posts: 1,654Member, Administrator
    edited May 2019
    @coolitz_12 HR or supervisor are both acceptable. No ID from supervisor needed. It’s actually mentioned on the guideline if you’ve read it.

    As mentioned, it’s the wrong document you’re thinking all along. Of course, if you’re referring to a certificate, that’s HR but that’s not what ACS is asking. Nothing was even mentioned in the guideline about it. This is what I notice here in the forum, people always refer to COE when that’s not what’s needed at all. I hope people here also find the value to read the actual guidelines and not just rely on this forum. This forum is definitely of great help but they also need to do own homework as some info from fellow aspiring migrants may be misleading.

    All the best.
  • jessecjessec TaguigPosts: 19Member
    @RheaMARN1171933 the atty. stamped it with those wordings, actually binalik ko lang ang documents for the date sana when it was certified true copy. Anyways thanks again for the info, very helpful po saming mga magpapaasses. :)
  • coolitz_12coolitz_12 PhilippinesPosts: 50Member
    @RheaMARN1171933 sobrang thank you at naliwanagan na ako. Eto na lang kasi sa current employer ko ang kulang para makapag paassess ako, atleast now I can now draft a employee reference that will meet the ACS requirement.

    Most of us newbie thought that the document needs to come from HR thus requiring the need for COE. Thankful for people like you who correct and guide us.
  • rhedil.gomezrhedil.gomez Posts: 4Member
    Hello All,
    Ask lang po..
    Ano dapat ma una, pa asses muna sa ACS or take IELTS? Newbie here.
    Thanks a lot!
  • cheesybaconmushroomcheesybaconmushroom Posts: 35Member

    sobrang thank you at naliwanagan na ako. Eto na lang kasi sa current employer ko ang kulang para makapag paassess ako, atleast now I can now draft a employee reference that will meet the ACS requirement.

    you will need a Statutory Declaration. This is needed if your company cannot provide a COE with detailed roles.

    COE with detailed roles can be usually requested from HR. The format and detailed roles would be provided by you, then HR will include other details as standard.
    IF this type of COE cannot be provided by your company, then you will need a statutory declaration. Note that this also need to follow a format and proper signee.

    Check ACS guidelines.
  • cheesybaconmushroomcheesybaconmushroom Posts: 35Member

    Hello All,
    Ask lang po..
    Ano dapat ma una, pa asses muna sa ACS or take IELTS? Newbie here.
    Thanks a lot!

    Kahit alin.
    ACS result takes about 2 weeks.
    While PTE result is available as early as the following day after exam.
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