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Work-Life Balance in Australia

atheleneathelene SydneyPosts: 440Member
Hi! I'd like to ask the working migrants in this forum (whether baguhan or matagal na sa Australia) kung kamusta po ang work-life balance nyo? I've heard po kasi na mas chill daw sa Australia (like not super pressured or stressful sa work), but I just want to know if this is true. Which industry po kayo and location? How would you compare work-life balance in Australia as compared to PH (or other countries)?


  • ysabelleysabelle SydneyPosts: 139Member
    Hi! Well it depends maybe if which industry a person is in. Here kase napakadalas mag holidays ng mga tao.

    In my experience, I work. Napaparaanan ko ang homeworks and exams pero focused ako sa work.
  • atheleneathelene SydneyPosts: 440Member
    @ysabelle I see. Pareho ba sa Pinas na sangkatutak ang holidays per year? hahaha Which industry po ba yung work nyo?
  • ysabelleysabelle SydneyPosts: 139Member
    edited April 2018
    @athelene Sa Hospitality ako. Di related sa course ko. Hehehe
  • Lift2Surf2TriLift2Surf2Tri SingaporePosts: 13Member
    edited April 2018
    I have the same question as @athelene especially those in the field of IT.

    Im working here in SG, the working culture here, as all people know is very stressful. I have few friends (ex-SG) who said that they have more relax work in AU.

    Would like to know from people in this forum.

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  • misterVmisterV Sydney, NSWPosts: 300Member
    @athelene I'm in the financial services working full time and from my experience, I can say na mas laid back yung working environment dito compared sa Pilipinas. The management does not expect you to do overtime work and mas may flexibility dito like work-from-home or flexible schedule.

    @Lift2Surf2Tri yung sa IT dept namin, I can see na medyo nag oovertime sila but nothing later than 7pm but that's not an every day thing. Depends maybe on the workload.

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  • kaidenMVHkaidenMVH SydneyPosts: 916Member
    yun mga friends ko meron na feedback sakin. sa Sydney sila based and sa Architecture industry din. it's very different daw sa working style sa Pinas at dito sa Singapore lalo na sa may family at kids. Yun BIM manager nila by 5pm pauwi na kasi susunduin na yun mga kids from school, and they have the option to work from home. yun iba nman kapag tapos na yun ginagawa, they willl lie low and not come to office and nobody will question. it's so unlike here in SG na kailanagan everyday the boss is expecting you to do OThank you. and every Friday afternoon relax na sila getting ready for the weekend. Yun naman isang friend ko when he was starting pa lang sa Perth 5 years ago he was always staying late until 8pm kasi galing din sya dito sa SG, until di na nakatiis ang boss nya at sinabihan sya na umuwi on time lol!

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  • atheleneathelene SydneyPosts: 440Member
    @kaidenMVH Wow really? That sounds really nice! Bale parang priority pala sa kanila ang personal and family life?

    I'm a bit nervous kasi going to Australia, since I wonder if I should expect the same "OThank You" culture there. In my experience in Taiwan kasi, yung small firm na pinasukan ko bihira mag-OT; saktong 6pm sibat na ko and walang problema sa boss. Yung bigger firm naman na pinasukan ko "OThank You" naman sila; yung tipong paalis ka na tapos saka lang magsasabi na may additional work na ipapagawa. So hindi ka makauwi until matapos talaga yung work, minsan aabutin hanggang 2am. Ever since I left that job nagsimula akong magdalawang isip kung magwwork pa ba ako sa archi firm after I graduate sa Australia.
  • salifestylevillagessalifestylevillages adelaidePosts: 14Member
    Make your work & personal life different . It is very important to manage professional and personal life different.
  • bulbasaurbulbasaur Perth, WAPosts: 81Member
    From my experience, sobrang chill lang. They are not stressful magtrabaho at magin katrabaho pero di naman ibig sabihin puro sila pabaya. Walang culture na mahihiya ka umuwi ng mas maaga. As long as you do your job ng maayos, happy na sila.

    And ewan ko kung samen lang to. Pero laging may pa bbq pag friday 430. With drinks of course.
  • cyborg5cyborg5 AustraliaPosts: 261Member
    Walang work life balance. Gusto lang nila puros life walang work :)
    Fridays alas 2-3 nag inuman na kami. Bawal OT. Kung matapos ang trabahu, tapos. Kung hindi, next time na. Walang sense of urgency. Kaya puros tae ang deadline. Bawal ma pressure. Especially sa permanent vs contractor setup. At onshore-offshore setup(offshore pinag OOT sat Sunday, onshore wala)

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  • PitMbPitMb New South WalesPosts: 73Member
    Depende siguro sa project, i am working in the construction, government project in sydney, stress level high, 12hrs a day, deadlines although binawi naman sa compensation
  • engr_boyengr_boy SydneyPosts: 279Member

    depende siguro sa line of work. I work in construction, sa new Sydney Metro. parang trabahong singapore din. high-stress, warzone, ratratan, physically and mentally taxing. 12 hour (or more) days. typical 55 hour work weeks. pero yun nga, compensation is very good. bayad OT, may night work differential, yung entry-level laborers makes upwards of 4.5k (minus taxes etc na yun) every fortnight. imagine pa, kung yung FIFO (Fly-in Fly-out) pa sa mining (mas malaki pa suweldo).

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  • atheleneathelene SydneyPosts: 440Member

    @engr_boy Wow grabe ang hours ah. Pero, yeah, depende nga siguro sa industry and type of work. :open_mouth:

  • Noodles12Noodles12 SydneyPosts: 484Member

    @engr_boy said:

    depende siguro sa line of work. I work in construction, sa new Sydney Metro. parang trabahong singapore din. high-stress, warzone, ratratan, physically and mentally taxing. 12 hour (or more) days. typical 55 hour work weeks. pero yun nga, compensation is very good. bayad OT, may night work differential, yung entry-level laborers makes upwards of 4.5k (minus taxes etc na yun) every fortnight. imagine pa, kung yung FIFO (Fly-in Fly-out) pa sa mining (mas malaki pa suweldo).

    wow "4.5k (minus taxes etc na yun) every fortnight". So meaning 9k malinis a month?

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  • rvonlinervonline Melbourne Posts: 28Member

    Work life balance depends on job and industry. 6 years ago nag work ako sa remote WA, oil and gas construction. Work time 5am-5pm for 13days straight then rest 1 day then back again for 7days then rest 7days. Pay was good net of $14k / month.

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