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MARCH 2015 Visa 189/190 Applicants!!!



  • kc4150kc4150 North RydePosts: 13Member
    @atty oo nga, ang daming kelangan na gawin.. busy na namn ulit.

    Visa 190
    4/7/15-NHSI Medical
    6/2/15-Delay Email
    7/2/15-Grant!! Praise GOd!

  • brspacebrspace AdelaidePosts: 15Member
    received my grant earlier :) salamat napakauseful ng information dito! finally graduate na! next step is magresearch ng mga dapat gawin pagdating dun

    ANZSCO 263111

    10.30.13 - ACS Application Submitted
    02.06.14 - Received positive feedback from ACS
    04.05.14 - IELTS BC exam
    04.18.14 - IELTS result (L 7.5 R 7.0 W 7.0 S 7.5)
    05.19.14 - EOI application submitted (visa subclass 190)
    03.13.15 - EOI invitation, qualified for visa subclass 189 :)
    03.18.15 - Visa application paid
    03.21.15 - Medicals... (with further tests)
    03.24.15 - Police clearance request..(1 month processing)
    04.10.15 - Medical results submitted
    04.29.15 - Pick up police clearance
    05.04.15 - Submitted police clearance
    05.04.15 - CO requested additional docs (form 80, coe, and PH police clearance)
    06.10.15 - submitted all docs to CO
    07.08.15 Visa grant

  • FilozFiloz MelbournePosts: 185Member
    received my grant earlier :) salamat napakauseful ng information dito! finally graduate na! next step is magresearch ng mga dapat gawin pagdating dun
    Congrats!!! :) See you in Aussie! ;)

    Accountant (General): 221111
    Primary Applicant: Husband
    01/29/2013 - IELTS results L-8.5 R-8.0 W-8.0 S-9.0
    05/26/2014 - CPA AU Professional Title granted by CPA Australia
    06/02/2014 - Submitted and paid CPAA Migration Assessment
    07/04/2014 - Assessment by CPAA 11/12 (Questioning about Accounting Theory)
    08/04/2014 - Sent Appeal Letter with all the supporting Documents to CPAA
    08/29/2014 - Received Complete CPAA Assessment Result 12/12 (Academically Suitable for Migration)
    12/12/2014 - Received CPAA Skilled Employment Assessment
    03/26/2015 - Submitted EOI for 189 (75pts)
    03/27/2015 - Invited to apply Visa 189
    04/06/2015 - Lodged Visa 189
    05/02/2015 - Medicals at Gulf X-ray and Laboratories Doha
    05/06/2015 - Medicals Uploaded
    05/12/2015 - Received NBI from Representative in PH. Uploaded NBI
    05/18/2015 - CO Allocated. Same day Uploaded additional Docs.
    05/22/2015 - Received Delay Email
    07/02/2015 - VISA GRANT! Thank you Lord!
    08/21/2015 - Initial Entry Completed (Melbourne)
    May 2016 - Husband got a Job Offer
    June 2016 - Big Move Melbourne

    All for the Greater Glory of GOD!!!
    Proverbs 16:3 Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.

  • kc4150kc4150 North RydePosts: 13Member
    @brspace congrats po!!

    Visa 190
    4/7/15-NHSI Medical
    6/2/15-Delay Email
    7/2/15-Grant!! Praise GOd!

  • SpongeBobInAUSpongeBobInAU MelbournePosts: 48Member
    Hi Po sa lahat.

    Pwede po bang pahingi ng contact number ng immigration?

    Yung within Aus lng nakikita ko 131 881, pano po pag from overseas?

    Salamat po :)

    ANZSCO Code (261311 Analyst Programmer)
    28 Jan 2014 - ACS Assessment
    04 Apr 2014 - ACS Result
    09 May 2015 - IELTS (BC) - S:7.0 L:7.0 R:9.0 W:7.5
    28 May 2015 - Lodged EOI (65 pts)
    06 Jul 2015 - Received Invitation
    08 Aug 2015 - Lodged Visa 189
    28 Sep 2015 - CO Allocated
    13 Apr 2016 - VISA GRANT (IED: 03 Nov 2016)
    04 Sep 2016 - Initial Entry
    13 Feb 2017 - Big Move! (Melbourne)
    15 Apr 2017 - First Job

  • dorbsdeedorbsdee MelbournePosts: 621Member
    @leah28 ask ko lang po about your experience obtaining PCC from Qatar.
    Ano po ginawa nyo and what are the requirements, nagchekc na rin po ako from relevant website, na kailan ng finger print and NBI clearance both in red ribbon. nagtry na rin po ako tumawag sa qatar embassy here in .ph with the number provided by mofa ng Qatar kaso lang walang sumasagot, hindi ko alam kung anong reason, minsan naman busy tone.
    Ang concern ko lang po is yung duration ng release ng PCC, requirements, and procedure.
    Thanks for your help po.

    233512 - Mechanical Engineer| 25 (Age) + 15 (Education) + 15 (Experience) + 10 (English) = 65 pts.
    07/Nov/2015: BC IELTS GT Test: L: 6.5, R: 6.0, W: 6.0, S: 7.0
    04/Feb/2016: Lodge EA Assessment (Fast Track)
    12/Feb/2016: EA Positive Outcome
    12/Feb/2016: Submit EOI, NSW SS (55 + 5) = 60 pts.
    30/Apr/2016: BC IELTS GT Test: L: 8.0, R: 7.5, W: 7.0, S: 6.5
    26/July/2016: IELTS Remarking (Speaking: 6.5) --> "no change"
    25/Oct/2016: PTE-Academic: L: 89, R: 72, W: 77, S: 90
    26/Oct/2016: Submit EOI, 189 (60 pts.)
    09/Nov/2016: Updated EOI, NSW SS = 65 pts.
    10/Nov/2016: Applied VIC Skilled Nomination 190
    14/Dec/2016: VIC Skilled Nomination 190 -- Not Selected...:(
    28/Dec/2016: PTE-Academic: L: 76, R: 74, W: 76, S: 80 :(:(.....
    05/Jan/2017: Additional EA Relevant Skilled Employment
    23/Jan/2017: PTE-Academic: L: 90, R: 80, W: 76, S: 90 :(:(..again:(
    13/Feb/2017: EA Positive Outcome for Additional RSE
    13/Feb/2017: Updated EOI, 189 (65pts.), NSW (70 pts.)
    18/June/2017: Applied VIC Skilled Nomination 190 - take two
    25/July/2017: ITA VIC Skilled Nomination 190
    26/Aug/2017: Medicals @ Nationwide Makati
    05/Sept/2017: Medicals cleared (Thanks be to GOD)
    20/Sept/2017: ITA 189 Points-Tested Stream (Salamat sa Dios... nakahabol pa)
    21/Sept/2017: Visa Lodge 189
    23/Sept/2017: EXPIRED --> ITA VIC Skilled Nomination 190
    01/Nov/2017: CO Contact, Form 815
    09/Mar/2018: GRANTED (sa wakas...) IED: 31/Jul/2018
    20/Jul/2018: BIG Move, stay with a fried...
    04/Sep/2018: 1st day of work, Mechanical Engineer role (same industry)
    01/Dec/2018: Move to rented house
    27/Dec/2018: Drive Test with vicroads converted PH driver's license

  • seestraseestra BrisbanePosts: 68Member
    Feeling nostalgic lang haha! San na kaya ang March 2015 batchmates? Sana lahat ay settled & maayos na ang buhay dito sa Oz =)

    "Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you"

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