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Student Visa (Step by step)



  • agentKamsagentKams AustraliaPosts: 820Member
    @KidBookid hello, if after school you are looking for sponsorship please be advise na may changes to 457 and other employer sponsored visas.

    Timeline: Student Visa Subclass 573 (Masters)
    06 July 2015: Visa Grant
    22 July 2015: First day of class
    Feb 2016: Change program to dual
    Nov 2017 : Finished MBAC program
    April 2018: Uni Graduation

    Timeline: Permanent Visa (189) Accountant 221111
    26 Aug 15: PTE-A Result- OK! ( L84 W80 R77 S69)
    28 Aug 15: Email sent to CPAA for Assessment
    14 Sept 15: Positive Assessment received from CPAA
    14 Sept 15: Lodged EOI (60 pts 189/65 pts 190) - lapsed
    17 Nov 2017: Lodged EOI (75 pts 189 / 80 pts 190)
    08 March 2018: PTE-A Retake - Superior (L87 W90 R90 S90)
    16 March 2018: Updated EOI (85 pts 189/90pts 190)
    12 April 2018: NSW pre-invite [lapsed, EOI withddrawn]
    18 April 2018: ITA received - Visa 189
    04 May 2018 : Lodged Visa Application - Visa 189
    29 Aug 2018 - First CO Contact - PCC Qatar (partner)
    9 Jan 2019 - 2nd CO Contact - penal waiver
    18 Jan 2019 - Updated immiaccount with penal waiver
    29 Jan 2019 - Forwarded PCC to gsm.allocated email
    8 Feb 2019 - Visa Grant - Finally!!

  • reilmariereilmarie Imus CavitePosts: 44Member
    @hoppie30 hello po thx po sa reply. when ka po nag pa medical? this yr lng po bah? ask ko lng baka may changes sa price if matagal kna nagpa medical.
  • hoppie30hoppie30 philippinesPosts: 10Member
    @reilmarie april 6 2017 lang po..
  • holahappymariaholahappymaria singaporePosts: 65Member
    @jtan anong course natapos mo? saka diploma ba kukunin mo sa aged care?
  • jtanjtan philippinesPosts: 3Member
    @holahappymaria nurse ako. Certificate 3 and 4 ng aged care kukunin ko.y?
  • KidBookidKidBookid Posts: 20Member
    agentKams said:

    @KidBookid hello, if after school you are looking for sponsorship please be advise na may changes to 457 and other employer sponsored visas.

    Hello po. May I please know kung ano po yung changes na yun ? After studies po what is the best pathway for me to take para makapag PR ako ng Au?
    Pasensya na po kung marami akong queries. :) Sana po matulungan niyo ako.

  • mina1757mina1757 ManilaPosts: 4Member
    Hi all! Will there be an issue in my visa approval if I'm downgrading? (planning to take up diploma course)

    Licensed and practicing kasi ako dito satin (like most of you here) and the agent I talked to told me there's a possibility of being refused because of this. How's your experience if you took this route too? Ayokong madiscourage pero gusto ko rin maging realistic sa options ko :)

  • zandro777zandro777 Posts: 4Member
    Hello! is it still possible to apply for student visa kahit matagal nako naging idle? About almost 8yrs nako d nagwowork pero nakapagtapos naman ako ng bachelors degree & nkapag work naman before. Kaso un nga nung nagka baby ako dnako nakapagwork eh ngaun gusto ko mag apply as student. Since may sponsor. Thanks
  • holahappymariaholahappymaria singaporePosts: 65Member
    @jtan check ko sana kung related sa natapos mong course yun kukunin mo. hehe thanks!!!
  • MarionIvyMarionIvy PhilippinesPosts: 2Member
    Hello po, newbie here po. Ask ko lang po kung meron dito nakaalis and na grant ang student visa kahit walang IELTS/pte/oet? And dun nalang sa school mag english course? registered nurse po ako dito pinas. And planning to study po sa perth since andun tita ko. Thank you po sa sasagot and GODbless us!
  • landdownunder_aulanddownunder_au Posts: 3Member
    Who's bound for Sydney this July? :)
  • bumbleaidzbumbleaidz Antipolo CityPosts: 13Member
    edited May 2017
    Hi, guys!

    For those who are still having a hard time writing their SOP/GTE, here's a simplified guideline from the University of Queensland, particularly for future prospects, look at the last part of the pdf file under "Supporting Evidence", you can include links to job postings/advertisements on your SOP, make sure to put multiple links that are also relatively new, because some job postings do expire. This guideline is not limited to UQ.

    I hope you find this useful.

    And my advice, while it's good to learn from successful student visa applicants, I find it more valuable to learn from those who have failed or got denied on their visa application, that's what I did, some people might show you their SOP and there are some who won't, ask them what's their reason for denial, take note of it and use that info. This is definitely useful to those who are starting a new application, it may sound insensitive, but avoid and learn from others' mistakes so you'd get it right the first time, because even with a single paragraph or even phrase- it has the potential to easily burn your hard-earned $550. Don't be impulsive, don't be lazy, don't be shy to ask questions, even if you have an agent- do your due diligence by doing your homework and research!

    My timeline:

    *November 2016 - Researched the process and made inquiries (a lot) to universities
    *December 2016 - Reviewed for IELTS
    *Jan 6 & 7, 2017 - IELTS Exam
    *Jan. 20, 2017 - IELTS Results - L: 8.0-R: 7.5-W: 6.5-S: 7.0-O: 7.5 (Yay! but not satisfied with writing though :/)
    *Jan. 21 - Mar. 13, 2017 - Gathered and prepared other documents + finances
    *Mar. 14, 2017 - Submitted requirements and application fee to QUT (Graduate Certificate in Creative Industries + Master of Creative Advertising)
    *Mar. 23, 2017 - Full offer from QUT (Direct entry to Master of Advertising, but it's only 1.5 yrs, not enough to qualify for a visa 485 in the future)
    *Mar. 24-26, 2017 - Researched for an alternative school that offers at least 2 years masters- Monash University
    *Mar. 27, 2017 - Finally decided and submitted application to Monash University (Master of Design)
    *Mar. 30, 2017 - Acknowledgement of application and student number
    *April 7. 2017 - Conditional offer (needed to submit a clearer copy of transcript)
    *April 24, 2017 - Full offer + $4000 Grant (I was an average student in college, but that's a huge surprise). Applied for health assessment (HAP ID) before lodging.
    *April 27, 2017 - Medical Examination. Submitted statement of telegraphic transfer/proof of payment to the University
    *May 3, 2017 - Issued Confirmation of Enrollment
    *May 4, 2017 - Visa application lodgement
    *May 9, 2017 - Signed health undertaking (form 815) and 40 minutes later-- Visa grant!!! Melbourne baby!

    Regarding the IELTS, don't aim for the minimum band score the school requires, do your best to reach at least 1.0 band higher than what's required! I know I don't have the best band scores, but I worked my ass off by studying even at idle times- because if I didn't apply myself by aiming higher, I would easily fall below the requirement. Don't ever think that your English is not good, so trust me... you can do it!

    Just my speculation, a well-written SOP really makes a big impact, so much it can possibly score you a study grant (it took me 4 weeks to research, write, and edit my SOP/GTE), cater it for your preferred school, make it as bullet-proof as possible and just like the old saying- write from the heart, be precise with your goals and plans, show your maturity, show how well you've researched the school, course and its subjects, and the city (living costs, weather, transportation, accommodation- use approximate distances, google maps is your friend). I cannot stress this enough, but DO NOT LIE.

    I was lucky enough not to get a phone call from the CO but I've read that there are some people who get an interview, so ALWAYS assume and anticipate that they'll call. Make sure to prepare a questionnaire with your answers on it, so as not to sound robotic, write it like how you would naturally talk and answer, like a script, put it on your main desktop (set it to read mode and save it in MS Word, it'll be easier to read) OR print it out if you want, have it with you all the time, so if and when they call, you're prepared.

    Compute all your study and living costs (be very detailed! even if you just plan on purchasing a pillow or something) conservatively, add at least 2 pesos (to the current rate) to your conversion to account for bank charges and erratic daily exchange rate so you'd get a realistic expectation of money you need to spend/borrow. Also, don't forget to factor-in the pre-departure expenses like ticket fare, luggage (if you don't have one yet), clothes, etc.

    And lastly, use the bookmark function of your browser, you'll be coming back and forth reading and cross-referencing information, organize it by main bookmark folder, sub-bookmark and so on. Organization is KING especially when you're gathering shitloads of information. Create a folder system by properly naming your folder and files that you and other people can easily follow and understand, also do this with the files that you download since most people who upload files/forms online suck at creating a filename (eg. putting an unnecessary amount of dash and/or underscore).


    PS: AECC Global helped me with the whole application process, mostly on certifying and submitting my documents.
  • hello1029hello1029 SydneyPosts: 36Member
  • hello1029hello1029 SydneyPosts: 36Member
    I would like to ask po regarding OSHC. I know 1 week before commencement ng intake dapat start date but what if you want to go to Australia a month before the intake? Ano na kailangan na start date?

    I read kasi na you shouldn't go to Australia before the start date. I'll be changing my OSHC na po kasi. Thank you!
  • bumbleaidzbumbleaidz Antipolo CityPosts: 13Member
    @hello1029 thanks!

    You could maybe request (the school OR OSHC provider) to lengthen your coverage to an earlier date. Although, I've read somewhere that you could purchase a traveler's insurance to cover your initial entry. Ask your agent (if you have one) just to be sure.
  • hello1029hello1029 SydneyPosts: 36Member
    @bumbleaidz okay! thank you so much!!
  • hello1029hello1029 SydneyPosts: 36Member
    Magkakaroon po ba ng problem sa immigration officer pag ang OSHC mo ay magsstart a month before ng intake?
  • bumbleaidzbumbleaidz Antipolo CityPosts: 13Member
    @hello1029 as far as I'm aware, they wouldn't mind as long as you have a valid OSHC coverage, like what I've told you earlier, try emailing (or call if you really couldn't wait) the school or OSHC provider regarding coverage extension, you could also try to call DIBP about this.
  • annramiloannramilo SingaporePosts: 7Member
    hi all,

    can i ask how long/ timeline will the student visa be approve?
  • annramiloannramilo SingaporePosts: 7Member
    hi all,

    regarding student visa application, if we have already letter of offer and we have paid the TF in the school, how long will be the approval of student visa?Thanks.
  • bumbleaidzbumbleaidz Antipolo CityPosts: 13Member
    edited May 2017
    @annramilo check the global processing times here: https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/500-

    These are only average number of days upon lodging, it might be shorter or longer than that.
  • christiantrailrunnerchristiantrailrunner ThailandPosts: 5Member
    Hi, I'm Christian. I'm happy that I joined this forum about the life and process especially for student visa in Australia. Ask lang po ako mga kabayan kung legit po ang nag-recruit sa amin sa Davao. Kasi may group po na nag-encourage sa mga friends ko doon sa lugar namin, yung grupo na yun is managed by foundation po. Ang sabi sa kanila is sila na po ang mag-gastos lahat (Show money, student visa, plane ticket) ang gagastusin lang ay ang IELTS exam and for medical. In case po sa nag recruit, direct daw sila papunta sa school. They were recruiting 150 applicants in Luzon area and maybe 100 applicants in Davao. If hindi daw makapasa sa exam is they are advise to loan sa kanila. If passed sa exam, covered po sila sa foundation. Is this legit? please help. I just want to ask if may nag-aalok ba ng libre na lahat for student visas for Australia? Now my friends are doing their reviews and on May 25 na exam nila. Sana may makapag-comment para kung di to legit maagapan pa ang friends ko sa pag-aaply. concern lang ako sa kanila. God bless.
  • hoppie30hoppie30 philippinesPosts: 10Member
    hello cno po dto ang naglodge ng april?????
  • bumbleaidzbumbleaidz Antipolo CityPosts: 13Member
    edited May 2017

    What do they get out of this? Are they paying for the whole program duration or just one sem to lure you? Most scholarship/grants are based on a merit system (high grades or your positive importance/contribution to the community) or due to financial incapability, on some rare occasions- they raffle it, but those kinds of grants are very competitive, some of them don't even offer 100% full grant, and if they slam you with a huge student loan upon tuition fee payment, then it's not free.

    And what do they/you mean "direct silang pupunta sa school"? All of the communication and application are done online. Make a proper background check of these recruiters and the foundation. Seriously, nothing is free when it comes to studying in another country, most especially in Australia where education is a business, show money is just "show" money, not spending money, even banks can loan you money for financial evidence but you have to pay for it with interest. Tuition is just one part of the story, but do you have enough funds to live while studying there?

    My guess is that they're betting on students to fail reaching the required IELTS scores and loaning from them would be an attractive option for applicants to re-take a very expensive test, making it quite a lucrative business for this "foundation" at the expense of the applicant. Do they have a loan payment plan provided for applicants?
  • gyyggyyg PhilippinesPosts: 84Member
    Hi everyone! I just want to ask something with regards to issuance of Certificate of Enrolment. My aunt from US already paid my tuition and OSHC sa school which is King's Own Institute via Western Union. She is my sponsor kasi sa application ko. The payment was made on April 20 pa. It's 13th of May na today but the school still haven't released my CoE. I followed up thru my agency but the school apparently said that they are still processing it. I emailed sa school na rin and they said that they have sent a separate email to my agency na so I just have to liaise my concerns with my agency.

    Is it normal na ganito katagal po inaabot bago marelease CoE? My intake is July pa naman but I'm kinda anxious na kasi kinukulit na rin ako ng aunt ko.
  • christiantrailrunnerchristiantrailrunner ThailandPosts: 5Member
    @bumbleaidz Sir thanks for your comment about this. The said "foundation" and the recruiters have no specific names or office, kumbaga di siya agency. And this is their first time to handle this kind of process. But one thing the applicants are lured in this kind of recruitment is pumunta ang CEO ng school sa Davao. Pinahandle lang niya sa iba't ibang group Which started in Bicol and Davao. Sino ba naman ang hindi gusto na libre at sagot na lahat "daw" ng recruiters and foundation ang gastos. Ang tanong ko sir, massive ba ang pag-recruit sa Australia ngayon for student visa?
  • bumbleaidzbumbleaidz Antipolo CityPosts: 13Member
    edited May 2017

    I wouldn't say that agencies and schools "recruit" students, it's more like "advertise" since you're paying and you're not enrolling to get paid (unless you have some kind of scholarship that gives you allowance while studying for free). Also, you normally don't give money to "education placement" agencies (eg. IDP, AECC Global, AMS, etc.) as they get their commission from the uni/school in AU, though I believe not all agencies are entitled to get a commission as they NEED to be registered agents of the school (and MARA I think).

    The education sector is one of the main sources of income of Australia, but it's expensive, and for a reason- studying there can potentially lead to a permanent residency/PR visa. A lot of Australian education providers are ranked high in the world rankings, that says a lot even with the unranked institutions, so as long as the school you're applying to in Australia is registered in CRICOS and has a decent reputation, you're rest assured that you'll be getting a top-notch education and of course, the possibility and opportunity to live and work there for good.

    However, just because you studied there it doesn't mean you can easily apply for a PR visa, there are conditions attached to it that you have to fulfill and the process isn't very simple. I'm not going tell you about the process, you have to research that for yourself because people have different pathways and/or situation, all of the information regarding student visa subclass 500 is on DIBP's website.

    When something is usually priced very high but is being given away for "free", I'd do everything to research the legitimacy of that offer, especially the ifs and buts. Anyone can say he/she is a CEO, dress nicely and even have a business card to make it look legit.

    My advice: go to a licensed agent/agency (like the ones I listed above), ask them about existing and current offer grants by Australian institutions and/or universities/schools, you might qualify to one of those.

    I'm sorry if I sound cynical, but I can smell something fishy from afar, that offer to me is too good to be true. That's just my take, I'm not saying you can't do it, you certainly can, it's your life, but I just don't want people handing out money for nothing. Even the IELTS alone is expensive, time-consuming and exhausting so you have to plan ahead and know what you're going to do with it once you take it, even if you get straight 8.0s on the test, it's useless if you don't have a concrete plan. The student route might arguably be the easiest way to enter and legally stay in Australia, but it's definitely the most expensive, so do your due diligence by doing a background check on these people claiming it's a "free" pass.

  • christiantrailrunnerchristiantrailrunner ThailandPosts: 5Member
    @bumbleaidz Thanks for these info Sir. At first I want to apply because they offer it for free. But when I research some of the facts regarding the process for student visa I doubted their ways of handling their applicants. I'm happy I found this forum, to give me more knowledge about student visa and the life you will about to face. One last question sir, Even vocational schools or skilled courses still use student visa?
  • bumbleaidzbumbleaidz Antipolo CityPosts: 13Member
    edited May 2017

    Unless you're on a PR visa or any other visa subclass that allows you to study, then yes, a student visa is necessary, doesn't matter what level of study you're applying for.

    Hey, I'm not saying that I'm correct about my theory about this foundation, it's just a speculation, I could be wrong for all we know, you might even score a real "free" education and as long as the DIBP grants you a visa, but just be cautious. Good luck!

  • hello1029hello1029 SydneyPosts: 36Member
    Hi I would like to ask lang po. When immigration is asking for more information (like documents) to send to them.. will I just upload it to my immi account like normal way when you first attached your documents on the application? Then they'll notify if they have received it? Is that how it works? :) Thank you!
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