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heyyanaheyyana SydneyPosts: 12Member
Hello! i just wanna ask is there other way na makapagstay ako sa australia kahit matapos na yung tourist visa ko?


  • heyyanaheyyana SydneyPosts: 12Member
    or makapag stay na dun for good

  • AdminAdmin SingaporePosts: 1,542Administrator
    Theres a way to extend. But if you wish to stay for good im afraid you need to apply for the right visa to to let you live and work in Australia.

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  • heyyanaheyyana SydneyPosts: 12Member
    @Admin do i still need to take the IELTS?
  • se29mse29m PerthPosts: 2,119Member, Moderator
    @heyyana apart from the tourist visa substream, you will need to prove that you have at least competent english on all 4 bands. It may be ielts or any similar alternatives..

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  • heyyanaheyyana SydneyPosts: 12Member
    Thanks @Admin @se29m. Last question if tourist via ako possible ba na pwede ako mahanap ng company para mag sponsor para makakuha ako ng visa 457. Thanks.
  • JCsantosJCsantos SydneyPosts: 1,416Member, Moderator
    Thanks @Admin @se29m. Last question if tourist via ako possible ba na pwede ako mahanap ng company para mag sponsor para makakuha ako ng visa 457. Thanks.
    walang papansin sa iyo na employer pag naka tourist visa ka :)

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  • icebreaker1928icebreaker1928 SydneyPosts: 1,446Member
    @heyyana mag-asawa ka ng australian citizen
  • EXCELEXCEL MandaluyongPosts: 51Member
    Depending on the condition your visa has, you may or may not extend. If your visa has a "no further stay" condition, I am afraid you may have to leave Australia.
  • heyyanaheyyana SydneyPosts: 12Member
  • heyyanaheyyana SydneyPosts: 12Member
  • heyyanaheyyana SydneyPosts: 12Member
    @JCsantos thanks!! Gastos nmn kasi need pa mag IELTS.
  • kittykitkat18kittykitkat18 SydneyPosts: 908Member
    @heyyana minimal cost plng ung IELTs..meron pang assessment..lodgement fee..medical...hndi po biru magapply ng PR. If you really want to pursue, just check if you are qualified...from there you can start your application

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    11.16.15 - medicals of mother @ St Lukes BGC
    11.22.15 - Lodged Visa
    11.25.15 - Frontloaded docs and requested SG CoC
    12.01.15 - CO Allocated. Request form 47a for mother
    12.02.15 - Frontloaded SG CoC (me & hubby) and form 47a
    02.09.16 - called GSM Adelaide for follow-up (71 days from CO contact)
    02.15.16 - granted! Thank you for the Blessings
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