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arabiancaarabianca Dubai, UAEPosts: 8Member
hello.. magkano po ang pa-VETASSESS? nalito lang ako kase nakita ko sa website $880 pero sabi ng napagtanungan ko, nung batch daw nila (around 2 years ago) $110 lang. baka mali ako? pa-clarify naman po sa mga nagpa VETASSESS recently. thank you!


  • magueromaguero AdelaidePosts: 566Member
    @arabianca Nagpa-assess ako last year and it cost $810. Education and skills assessment yun. I think may service ang Vetassess na education assessment lang, so baka yun ang mas mura.
  • arabiancaarabianca Dubai, UAEPosts: 8Member
    @maguero full assessment din po sana yung samin. so tama pala talaga yung nakita ko na $880. thank you! :)
  • GodsgraceGodsgrace PhilippinesPosts: 26Member
    hi question po, sa COE for Vetassess, sa job responsibilities, kelangan ba na 5 bullets at least ung job responsibilities? or may minimum ba na bullets? or kahit di po bullets format basta nakastate job responsibilities mo? thank you po.
  • arabiancaarabianca Dubai, UAEPosts: 8Member
    @Godsgrace meron downloadable na format sa vetassess.com. yung na lang susundin ko. :)
  • RheaMARN1171933RheaMARN1171933 Posts: 1,450Member, Administrator
    @arabianca yes, that's a good guide. Make sure not to include certain words/phrases to avoid issues
  • arabiancaarabianca Dubai, UAEPosts: 8Member
    @RheaMARN1171933 ano po usual words/phrases that cause issues?
  • mcg143mcg143 PhilippinesPosts: 143Member
    napaka mahal na pla ng pa assess eh pano pag pa after 2 years waaahhh!
  • arabiancaarabianca Dubai, UAEPosts: 8Member
    @mcg143 mahal nga tapos additional $600 pa pag gusto mo express.
  • GodsgraceGodsgrace PhilippinesPosts: 26Member
    Hi for Bank Statement po from a previous bank, may i ask what are the needed reqmnts? Specifically in Metrobank, do i need a schedule or appointment from them pa? aside from IDs, what do i need po? previous payroll po ito from a former company, and how long does it take from them to grant my request? Thank you so much.

    Am having difficulty po kasi to get a detailed coe from my former company, they gave me a generic one before na kasi.
  • heero_yuy51heero_yuy51 manilaPosts: 182Member
    Hi @Godsgrace
    With Bank statements/statement of account and transactions, BDO prints it as you request it (no need for appointments) but you would need 2 IDs and your passbook, not sure with Metro but BPI has the same process with BDO and I'm not sure what the process is for closed accounts. I think as long as you have your card/passbook and know your account number then they can process it for you.

    With regard to a detailed COE, you can ask a supervisor to list your duties on paper and have him sign along with his/her contact details and this will be enough. A contract will suffice as well and if all roads lead to a dead end, you can write up a self-statement listing your duties, work position, company with address and reason why company didn't give you a detailed COE, sign it, have it notarized and submit that along with the COE your company wrote for you.

    ANZSCO 351311 - Chef | Age:30 | English: 20 | Education: 10 | Exp (Aus): 5 | Exp: 5 | Aus Study Req: 5 | Total: 75

    29/08/2017 - VETASSESS application pathway 2
    30/09/2017 - IELTS exam
    16/10/2017 - IELTS Result L8.5 R7 S7 W6.5, Recheck
    17/10/2017 - VETASSESS Stage 1 - Successful outcome
    04/11/2017 - IELTS Recheck Result L8.5 R7 S7 W7 Proficient
    12/12/2017 - VETASSESS Stage 2 Technical Interview
    04/01/2018 - VETASSESS - Successful outcome
    05/01/2018 - EOI Lodge 189 - 65 pts
    22/01/2018 - VIC SS190 Application submitted
    23/01/2018 - VIC SS190 Application refused - commitment issues ='p
    23/01/2018 - PTE exam
    24/01/2018 - PTE Result L86 R86 S90 W82 Superior
    25/01/2018 - EOI update - 75 pts
    06/02/2018 - ITA Received
    09/02/2018 - Visa Lodged, Frontloaded Most Documents except for PCC and Medical. Requested PCC from Finland
    12/02/2018 - Commenced Medical Exam at SLEC (St Lukes BGC). Requested PCC from Australia. Requested PCC from Philippines, loaded Philippine PCC to account.
    14/02/2018 - Medical results finalised - no action required
    22/02/2018 - Finnish PCC received, loaded to account
    02/03/2018 - Australian PCC received, loaded to account
    09/07/2018 - Direct Grant c/o Jamie

    “Seek and you shall find”
    Thank you Lord.

  • kat28kat28 MakatiPosts: 3Member
    Hello everyone - sa nabigyan na ng skilled visa under the consultant role.. ilang points yung nakuha niyo based on the assessment? it seems like sa accountant skill kasi 75 yung tinatarget, para may quick response..appreciate the feedback.
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