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Is it advisable to bring your toddler and husband with you while on a student visa?

ThemilkspillsThemilkspills ManilaPosts: 4Member
Hi. I'm new here and planning to go to Melbourne on a student visa entry. We don't have any relatives there but the only option we have is to bring our toddler with us since no one will take care of our son here in the Philippines. Your advice will be greatly appreciated.


  • dee0829dee0829 MelbyPosts: 278Member
    edited October 2017
    Yes. It's always better when you are together. It will be expensive, yes. but it will be worth it.
  • ThemilkspillsThemilkspills ManilaPosts: 4Member
  • CasseyCassey Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 2,789Member, Moderator
    @Themilkspills Coming from a Student Visa, I would say it would all depend on your finances. I wouldn’t advise bringing your child here but if you have more than enough like your tuition fees are already covered as well as your living expenses then you can.

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  • hopeful_meahopeful_mea Whyalla, South AustraliaPosts: 439Member
    same dilemma tayo, except that pr kmi, i strongly suggest you bring them along with you. expensive and will take a lot of patience and hard work sa inyong mg.asawa pero that's better kesa hndi ka mapakali na malayo sila and wlang mapag.iwanan dito sa pinas. anyway 2 naman kyo ni hubby e, di kyo bsta tyaga lng hanap kahit anong mpagkakitaan.

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  • dee0829dee0829 MelbyPosts: 278Member
  • ixaxaixaxa NepalPosts: 93Member
    @Themilkspills hi po, I'm currently studying din , I brought my husband and 2 year old. Sa ecu perth, in blessed to find an employer na pumayag na isama ko Ang anak k sa work Kaya we don't pay for childcare. U just need to pray for the right people! Better na magkakasama kayo
  • DreamerADreamerA MandaluyongPosts: 237Member
    @ixaxa : hi ano po work nla ? ok lang pa p-share pra mag ka idea dn ako in case baka pwede isama anak sa work. thank you
  • IslanderndCityIslanderndCity AdelaidePosts: 2,272Member, Moderator
    3 out of 4 of my friends here, isa muna ang nauna. then after medyo ok na income niya and the confidence level is higher na that they can cope with financially, like after 3 months or more, sumunod na spouse & kid. at the start challenging...

    and they live happily ever after ;)

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  • DreamerADreamerA MandaluyongPosts: 237Member
    @IslanderndCity : hi, sumunod na spouse and kids kaht hndi working si spouse ? ganun po ba ? ang mahal ksi ng renta ng haws jan sa AU. slama sa info. :)
  • IslanderndCityIslanderndCity AdelaidePosts: 2,272Member, Moderator
    @DreamerA sa mga kakilala kong nabanggit above, 1 nauna. Sumunod ang asawa & anak after 3 months or more noong medyo ok na income sa 1 na nauna. You can always plan your path to take...

    Assessed Occupation: Industrial Engineer (IE 233511)
    Achieved Goal: Australia PR (Permanent Resident). Thanks God!

    ...sharpening my core gifts now...
    ...working on new, better goals...

    Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. ~Luke 6:28~

  • DreamerADreamerA MandaluyongPosts: 237Member
    @IslanderndCity : bale patrtner will be working as well? hndi siguro kaya pag si husband lang working considering working visa ? salamat po
  • agentKamsagentKams AustraliaPosts: 820Member
    @DreamerA hi, based on my own experience, we took the risk to bring along our toddler who just turned 2 at that time. 2 kami nagwork to make both ends meet, hindi tlga kaya pag isa lang when you don't have enough money saved for the tuition. my husband at that time took any job, two or three at the time kasi he can work full time and i can do part time work. wag lang tlga maging mapili sa umpisa. my daughter is being taken care sometimes by a lola we know for 3 days, the other days nasa daycare siya. last july my husband found a job inline with his previous work experience, while in november i finished my degree. By the way we are located in regional qld. :)

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  • DreamerADreamerA MandaluyongPosts: 237Member
    @agentKams : thanks for sharing your stories :) .. kelangan tlgaat least 2 tlga ung working . problem ksi nmen is wla kmi mapag iwan in case ng anak nmen ksi 2 years old palang. full time si husband so wla nga tlga option ako to work part time and just n case every sunday lang unless siguro nsa CITY. medyo bukid ksi s knla wala mga establishments na 24hours open . hirap lang dn ksi mag kkhiwalay. siguro we need to wait nlang at least skuling n anak nmen so I can din.
  • ysabelleysabelle SydneyPosts: 139Member
    Kung ako lang, sinama ko na mga anak ko dito. Pero financially di ko talaga kaya plus mag aaral pa sila. I am blessed and so lucky to have my family back home to love and look after them.

    Yes, masakit di sila kasama pero para sa future naman nila itong ginagawa ko
  • shellyshelly BaguioPosts: 23Member
    Does ECU allow students to bring kids to class? My daughter is 6 years old and I'll be taking up masters in nursing, feb2019 intake. Thanks po sa sasagot.
  • DelsetteDelsette SingaporePosts: 44Member
    Hi:) we just moved as a family here in Sydney
    With our 4 year old son. Anyone po staying near blacktown :) naka sttdent visa din kmi family s hubby ang ng Aaral
  • megalymegaly KuwaitPosts: 13Member
    @shelly Hello po! Im planning to bring my 7 year old kid in Perth as student visa. Natuloy po ba kayo sa ECU? :)
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