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Canada Vs. Australia

krismar20krismar20 ManilaPosts: 9Member
What can you say about this?

Regarding the lifestyle? rent? jobs?

Which is better in your opinion?


  • heycoachputmeinheycoachputmein australiaPosts: 40Member
    i've never been to Canada.

    so my unbiased answer would be Canberra :D
  • bonvivebonvive ManilaPosts: 12Member
    Canada has very harsh winters but Australia has very harsh summers. Just choose the lesser evil.
  • batmanbatman Darwin AustraliaPosts: 3,416Member, Moderator
    bonvive said:

    Canada has very harsh winters but Australia has very harsh summers. Just choose the lesser evil.

    talo na Australia kasi may devil doon. Si Tasmanian devil :))

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  • GeorgeFowellGeorgeFowell AustraliaPosts: 10Member
    Australia is a great city to live, I was there and I just loved it... It's my opinion!!!
  • JC45JC45 FrancePosts: 15Member
    Interested if any answers
  • williamsonswilliamsons Posts: 17Member
    I think both are great ! but in Australia there are an incredible weather, beach, nature etc :)
  • senseisensei Queensland, AUPosts: 42Member
    it all boils down to your wants. comparing this to that will not be sufficient
  • mhejmhej SydneyPosts: 202Member
    Australia for sure.

    Weather - Harsh summer is manageable vs Harsh winter
    Proximity - closer to PH, only 2-3 hour difference depending on DST. also, only an 8 hour flight.
    Location - who wants to be near the US and Europe?? when the world goes into WW3, safe ang mga nasa Australia because we are protected by the seas.
    Culture - I think same same. AU has the mate culture and Canada is known for their politeness.
    Food - AU pa rin kahit hindi ko pa natitikman ang offerings ng Canada. hahaha! But compared to PH, lahat ng pagkain mas masarap dito sa AU.
    Cost of Living - dito matatalo ang AU, I think. It's more affordable to own property in Canada, I heard.

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  • TasBurrfootTasBurrfoot OsakaPosts: 4,336Member
    mhej said:

    Cost of Living - dito matatalo ang AU, I think. It's more affordable to own property in Canada, I heard.

    yeah property is cheaper because salary is lower as well...

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  • dharweentmdharweentm MalaysiaPosts: 106Member
    Both country are good. In terms of benefits. Ang lamang lang tlga sa australia is that, ang daming promo fares pauwing pinas. Anjan ang cebupac airasia at pal. Kaya kung ma homesick ka. Kahit mag book ka ticket agad2 pauwi. Pwede. He he!
  • Davidx23Davidx23 BrisbanePosts: 229Member
    "It's more affordable to own property in Canada, I heard."

    I think may issue sa Toronto, lalu na sa downtown area. Due to the lack of property devs, landlords can demand higher rents.

    For ex. sa 1st yr of stay nyo sa isang condo unit ang charge is 800/mo. Then sa renewal contract for the secon year, bigla kang sisingilin ng 2K/mo. The 1st year is cheaper to lure in tenants pero tatagain ka sa second year. Napanuod ko lang sa mga expose ng CBC.

    Dito sa CBD ng brissy, normal rent increase ay $10-20 per week (per week ang default bayaran ng rent) for the second year. Minsan pwdeng tawaran, minsan pwden mag request ng same lang ang rent :)
  • kat123kat123 Posts: 24Member
    ok I'm naturalized Canadian and just recently moved here in Australia so I think I can comment. Ang masasabi ko lang I love Canada lol. Yes winters are harsh super harssssh like -40C sa city na pinaggalingan ko but nakakatipid ka kasi d ka makalabas. And then Canadians are really polite like super super nice. One week lng pa lng ako sa Sydney namiss ko na ang Canadians. Like twice kahapon may naksidente ako nabangga habang naglalakad nagsorry ako syempre tapos inirapan nya ako lol. Sa Canada pag ngyari un ssgot sila na It's ok!!! or minsan sila pa yung nagsosory kahit ikaw may kasalanan haha.

    It is affordable there specially kung san ako nakatira. Hindi sya popular sa Canadians dhil extreme cold pero super dami ng Pinoys dun kaya dun una nagtayo ng Jollibee hehe. Affordable in a sense na lahat ng kapatid ko 3 sila may kanya kanyang bahay and mag fully paid na in in a couple of years. My aunts and uncles have 2 houses na din kasi paid off na yung mortgage nila and retired na sila so bakasyon bakasyon na lng din sa pinas every two years. Ako, I managed to save up to 50% of my monthly take home pay pero syempre super tipid non at wala akong car and I just a rent a room. Pero nagbakasyon nman ako accross Canada and the US and twice umuwi sa pinas so d ko nman din tinipid sarili ko. (sa 4 years kong tumira don)

    Ang problem lng don kung san ako galing is konti ang mapaglilibangan mo esp pag winter kasi tatamarin kang lumabas dahil super lamig. Kaya ung mga houses don may basement. yung basement usually ginagawa nilang gaming room complete with everything na gusto mong gawin, billiards, pinpong etc. Yung iba nman dun ung basement pnapaayos nla na lagyan ng kitchen at washer at dryer pra parent naman nila. Work-life balance is ok din don. Gusto din nila focus ka sa family kaya I think ngayon balak pa nilang habaan ung parental leave from one year gawing 1.5 years.

    Sobrang hilig din ng mga tao don sa bakasyon. Pag bakasyon as in one month at pupunta sila sa Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Bahamas or anywhere hot kaya very common na mawawala sila sa workplace ng one month ok lng yun. Yung ibang oldies din don may mga cabin sa lake so weekend dun nman sila magstay magfishing at boating. masaya na sila don. And normal lng din sa kanila magshopping sa US ng weekend kasi most cities sa Canada kayang kaya idrive ang US.

    Sinubukan ko ung husband ko from Sydney na sya na lng lumipat don tnry ko ayaw nya. Kasi ayaw din non ng winter. Pero tuwang tuwa sya sa cheap food. super dami daw ng serving pati. And dinala ko sya sa 5 cities sa 5 provinces sa Canada nagandahan naman sya. Coffee sucks daw tho, pero like nman nya ang Tim Hortons and some of the beers and ice wines. Walang popular food ang Canada except for poutine na fries lang naman na may gravy at cheese curds.

    Fun fact! Canada has the wealthiest middle class! Natalo na nya ang US as of 2015.
    And also most Canadians don't like our Prime Minister. Personally, I like him. So many things na nagawa nya pabor sakin haha.

  • MiaMia NZPosts: 318Member
    @kat123 Nice, your kids (and even you!) in the future will be Australian Canadians or Canadian Australians... best of both worlds, in my opinion. May free movement sila :D
  • kat123kat123 Posts: 24Member
    @Mia I know! and filipino too kung gusto din nila haha. Kaya nga ininsist ko din sa hubby na hintayin na yung citizenship ko kasi sayang din. Pero lagi naming pinagaawayan un lol. 2 yrs din ata syang naghintay pero ayon buti naman natapos na din.
  • dyanisabelledyanisabelle SydneyPosts: 206Member
    @kat123 nice sentiment. Yung mga kilala ko kasing nasa Canada lahat sila hindi happy dun at gusto na umuwi sa Pinas, puro work lang daw kasi, harsh winters, walang libangan masyado kaya nakakalungkot daw. But I guess it still depends on your individual experiences talaga, their experience do not speak for everyone's.

    Ako naman natuwa ako sa pagiging polite ng mga Aussies. Mahilig sila mag sorry mag no worries at mag how are you. Hahaha. Of course, this is compared to Pinas, I'm sure ibang level ang politeness ng Canadians. Haha.

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    09/12/2017 - Medicals at Nationwide Manila
    14/12/2017 - Cleared medicals - de facto partner
    21/12/2017 - Cleared medicals - mine
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  • MiaMia NZPosts: 318Member
    @dyanisabelle I wonder about that too (Australian kindness) kasi dito sa NZ they (not Kiwis, migrants) would say na hindi raw polite ang Aussies, racist minsan and di namamansin =))
  • atheleneathelene SydneyPosts: 371Member
    I've only been in Sydney for a month, but most of the people I've encountered (both Asian migrants and Caucasians) are nice naman. Nakakapanibago nga yung "how are you mate" whenever they greet you, minsan nakakalimutan ko magreply kasi d ko sure kung seryoso bang kinukumusta nila ako or what. hahaha.

    @Mia sa NZ po ba mabait sila dyan?
  • MiaMia NZPosts: 318Member
    @athelene yes they are minsan to a fault. Some are very intrusive... with small town mentality. Mahilig ang iba mag-chismis haha.

    A lot would engage you kahit namimili lang kayo ng kung ano ano sa mga shops (like specialty shops).
  • atheleneathelene SydneyPosts: 371Member
    @Mia ahahaha really? XD Even for a big city like Auckland, mahilig pala sila sa chismis hehehe. How do you react kung hindi nyo sila kilala and you don't want to share your life story with them? Do they get offended or they just leave you alone after?
  • dyanisabelledyanisabelle SydneyPosts: 206Member
    @athelene super relate sa how are you. Hahahaha! Sinasanay ko nalang sarili ko mag "good. How are you?" back. Hahaha

    221214 Internal Auditor : 189 - 75pts / 190 - 80pts (Age:30/Educ:15/Exp:10/English:20/SS:5)

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    16/02/2017 - Positive assessment (4.1 yrs) - 5pts
    08/08/2017 - Live in anniversary
    04/09/2017 - PTE Take 1 : L81/R75/S45/W89
    25/09/2017 - PTE Take 2 : L83/R89/S58/W90
    04/10/2017 - PTE Take 3 : L90/R90/S90/W90 - 20pts Yay! ^_^
    06/10/2017 - Lodged EOI for 189 and 190 NSW
    20/10/2017 - ITA from NSW received (75 pts)
    21/10/2017 - Submitted application to NSW
    08/11/2017 - Updated skilled work experience - 10pts
    21/11/2017 - ITA from DIBP received 190 NSW
    07/12/2017 - Visa Lodged
    09/12/2017 - Medicals at Nationwide Manila
    14/12/2017 - Cleared medicals - de facto partner
    21/12/2017 - Cleared medicals - mine
    16/02/2018 - VISA GRANT :)

  • atheleneathelene SydneyPosts: 371Member
    @dyanisabelle hahaha sige nga masubukan nga yan. Baka over time masanay nalang din ako
  • MiaMia NZPosts: 318Member
    @athelene Naku di ako taga-Auckland haha hindi ko lang yan nae-edit and IDK paano nagkaroon yan ng Auckland since taga-PH pa ako nung nag-sign up ako rito... Anyway if feel naman nilang di mo type mag-share they won't ask anymore... mas type nilang mag-chismis tungkol sa ibang tao imbes na mag-ask about yourself
  • tmasunciontmasuncion DubaiPosts: 288Member
    Canada is too far from Philippines, which means air tickets are costly too. hehehe but australia is nearer and budget airlines are always ready whenever you feel like visiting to your home land.

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  • deloriandelorian SingaporePosts: 181Member
    I think this time of the year, Canadians would probably want to be in Australia.

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  • fruitysfruitys BrisbanePosts: 72Member
    Unique wildlife - you won't find kangaroos, emus, wombats or quokkas anywhere else

    Online services - They're both good, but IMO Australian government websites are slightly better than the Canadian ones. There's also myGov and things getting integrated into it slowly but surely to become one login for everything government.

    PBS - AU's Medicare edges out over Canada due to this. Nearly free/heavily subsidised meds. I'm not using it yet but I'm glad it's there when I'll need it.

    Coffee - Australia's coffee scene is right up there with Italy, thanks to Italian immigrants in Melbourne. Aussies also invented the flat white, nuff said. If you really really like coffee you chose well in Australia. You will be absolutely spoiled here on how the coffee is so good.

    Food - Beef is generally cheaper than pork, and dairy is relatively cheap (notice how big the milk section is on a grocery store)

    Monies - Highest minimum wage in the world and no tipping is expected. Tradies/blue-collar work isn't stigmatised or classed as a "lower" type of work compared to other countries.

    Culture - There's that chill laid back "she'll be right" culture. Australia also fully adopted the metric system so leave your calories and inches behind. On leave, Australia starts off with a minimum of 4 weeks leave right off the bat instead of leaving it to states/provinces to decide.

    Beaches/nature - No question if you're more of the beach type than the ski/snowboarding type. Need something to fill up your Instagram feed? Pop over to one of the many beaches along the coast and point your camera anywhere. If you want to see snow you can always go to NZ, Japan, or one of the local Aussie resorts up in the mountains like Thredbo.

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