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Filipino Doctors planning to practice in Australia



  • _maldita__maldita_ NSWPosts: 70Member
    hi, please refer to the link for the latest fees for amc application and examination:

    Applying for jobs can be difficult as we are competing with the local graduates and they are given more priority but as long as you keep on trying, you have a good chance of getting a job in a hospital. I know some people who have been getting jobs in the hospital with the same experience as yours.
  • handogMDhandogMD PhilippinesPosts: 2Member
    Thank you for the help, @_maldita_
  • ChurioChurio Quezon City, PhilippinesPosts: 9Member

    Hi doc ask lang po if may expiry ang results ng amc part1? Kailangan ba agad itake ung part 2? Or kahit kailan pwede?
  • _maldita__maldita_ NSWPosts: 70Member
    @Churio hello, there's no expiry date for the amc part 1 but I would suggest for you to take the part 2 as soon as possible because the cost of the exam increases and they tend to change the rules and make it more difficult to clear.
  • ChurioChurio Quezon City, PhilippinesPosts: 9Member
    @_maldita_ thank you so much! I plan to take the MCQ immediately after my physician licensure exam on March (so knowledge is fresh)
  • ChurioChurio Quezon City, PhilippinesPosts: 9Member
    @_maldita_ sorry po ulit sa pag abala. My questions pa po:
    1. Kapag po doctor, pwede po ba makuha yung points both ng doctorate and bachelor para more points sa skilled visa? Kasi po registered nurse din ako na nagdoctor.
    2. After passing Part 1 MCQ here in the phils, what type of visa po marecommend mo pag pupunta na ng australia to seek GP jobs and take the part 2 Clinical there and undergo the 12month supervised training? (Standard pathway). Kasi i know hindi pa skilled visa kasi This is still part of the the skills assessment.
    3. May salary po ba yung 12 month supervised training?

    Thank you so much po
  • _maldita__maldita_ NSWPosts: 70Member
    @Churio ok lang, just keep asking questions and your questions can be helpful to others too

    1. I honestly don't know the answer to this one, sorry. Maybe someone else can help answer this question.
    2. If you are taking the part 2, you can apply for a visitor or business visa. And if you will be working/undergoing 12 months of supervised training, you need to get a working visa/sponsored by the hospital or GP clinic.
    3. Yes, it's work/training. You need to apply to hospitals for a resident medical officer position to be able to get this 12 months of supervised training.
  • hdmd312hdmd312 PhilippinesPosts: 1Member
    Hi! Do you know any agency we can apply to as general practitioners? Aside from being medical graduates and completing internship in the philippines, what other requirements do we need to apply for the first part? Did you complete your first part while in the philippines? Are there chances for general practitioners landing a job there while applying for a registration? Thank you
  • _maldita__maldita_ NSWPosts: 70Member
    @hdmd312 Hello, the term "general practitioner" in Australia is similar to family medicine doctor. You can start working here as either a general practitioner (clinic setting) or as a medical officer (hospital setting). There are recruitment agencies for both but you need to at least clear part 1 before they can hire you and they usually prefer to hire those with general registration. To apply for the first part, you only need to be a medical graduate and this needs to be verified by ECFMG - please refer to the AMC website for the steps in applying for ECFMG verification. You can take the first part either in Australia or Philippines as this is only an online examination. You can get a job as a medical practitioner when you have cleared the first part of the AMC exam as you will be eligible for a limited registration, but you cannot work as a medical practitioner unless your limited registration has been approved by AHPRA. So, first, you have to clear the first part of AMC, then get a job offer from either a hospital or a clinic, (then take the PESCI exam if applying as a general practitioner), then apply for AHPRA limited registration. Hope this helps.
  • jbmdjbmd PhilippinesPosts: 2Member
    Hi im a GP here in Philippines for almost 2yrs, nag apply po ako as student visa: (masters in public health)for me to get there sa aus..way ko lng po to para lng po mkapunta ng aus... Im planning to take po may amc part 1 dyan nlng po s aus. May marerecomend po kayo n review center s melbourne?
  • _maldita__maldita_ NSWPosts: 70Member
    @jbmd hello, you can either go for alan roberts or HEAL, but I think alan roberts is more popular in Melbourne.
  • jbmdjbmd PhilippinesPosts: 2Member
  • docjolodocjolo PhilippinesPosts: 2Member
    I just wanted ask a few things,

    1) First if the review for the PLE is not enough for the AMC MCQ, as Ive been reading that the questions are more difficult.

    2) Would reviewing for the AMC MCQ clinicals be better if I could find a way to go to AUS already and review there?

    3) Is the 1 year internship paid? As I already have a family and I dont how long savings would last if it is not compensated.

    Thank you
  • _maldita__maldita_ NSWPosts: 70Member


    1. Amc questions are different and it is based on Australian guidelines. It's also important to become familiar with the cases that come up in the MCQ. Read the amc handbook, john Murtagh general practice and racgp red book.

    2. For MCQ/part1, you can review in the Philippines. For part 2, it is better to review here and find a study partner here.

    3. Internship is paid. Technically we don't get Internship position, we do the core rotations as a resident.

    Hope this helps!
  • docjolodocjolo PhilippinesPosts: 2Member
    Thanks for the information. Is it true that even after attaining registration it is very difficult to nearly impossible to find a position?

    Will attaining registration also allow me to apply for specialty training programs?
  • _maldita__maldita_ NSWPosts: 70Member
    @docjolo it is challenging to get your first job offer. You cannot apply for registration without a job offer. After passing amc part1/2, you will be eligible for limited/provisional registration, but you cannot apply for this without a job offer. Once you get a job and finish the 47 weeks of supervised training including the core rotations (medicine, emergency and surgery), you can apply for your general registration. After which, you can apply for specialty training.
  • ixaxaixaxa NepalPosts: 93Member
    hi po,

    asking in behalf of Hubby. we're currently in Perth and i just finished my master's degree. Hubby is a derma, he tried reviewing for AMC pero talaga he doesnt have the hearrt for it kaya nagdecide kami na magtry to look for a fellowship, then apply for specialist pathway. Meron po sa inyo ang may kakilala na nagundergo ng specialist pathway? i know na kahot magaral pa sya, partially comparable pa din, but that's good enough. he's willingt o take the exam for the specialist naman,

    any insights po will eb appreciated.
  • aaccaacc PhilippinesPosts: 1Member
    Hello doctor @_maldita_

    Just to clarify po if I passed the AMC knowledge exam then I'll look for a job (for limited registration), would it be a medical intern job and not medical health officer?

    Also for limited registration going for WBA clinical supervision, would I still need to finish my Post-graduate internship in the Philippines?

    Thanks a lot!
  • _maldita__maldita_ NSWPosts: 70Member
    @aacc hello, you can get a resident medical officer job with limited registration, some can even get a registrar job (equivalent to our resident). When applying for registration with AHPRA, they would ask for evidence of completing Internship as they expect IMGs to have completed Internship overseas. However they still require us to complete core rotations (Emergency, medicine and surgical rotations) as a resident to be able to apply for general registration.
  • jessamariemenorjessamariemenor PhilippinesPosts: 1Member
    Hi, do you have an idea about studying medicine in australia?

    Will Philippine Bachelor in Nursing credentials, allow me to take doctor in medicine in australia?
  • _maldita__maldita_ NSWPosts: 70Member
    @jessamariemenor hi, yes I think you can study medicine as a postgraduate degree, but you will have to sit the GAMSAT.
  • Dr_DDr_D Manila, PhilippinesPosts: 2Member
    @_maldita_ Good am Dr! Ask ko lang po sana how much ang estimated pay during the 12-month workplace based training? Kahit estimate lang po. Thank you!
  • _maldita__maldita_ NSWPosts: 70Member
    @Dr_D Hello, yung salary po dito as a resident medical officer depends on the postgraduate year level. eg. PGY2 is around AUD 75k per year. And then pag workplace based assessment, I think they are still paid based on the PGY level and then they just deduct or pay the fee for the assessment. You can refer to the AMC website for the fees.
  • Dr_DDr_D Manila, PhilippinesPosts: 2Member
    @_maldita_ thank you Dr! Kapag po ba workplace based assessment PGY 2 or 1 po? Ibig po ba sabihin ng PGY2, junior or senior medical officer? And in a year, kelan po usually sila nagtatanggap na ng applicants? Hehe thank you so much for any reply po! Nakakalito kasi pag nagtitingin ako ng vacancies, parang malabo po yung job description. Any enlightenment would be of much help doc!
  • _maldita__maldita_ NSWPosts: 70Member
    @Dr_D PGY 2 and above yung nagwworkplace based assessment. PGY 2 is junior medical officer. usually around May-July yung campaign period for hospitals.
  • jess12mdjess12md manilaPosts: 2Member
    edited April 2019
    Hi! @_maldita_ and to other fellow doctors. May I kindly ask if need mag FM residency training here in Phil. bago makapag process ng papers to work as a doctor in Australia or New Zealand? Hoping for a response. Thank you
  • _maldita__maldita_ NSWPosts: 70Member
    @jess12md hi, no need to do residency training to apply for registration here. Internship is required though.
  • jess12mdjess12md manilaPosts: 2Member
    edited April 2019
    @_maldita_ noted. May I ask if it is a requirement to have years of work experience before applying? I actually resigned from pedia residency.
  • _maldita__maldita_ NSWPosts: 70Member
    @jess12md if you intend to apply in a hospital, number of years of work experience does not really matter as it is a supervised environment
  • jaydot1989jaydot1989 PhPosts: 4Member
    Hi Doc @maldita, just wanna ask if the Employer-Sponsored Visa is not applicable for IMGs na po? What can u suggest po would be the best visa to apply. Thanks a lot!
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