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Filipino Doctors planning to practice in Australia

_maldita__maldita_ NSWPosts: 81Member
Hello mga kababayan,

Naisip ko lang po magstart ng thread to help guide Filipino Doctors who are planning to practice here in Australia.

Nung nagstart po kasi ako magprepare for the Australian Medical Council (AMC) exams, nahirapan ako maghanap ng forum na maggguide sa akin. I was lucky to get help from other people and have finally cleared the AMC exams. I would just like to give back to the community by offering tips and advice to those who are interested to practice here.

Please feel free to post any questions you may have and I'll do my best to help. If you have cleared the exams, kindly share your experience with us. Thank you.


  • babapbabap philippinesPosts: 3Member
    Hi.. im a GP doctor here in philippines.. im planing to work there s australia.. i have no idea wat to do first.. ano b un first thing to do un step by step.? Kz ndi ko masyado maintindihan un guidelines s AMC.. tnx so much
  • _maldita__maldita_ NSWPosts: 81Member
    edited April 2017
    Hello @babap , the first thing to do is to establish a portfolio with AMC. Unfortunately, I'm not the best resource person for this because I have applied for amc in 2014. The portfolio is for those who are applying after October 2015. They said this is better because you just need to upload your documents online. I had to post the documents to AMC when I was applying at that time.

    So, I just copied these steps from the AMC website on how to establish a portfolio. If you could let us know which of these steps need clarification and I'm hoping someone who has applied recently with AMC could help us:

    How to apply
    Step 1 - IMGs required to submit their primary qualification (final medical diploma) in medicine and surgery for verification, must ensure it was awarded by a training institution recognised by the AMC.

    Step 2 – Create EPIC account – nominate the AMC to receive verification status updates to update your AMC records accordingly. Your EPIC ID will be confirmed in 2-3 working days.

    Step 3 – Establish AMC Portfolio for processing by AMC - you require an EPIC ID to be able to complete the portfolio application. Your AMC candidate number will be confirmed by email within 3-5 working days.

    Step 4 – Upload qualification/s and identification documentation to your EPIC account for processing by ECFMG if not already done as part of Step 2.

    For the Standard Pathway (AMC examinations) and/ Competent Authority pathways, submit your final medical diploma for verification.
    For specialist assessment purposes, your final medical diploma and postgraduate qualification/s must be submitted.
    Enquire with the respective Australian specialist medical college which postgraduate qualification/s require verification).

    Step 5 – Proceed with the pathway you are eligible for.

    Step 6 – Qualification verified – apply via your EPIC account for ECFMG to provide a copy of the EPIC report to AMC to update your verification status on the AMC qualifications portal.
  • babapbabap philippinesPosts: 3Member
    Tnx maldita, after step 6, how many many exams do i have to take?. Then after passing that do i have to do some trainings in order to get a job? For how long? Tnx for the big help
  • _maldita__maldita_ NSWPosts: 81Member
    There are only 2 exams: part 1 is MCQ (computer based) and part 2 is clinical exam (OSCE type). No need for additional training. Actually, even after passing part 1 alone, you would already be eligible to apply for limited registration. But to be able to apply for registration, you need to secure a job offer first, either from a hospital or GP clinic.

    No problem, if you have any other questions, you can just always post it here and will try to get back to you as soon as I can.
  • babapbabap philippinesPosts: 3Member
    Im done with my credential upload. Any tips on what to review for the exam? Was it difficult? Thanks maldita
  • NadineNadine BrisbanePosts: 481Member
    edited June 2017
    Haloo pips!

    I have gotten quite a few PMs asking me regarding the process of registration, examination, migration etc. Ngayon ko lang nabasa most of those PMs. So those of you who have sent those messages awhile back, my apologies talaga, I haven't managed to get back to this site for awhile now. I also think it prudent to post here so more interested parties can read. So, I will just hijack this thread and try to put in my 2cents dito.

    While I am no migration agent, I also think that the visa part is probably the least worrisome of the entire process. We should probably start with examinations.

    CAT MCQ - computer assisted test, multiple choice type. Main book yung MCQ purple book which is available on the AMC website for a fee. There is no online AMC MCQ to do practice tests on. Rough equivalent is the Canadian one. My experience was that it was VERY similar to the actual exam. This makes sense actually because the Australian GP has reciprocity with the Canadian GP college. A bit of caveat though is that I used this online practice test in 2013, 4 years ago na. There might be newer, better options out there. Bottomline I think, is use as much practice test as you can.

    CLINICALS - actual, 16-station test. There are scenarios in each room/station. You are expected to pass 12 out of the 16 stations. You are given 8 minutes each station to read any information available, do history, do PE, diagnose/investigate, treat, counsel. Crazy stuff honestly. The patients are actors or medical students or even non-medical people. This requires lots of practice - there are tons of study centres mostly based in Sydney and Melbourne, but they unfortunately run into thousands of dollars. If you can get an equally serious study partner, that can save you precious dollars. Dr Johannes Wenzel used to run Thursday scenarios for clinicals for free in Melbourne but he has recently retired from that due to health issues. Dr Arnab is doing Clinical Hangout on Air - google this and ask to join for regular updates.

    WBA - workplace based assessment, alternative to the Clinicals. What it essentially is that you are assessed of your clinical competence while at work. So, instead of taking the exam, you will do assessments in 6 areas (medicine, paeds, ED, surgery, obstetrics, mental health) with 29-30 assessments plus logbook of procedures. Duration is 6-12 months, dependent on the centre. There are only 6 hospitals in Australia offering the WBA, some states do not have centres. Now why would a lot of IMGs compete for a place into the WBA, despite being more expensive and longer than clinicals? Passing rate is 90-99% vs the clinicals which I think currently is 10-30%, do check the latest statistic as I could be way off with current trends. But the clinicals will not be anywhere near the passing rate of the WBA, by any measure.

    PESCI - requirement ONLY if you do not have FULL registration with AHPRA, and you want to work in QLD hospital in a level higher than resident physician or you want to work as a GP anywhere in Australia. It is an hour long with panel consultants. You do not need PESCI if working as resident or intern in QLD or any hospital doctor in other states.

    Now, regarding obtaining registration (limited or full general):

    To be able to obtain medical registration (or license to practice), you will require MCQ+IELTS, the minimum. But obviously you will not be able to even apply for registration if you do not have an employer sponsor. It is a bit counter-intuitive when employers require minimum registration, but you can't get registration without employer sponsorship - duh, right. BUT that is the crux of the matter,folks and nothing much we can do about. Also, if registration given, it will be LIMITED. Meaning limited to the employer and any restriction within such as supervision etc. You can apply for a job armed with MCQ+IELTS only and obtain employer sponsorship. Most employers nowadays however prefer all exams in place already. The employer restrictions will cease if you get FULL (or general) registration. To get full general registration, you will have to pass all the exams, including IELTS and get ONE year of employed supervised practice anywhere in Australia, be it hospital or general practice centres. AHPRA requires at least 12 weeks surgery, 12 weeks medicine and 8 weeks ED to count as sufficient for hospitals plus any other discipline to complete the 1-year. OR one year as a GP.

    Also, all these is to get GENERAL registration. To get specialist or consultant registration is a different matter for which requires a whole different discussion. You have to have general registration to do specialty training, then do specialty exams, then be on the way to becoming consultant/specialist. But first things first - get general exams sorted. I think this is the takeaway message here.

    Lastly, people have asked if it is worth it? Can't really tell you not knowing your circumstance. Also, I am still in the process myself so don't really know what lies ahead, I am yet to start the road towards specialty exams as well. The opportunities here are far-reaching and extends beyond the medical profession though. It is difficult and expensive process (no doubt an understatement), but medical professionals are generally well-compensated and respected in their communities.

    Hope this helps, this is a pretty long post, but hopefully covers the basic. Goodluck to everybody!

    21 Dec 2012 - 457 lodged
    7 Jan 2013 - medical finalised
    8 Jan 2013 - visa approved

  • MnanieMnanie Philippines Posts: 5Member
    Hello.. Just read your post.. Very informative. By the way, wanna ask about the employer. Visa sponsorship, if i become a permanent resident in aus, will i still need this employer sponsorship? Thanks!
  • MnanieMnanie Philippines Posts: 5Member
    Also, whats the difference between standard and specialist pathway? Do we need to pass the PLE first bfore we could apply?
  • AnnabzAnnabz BatangasPosts: 2Member
    Hi, how can i practice as pediatrician in Oz if i finished medicine and pediatric residency here in the philippines? Pls advise.tyvm
  • AnnabzAnnabz BatangasPosts: 2Member
    @_maldita_ hi dr. Can u help me how i would be able to practice pedia in australia even if i finished my residency training in the phils? Thank you
  • drkipdrkip Posts: 33Member
    @_maldita_ hi doctora may employment ka na ba?
    Pede pa bigay ng tips October 14, 2017 ang clinicals ko..thanks
  • drkipdrkip Posts: 33Member
    @Mnanie hello dr, hindi ka makakaregister sa AHPRA kung walang employment.. if you are asking about visa.. dapat ay nakawork na sa Australia as Doctor not sure kung 2 years or 1 lng and may General registration na po para pumasok sa skilled as Doctor for PR, or you use other qualifications like med tech to apply for skilled, or ung husband or partner ang primary applicant for PR... if hindi namn nga po PR, same pa din po need po ang employment both for work visa at registration as Doctor sa AHPRA..
  • _maldita__maldita_ NSWPosts: 81Member

    @Nadine, thank you so much for the very informative post. It did cover all the basic stuff.

    @Mnanie, for permanent residents, there is no need for an employer sponsored visa. For the standard pathway, it consists of the MCQ and clinical examinations. I'm not really familiar with the specialist pathway, all I know is that your credentials would have to be assessed by the college of your specialisation. You can read more about this here http://www.amc.org.au/assessment/pathways/specialist

    @Annabz, you may either take the standard or specialist pathway. Although I have not met any paediatrician or any specialist from the Philippines who has taken the specialist pathway. All of those whom I have met have taken the standard pathway.

    @drkip, yes po, currently employed. For the clinicals, my advice is to make sure you have a list of differentials in your mind before entering the room and practice the physical examination cases. It's also important to have a good study partner, someone whom you can roleplay with most days of the week. You need to cover the cases in the handbook, karen's notes and review the recalls. Hope this helps.
  • drkipdrkip Posts: 33Member
    @_maldita_ hi ma'am sorry ha, my question was.. doctor na po ba ang employment nyo? or naghahanap pa lang... taga adelaide po kasi ako.. ung husband ko iniwan ko lng sa Adelaide, umuwi ako now sa pinas to update my practice while studying kasi ang test ko ay sa october.. naisip ko kasi possible kaya ang hospital job sa adelaide or gp jobs sa SA para huwag na kmi lumipat... may bestfriend kasi ako na magiging employer ko sa Narooma, NSW. Maganda nga at may nag-offer tumulong (level 1 supervision pa nga daw)...but still... if possible wag na umalis sa SA..or if offer falls through..

    sino dra ang ka-partner mo sa review? nakapasa na din sya? kung hindi pa baka marecommend mo namn ako sa kanya na study partner
  • Jared_biancaJared_bianca SingaporePosts: 3Member
    edited July 2017
    Hi @_maldita_ , I am in SG now planning to migrate in Australia.. I should go there by visa then apply for doctor and take the exam or from SG I can process all of that? I am a Doctor (Internal Medicine).
  • NadineNadine BrisbanePosts: 481Member
    edited August 2017
    Mnanie said:

    Hello.. Just read your post.. Very informative. By the way, wanna ask about the employer. Visa sponsorship, if i become a permanent resident in aus, will i still need this employer sponsorship? Thanks!

    No, if you're PR or on any legitimate visa, di mo na kailangan visa sponsor. If you want to work as a doctor (which I am assuming you would), YES you will need an employer. If you are after working (457) visa, kelangan mo employer - obviously. You would need the employer to sponsor both the visa + registration.

    To get medical registration (or the license to practice) is a long process. But the short of it is, you would need an employer for medical registration initially regardless. Once you get FULL general medical registration, this eliminates the need for employer sponsor. You can apply for skilled migration PLUS medical board will not place limitations anymore. A full medical registration also gets you on equal footing with any Australian medical graduate. I've discussed above the process to obtain full registration. Cheers.

    21 Dec 2012 - 457 lodged
    7 Jan 2013 - medical finalised
    8 Jan 2013 - visa approved

  • NadineNadine BrisbanePosts: 481Member
    edited August 2017
    Annabz said:

    Hi, how can i practice as pediatrician in Oz if i finished medicine and pediatric residency here in the philippines? Pls advise.tyvm

    Hi, I have posted a response here RE: specialist pathway. http://pinoyau.info/discussion/comment/252682/#Comment_252682. Essentially, there are no shortcuts, I'm afraid. Only specialists from UK, Us, NZ, Canada, Ireland (commonwealth) can be assessed as equivalent to Australian. Even sila, may assessment of progress pa and do not get automatic full specialist status. As far as I know, everybody else have to do training and exams all over again. My first job here was a neonatal registrar so paediatric trained doctors from overseas can still apply - But I had to do AMC step 1 first. So I will suggest starting with AMC exams initially. Goodluck, balitaan mo ko.

    21 Dec 2012 - 457 lodged
    7 Jan 2013 - medical finalised
    8 Jan 2013 - visa approved

  • nathan0816nathan0816 LagunaPosts: 3Member
    Hello po and good day!
    I'm a medical student currently in 3rd year studying sa Phils, I was wondering if anyone has idea regarding application of medical internship / PGI in Australia??

    Thank you :)
  • mjoymd888mjoymd888 ManilaPosts: 3Member
    Hi everybody. I am interested in working as a doctor in australia. I am presently a practicing anesthesiologist here in manila. I did some readings already, and found out that i can just apply under the standard pathway. My question is, do i need to get the gsm visa 189 first before proceeding with the pathways by AMC? An immigration consultancy company here is offering that service of getting the gsm visa 189, (fil-global ltd), with the initial payment of 38k to enter the programme. I am quite skeptical about this. Can anyone here help me regarding this matter? Maraming salamat po!
  • micsibulomicsibulo ManilaPosts: 1Member
    Hello po! Taga Manila ako. Tanong ko lng po if recognized po nila yung USMLE steps 1 2 3 kung matapos? salamat po!
  • freshMDfreshMD PhilippinesPosts: 4Member
    hello po @_maldita_ and @Nadine

    tanong ko lang po..

    1. from the day na nagstart po kau mag review for AMC exams until the time na nakakuha na po kau ng full registration.. mga how long did it take u po? like years po ba?
    2. after passing amc part 1 po.. as i have read from your previous posts, maghahanap po ng employer to sponsor the visa.. what kind of employment po ito? GP po ba? enough po ba yung salary to be able to save for the fees for the next steps sa process ng pagkuha ng registration
    3. lastly po, do they accept filipinos for residency training there in australia? do i need to attain full registration first before i can apply for residency? what are my chances po in getting accepted in a residency program po sa aus?
  • MnanieMnanie Philippines Posts: 5Member
    Hello po @drnadine.. ano po difference ng limited registration and full registration? If i pass the amc and ielts and find an employer po, can i work po ba in Oz? Anong visa po gagamitin dun? Thank you so much
  • MnanieMnanie Philippines Posts: 5Member
    @Nadine and doc pano po yung workbased assessment? Can i get a tourist visa and look for a hospital na tatanggapin ako? Or working visa na po drtso?thank u
  • MnanieMnanie Philippines Posts: 5Member
    @maldita hello po doc, tanong ko lng po, pano po mg apply ng employer sponsorshipwhen tour based in the philippines? Is it possible online or do i have to get a tourist visa and look for hospitals or gp clinic that could sponsor me? Thank u
  • jermionyjermiony PhilippinesPosts: 2Member
    Kailangan pa po ba mag Phil. Licensure exam before taking AMC1? Or can i take the AMC even without going through PGI and then passing the local boards? Thank you!
  • jermionyjermiony PhilippinesPosts: 2Member
    @_maldita_ doc, is PGI training & Phil. Med licensure exam needed for amc1 or pwedeng diretso AMC na right after graduating from medicine? Ano po advice niyo?
  • pinoyrmtmdpinoyrmtmd BrisbanePosts: 4Member
    Hi just came across this thread. Hope my input works. I'm currently working as a medical officer at a QLD hospital. Recently lang din ako nakapasa ng AMC 1 and 2 and sa awa ng Diyos, nakakuha agad ng work. Sa mga pupunta dito, don't lose hope. Para makahanap work, nowadays, gusto nila pasado na sa both but I know a few people na AMC1 lang e nakahanap ng work at nagkalimited registration agad. Important dito ang recency of practice kaya advisable na nagwowork na sa Pinas bago pa mag apply ng work dito.
  • jaydot1989jaydot1989 PhPosts: 4Member
    Hi everyone. I am a newly licensed GP here in Phils. I would like to ask the ff., if its okay po:

    1. How long did it take you to start the 2 exams (MCQ and Clinical) and finish them?
    2. How long did it take you to complete the entire process, and got your Full registration po?
    3. Would u approve that I would apply now, or do I need to acquire a couple of years experience first?
    4. Would it also be advisable that I would apply now, or after Specialization nalng po?

    Thank u so much for your time! God bless
  • bellatrixbellatrix Quezon CityPosts: 1Member
    @pinoyrmtmd Hello po. I would just like to ask how you went about applying for work after passing AMC 1 and 2? Saan po kayo naghanap ng work at paano nag-apply?
  • pinoyrmtmdpinoyrmtmd BrisbanePosts: 4Member
    @bellatrix You can apply online sa Queensland Health website or you can directly email the hospitals. Try regional ones kasi sila ang may shortage of doctors. Helpful naman sila, they will guide you through the process once they know you're keen.
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