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OET remarking

Hello everyone

I did OET on mrach and i got C in the listening even though i was confident i would get a B.
I need to know if anyone did remarking for OET and the grade was changed


  • jacklen23jacklen23 vic. auPosts: 3Member
    edited April 2017
    I applied for the remarking of my writing subtest I took last February and just like you, I was really sure that I got it all right. That was my 2nd time taking the test and I was so confident that I will pass this time... I paid the remarking fee and waited patiently. (which is a wrong move) Normally, the waiting period is up to 6 weeks but mine was a week delay. I even had to follow-up my application since I haven't heard anything from them in weeks. After 2 more days of agony (of waiting), my result came unchanged. Not worth the wait.
  • bubblychickbubblychick ManilaPosts: 1Member
    @haqasems did you apply for the remarking? Yeah cos Listening is the only subtest where I got C :( I am confident too that I'll get B on it that's why I'm planning to apply for remarking but I wonder if it's worth it.
  • nrgaciasnrgacias Posts: 1Member
    Good Day, I have the same situation. C ako sa writing and talagang sa lahat ng subtest, dun ako confident. I am thinking of applying a remark.
  • binlagotbinlagot PhilippinesPosts: 2Member
    Did you apply for remarking during your time? How was it?
  • binlagotbinlagot PhilippinesPosts: 2Member
    @bubblychick did you apply for remarking? How was it?
  • totstots singaporePosts: 6Member
    the only remarking I did was for my speaking which they changed to B after the remarking. but that was here in sg. dunno in pinas
  • khantamakhantama UKPosts: 8Member
    Hello everyone, please give me important information, got c+ in OETwriting , is there anyone who got positive result after rechecking writing subtest? Please share your experience
  • khantamakhantama UKPosts: 8Member
    If I apply for a recheck of OET result can get rechecking result in 20th June, and concurrently if I give 16th June per xm will get it's result 7th July, then which result will be accepted? is there any rule to approve only the recent oet xm or I can use any previous positive result ?
  • KATHeterKATHeter PhilippinesPosts: 1Member
    @khantama did you apply for remarking? I took the exam last April and got C in writing. I'll take my chances, I'll apply for a remark and retake the exam this June at the same time. Hoping for positive results this time *fingers crossed*
  • yellowrangeryellowranger makatiPosts: 4Member
    edited May 2018
    hi @khantama for me the remarking is not a good idea unless you are confident about it. on my 1st take i was also confident on the writing part, but i received a C+ grade. applied the remarking and waited. but was not worth it. i resit the exam last april and finally got the results i wanted.
  • khantamakhantama UKPosts: 8Member
    [email protected] , yes I have applied for remarking
  • khantamakhantama UKPosts: 8Member
    Hlw @yellowranger thanks a lot for sharing your experience. After how many days you got the remarking result?
  • joshviana11joshviana11 MelbournePosts: 1Member

    Hi all,

    I recently sat for an OET exam last 10 March 2018. The result for my writing sub test was "C". It was not the result that I was aiming for and I believed that I passed that particular category.

    I submitted a request for a remarking and resulted into a change in grade in the writing sub test which led to a favourable conclusion into my part. The result was from "C" to "B" in the Writing section.

    While waiting for the remarking results and to not waste time, I also applied for a resit exam in only one sub test, which is the Writing test. I sat again for the exam last 19 May 2018.

    My query is, since I passed the results of my remarking, what shall I do now with the recent resit that I did for the writing sub test? What if the resit exams resulted into a lower grade? Will it affect the original test results that I took on 10 March?

    Does any of you had the same situation before?

    Thank you.
  • yellowrangeryellowranger makatiPosts: 4Member
    @khantama 6 weeks to be exact.
  • khantamakhantama UKPosts: 8Member
    @joshviana11 after how many days you got the remarking result? In which country you appeared in the exam?
  • alou.oraalou.ora PhilippinesPosts: 3Member
    Hi @joshviana11 I think it is most helpful if you contact OET helpdesk with regards to your inquiry. It usually takes 5 business days before they reply.
  • khantamakhantama UKPosts: 8Member
    Hello everyone. I had a question for those of you who requested a re-mark and had a positive result changed to B:

    Did you receive 1 or 2 hard copy of results I.e. One original result and/or one with the corrected result?

    I have received a hard copy of my result with Writing C+ and am wondering if this is the final re-marking certificate or the first result?
  • nowei19nowei19 PhilPosts: 3Member
    @joshviana11 I would like to ask if have you filled out the reason portion for re marking? Thank you
  • khantamakhantama UKPosts: 8Member
    @joshviana11 yes, I filled out the reason portion for remarking. Did you receive the hard copy of your first result before remarking?
  • nowei19nowei19 PhilPosts: 3Member
    @joshviana11 I would like to ask what did you put on the reason portion thank you
  • nowei19nowei19 PhilPosts: 3Member
    @joshviana11 I would like to ask what did you put on the reason portion thank you
  • priyakimmypriyakimmy Posts: 1Member
    @joshviana11 hello. I am also planning to re-mark for my Writing. SInce you mentioned that aside from the remark on your writing, you resit for Writing only . In which country are you planning to apply? Because I believe for Uk, we need to take the 4 subtests eventhough we got only C for writing.
  • ashthroodashthrood Philippines Posts: 8Member

    I recently took an OET exam last July 2018 in PH. I got C+ in Speaking, and all B in the other sub-tests. I wonder if remarking would be a good risk to take especially if it’s in Speaking?

    Thank you!
  • jchanxyzjchanxyz PhilippinesPosts: 16Member
    Hi po sa mga nagtatanong kung paano mag apply for remarking, Here’s everything you need to know about OET’s Re-Marking Policy. Sana makatulong
  • mfaheem1980mfaheem1980 QatarPosts: 3Member
    I got C+ in writing all others B in July 14th exam.. I applied for remarking on 7th August till now I didn't get any news about decision.
    Did anyone received decision who applied after same exam??
  • mfaheem1980mfaheem1980 QatarPosts: 3Member
    Hi ashthrod did you receive any reply of your remarking??For me no reply till now though 6 weeks already finished.please reply
    Best of luck for your review.
  • ashthroodashthrood Philippines Posts: 8Member
    @mfaheem1980 Hi! I have received my remarking results in speaking today. Luckily, I favourable result and now I have B in all components. Try to message the OET Helpdesk so that you would know if the results were released in your country.
  • mfaheem1980mfaheem1980 QatarPosts: 3Member
    @ashthrood many congratulations. I got my remarks unchanged. Planning to resit again.
  • MohsininMohsinin DhakaPosts: 3Member
    @jacklen23 , I also have the same problem.. I want to ask you something, did they send you any e-mail telling you that your marks remain same. In my case, they are not sending me any e-mail at all
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