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NAATI Test - did anyone here tried to sit the exam? How was it?

wela04wela04 SydneyPosts: 56Member
Good Day!

Magtatanong lang po ako kung sino po dito nagtry mag-NAATI test for additional points for PR-Visa aside PTE and IELTS.

Currently holding student visa (finishing soon).
- doing self review ng PTE before po mag-exam
- planning to do Professional Year para po tumaas pa po ang points ko.


  • AdminAdmin SingaporePosts: 1,374Administrator
    Try using the search bar above. May mga nakapag test na nyan before :) e.g. http://pinoyau.info/discussion/3713/naati-exam/p2

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    2018-09: ACS document - 6/8 emp ref completed
    2018-09: Revised all employment references and affidavit from scratch
    2019-03: Completed Revised 8/8 emp ref
    2019-03: PTE Exam (no preparation) - L59,R75,S62,W64
    2019-07: Favorable Skills Assessment result for Software Eng
    2019-11: PTE Mock - L78,R83,S81,W79
    2019-11: PTE Exam- L70,R68,S79,W68 (competent only)
    2019-12: PTE tentative rebooking date.

  • wela04wela04 SydneyPosts: 56Member
  • KPKP Kirrawee, NSWPosts: 71Member
    Hi Wela,

    Are you inside Australia? I'll sent you a PM in a sec.

    233511 - Certified Industrial Engineer

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    08.10.2015 - PTE-A (L-82, R-77, S-77, W-87)
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    24.06.2016 - Applied for assessment of Relevant Skilled Employment (1 year inside Au)
    04.07.2016 - EA requested addtl docs for RSE assessment
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    06.07.2016 - Received Invite for Visa 189 (12:30am AEST)
    11.07.2016 - EA assessment of Relevant Skilled Employment result - Negative !!!
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    16.08.2016 - Lodged SV-500
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    01.09.2016 - Bridging Visa A (SV-500)
    06.09.2016 - Invite for Visa 189 Expired
    25.10.2016 - SV-500 Granted
    20.02.2017 - PTE-A (L-90, R-90, S-90, W-90)
    21.02.2017 - EoI for Visa 189 (65) and Visa 190 (65+5) SS NSW
    06.03.2017 - NSW Sponsorship Invite for Nomination
    XX.XX.2017 - Approval of NSW Sponsorship Application
    XX.XX.2017 - Visa Grant

    PTE Tips.

  • wela04wela04 SydneyPosts: 56Member
    Hello KP, yup here po sa Sydney. Holding student visa.
  • ysabelleysabelle SydneyPosts: 139Member
    Hi @wela04 are you still in sydney? did you take the naati?
  • wela04wela04 SydneyPosts: 56Member
    @ysabelle Hi. Di na po ako nag take ng NAATI exam. PTE exam na lang po.
  • ysabelleysabelle SydneyPosts: 139Member
    Hi @wela04 Oh, I see. Ako rin mag PTE.
  • attysarleattysarle SydneyPosts: 45Member
    Hello, I took the NAATI paraprofessional Interpreter test for extra points. The interpreting part was easy, the ethics part I had to study.

    271299: Judicial and Other Legal Professionals nec

    Vetassess Submitted Date: 13/02/15 || Lodged Date: 17/02/2015 ||Outcome : 21/05/15

    Arrival Australia 573 visa: 13/08/15

    NAATI Application: 29/09/15 || Exam : 15/10/15 || Result: 23/12/15

    ACT SS Submitted: 05/01/16 || SS CO Assigned: 11/01/16 || Result: 05/02/16

    190 Visa Applied : 06/02/16 ||Onshore Medical : 16/02/16 ||Upload 17/02/16 || Clearance: 22/02/16 || Grant : 07/03/2016

  • wela04wela04 SydneyPosts: 56Member
    Hi attysarle, paano po magpabook ng NAATI exam?
  • jzksrn14jzksrn14 Posts: 23Member
    @attysarle Hi po, can you provide more info re NAATI? Can someone outside Au take it po ba?
  • jzksrn14jzksrn14 Posts: 23Member
    Sorry, late ko na nakita yung isang reply. apprently within Au na nga lang talaga sya pwede and CCL na yung tawag for the test which you can use to claim 5 migration points :-( :-/
  • vincenthernandezvincenthernandez SingaporePosts: 66Member
    @jzksrn14 hi sir care to expand on this?Need that NAATI.Is it true that it is only available in Australia?
  • wela04wela04 SydneyPosts: 56Member
    @vincenthernandez yes, sa Australia lang po ang testing centre..
  • vincenthernandezvincenthernandez SingaporePosts: 66Member
    @wela04 thanks sa reply ma'am.
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