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How to Apply Online for an Australian Tourist Visa - Step 2



  • blessedvicblessedvic BrisbanePosts: 27Member
    @cucci hi kabayan
    MAg ask lang ako just in case you know the answer. Don sa online group application may nakalagay na
    Group name at expiry date. Ano po ilalagay sa expiry date?
    at para saan kaya yan?
    salamat po at sa mga mag share.

    I am blessed.
    God is good all the time.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • sia_27sia_27 PerthPosts: 40Member
    Hello everyone. I hope may makatulong sa inquiry ko. Planning to apply partner visa onshore sc820 with my son. Will lodge tourist visa soon. Im currently unemployed and the only proof i have is my savings acct and sponsorship ng partner ko. will these be sufficient kaya para magrant tourist visa namin ng baby ko? Or possible po ba ako muna magapply ng tourist visa and maiiwan muna baby ko para may reason na babalik din ako ng pinas, then kuhanan na lang namin ng tourist visa si baby after ng first exit ko sa australia? Maraming salamat sa answers po! :)
  • batmanbatman Darwin AustraliaPosts: 3,392Member, Moderator
    @sia_27 include your baby. What's your partner visa?
    Questionable bkit iiwan baby. Red flag.

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  • AnciAnci Quezon CityPosts: 61Member
    hi @batman My family is going to visit my relatives in Victoria. Meron naman sila binigay na invitation and citizen na rin sila doon. Ask ko lang pwede ba sponsor ng father ko yung kapatid ko? ilalagay sa application since sabay sabay naman sila aalis kung maaprove. Free lancer inerior designer sya. Meron naman sya bank account pero kakastart pa lang nya kase magparegister sa DTI ng business nya wala pa sya business permit and BIR on going processing pa lang so incomplete pa ang papers nya or better ba na self funded ilagay? Alin kaya mas safe at malaki chance ma approve ang visa? Thanks!

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  • abegael22abegael22 Posts: 14Member
    edited January 2019
    hello po can i ask po pano po mag apply ng tourist visa kami ng 2 siblings ko ( 2 unemployed at 1 student) , nasa aus po both parents ko, same po na PR tho kakapunta lang ng mom namin this month, ano po kayang tourist visa ang need iapply, at mga kailangan po na requirements. Thanks po
  • mayiemayie SydneyPosts: 13Member
    - Does this applicant have national identity documents? (For Filipinos, it is the Birth Certificate) - ano pong identification number ang pwedeng ilagay pag birth certificate ang ginamit?
  • snuffboxsnuffbox pampangaPosts: 30Member
    @mayie i think passport po yung ilalagay dyan
  • ozsomeozsome AustraliaPosts: 8Member
    Hello everyone. Hope someone can share their experience with regards to IO from ph. My husband has resigned from his job. Tatanungin pa ba cya ng IO about his job? I remember meron departure slip na ibibigay sa knila which is may tanung dun about work/occupation. Employed si husband nun nag apply sya ng tv nya then ngayun nag resign na cya pra ma maximise namin ung visa nya. My husband was granted multiple entry visa for 1yr sc600. Sana meron mkasagot po sainyo. Thank you in advance! :)
  • MaceyVMaceyV PhilippinesPosts: 9Member
    Hi all, question lang po. Do i still need to apply for Transit visa if 2 hours layover lang kami sa Sydney?
    How about 10-hr layover?
    Any idea how much ang babayaran?
    Thank you in advance.
  • binobibinobi MelbournePosts: 5Member
    Hi to all! I'm applying for tourist visa for my parents and need some advise.
    1. I used my immi account to lodge the application and selected myself as the authorized representative for all communications. Kaya sa required docs, need ng 956 form. Someone told me na its not needed because the applicant is my direct relative. Is this correct? Can I choose not to attach anything?
    2. My parents have never travelled before, for evidence, can I have a letter explaining the same to attach as evidence.
    3. If I submit my application today, for a tourist visa for stay less than 3 months tapos yung planned travel date nila is Oct 1-30 pa. Ung visa validity usually ba pinapaabot nila to cover ung planned travel date? Gusto ko kasi sana mag apply ng maaga pra makabili ng kira murang ticket.

    Thank you in advance sa sasagot!
  • tympanic123tympanic123 UAEPosts: 105Member
    Good day!

    I will just raised my concern about my planned to apply for tourist visa. Mag uundergo po kasi ako ng bridging program for nurses under sa facility ng ACN. Kaso po ang nirerequire nila ay non student bisa. Sa tingin nio po ba ang appropriate n iapply ko is tourist visa sc600 then ung business stream? Magrrun po yung program ng 12weeks.

    Thank you po sa sadagot
  • amari0527amari0527 qatarPosts: 25Member
    Hi po @ozsome. Regarding po sa post nyo,

    Hello everyone. Hope someone can share their experience with regards to IO from ph. My husband has resigned from his job. Tatanungin pa ba cya ng IO about his job? I remember meron departure slip na ibibigay sa knila which is may tanung dun about work/occupation. Employed si husband nun nag apply sya ng tv nya then ngayun nag resign na cya pra ma maximise namin ung visa nya. My husband was granted multiple entry visa for 1yr sc600. Sana meron mkasagot po sainyo. Thank you in advance!

    Nakaalis na po hubby nyo? If yes, tinanong po ba sya about sa work nya? balak ko din po kasi mag resign if ever ma approve ung tourist visa ko.
  • ozsomeozsome AustraliaPosts: 8Member
    Hi @amari0527 sa March 20 pa flight nya. I’ll let you know soon :)
  • snuffboxsnuffbox pampangaPosts: 30Member
    @amari0527 @ozsome . I have friend who is just at Australia right now. She resigned at the moment she recieved here TV. Mas strict daw immigration dito sa pinas, and she ask favor to the hr if someone calls about her status in the company. Ayun ok na sya at meron ng working visa sa australia. Very risky yung ginawa nya pero it went well.
  • amari0527amari0527 qatarPosts: 25Member
    @snuffbox pwede po malaman kung ano pinakita nya sa immigration?
  • amari0527amari0527 qatarPosts: 25Member
  • snuffboxsnuffbox pampangaPosts: 30Member
    @amari0527 COE sir. Tapos approved leaves. Nakiusap nalang sya sa HR if meeon tumawag about her na affiliated pa sya sa company.
  • amari0527amari0527 qatarPosts: 25Member
    @snuffbox maraming salamat po.
  • ozsomeozsome AustraliaPosts: 8Member
    Hello @amari0527 andito na si hubby last thursday dumating. Wala nmn tanong sa kanya ang IO, dretso stamp agad daw sa passport nya :)
  • princessrhejprincessrhej MandaluyongPosts: 73Member
    Hi everyone. Pa.share naman po yung recent experience nyo about TV application. Nag.apply po kac kami ng TV para sa hubby ko kaso hanggang ngayon wala pang result. Nag.apply kami Feb 18, 2019 pa. More than a month na po kaming naghihintay.
  • amari0527amari0527 qatarPosts: 25Member
    @ozsome Thank you po mam sa pag update. God bless po sa inyo dyan ni Hubby mo, :)
  • miasmithmiasmith Posts: 8Member
    edited July 2019
    @snuffbox Hello po Sir...i need help to answer this For applying visa Australia #Give details of why the applicant is at their current location including the end date of their current visa patulong po thought or example about this please po...
  • cuccicucci NSWPosts: 846Member

    @miasmith Can't seem to remember that question when I applied for visitor visa sometime ago. Pero it seems na the system detects that you are not in your home country, i.e. Philippines? Are you applying from another country? Then perhaps you need to provide your visa status in that country, the reason kung bakit ka andyan and until when is your visa in that country valid.

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  • miasmithmiasmith Posts: 8Member
    edited July 2019
    My first visa sa Australian agent ang nagprocess mismo sa Australia Ma'am/Sir itong next visa ko kasalukuyan online vusa dito sa Philippines ako apply...pleas po paki help nalang po..thanks
  • miasmithmiasmith Posts: 8Member
    Thank you po Ma'am @Cucci NSW sa pag update
  • cheesybaconmushroomcheesybaconmushroom Posts: 35Member

    @miasmith answer as Resident. i dont know why there is an end date for this question. review your answers from previous question.

  • miasmithmiasmith Posts: 8Member
    Thank you sa pag udpate @cheesybaconmushroom ..kasi yung first visa ko 2018 Australian Agent ang nagprocess and then now dito na sa Philippines ako apply ng online visa
  • miasmithmiasmith Posts: 8Member
    Ma'am @cheesybaconmushroom okay lang ba kong ang online application ko ay lodgement online ?please po i want to know if okay lang ba?
  • AdminAdmin SingaporePosts: 1,599Administrator
    edited July 2019

    @miasmith We applied online before but sa Singapore kame based. Not sure the difference in terms of strictness sa Pinas vs sa labas ng Pinas. Madali lang application. Took like weeks lang. Natagalan sa anak ko kasi na tabanunan but all went well after we followed up.

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  • cheesybaconmushroomcheesybaconmushroom Posts: 35Member

    yes, you can lodge online. it is actually easier than having an agent.
    no need to send your passport away, since tourist visa is electronic.
    then just pay via cc.
    it will take at least 2 weeks.
    you will receive the grant via email. print and present to immigration at the airport

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