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did you bring your toddler with you?

poloypoloy MelbournePosts: 11Member
Hello, my wife has a current job offer in melbourne. If granted, we are thinking if we should bring our son at the onset.

Most people think it is best na kami muna ng wife ko so she can complete the first 6 months muna while i try to look for a job then after 7-8 months isa sa amin uuwi to bring our son na.

Hope to hear your stories as it would really help us. Thanks


  • gerohngerohn SydneyPosts: 12Member
    I believe you're already here. Did you end up bringing your toddler with you?
  • karl_amogawinkarl_amogawin SydneyPosts: 306Member
    @gerohn We brought our toddler together with us. sakit sa puso iwan sa pinas eh. hehe.

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  • Gabrielle28Gabrielle28 Quezon CityPosts: 60Member
    hi, i was thinking also of brining my toddler with me, but the thing is, alone ako, husband is based in singapore.... i just submitted my EA application and may i know your advise if convenient dalhin toddler upon visa application or pwede naman sumunod once settled na sa work?

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