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  • Good luck guys!! See you all down under.. Grabe pahirap na ng pahirap ang pagpasok..

  • SGtoAUSGtoAU Rockhampton, QLDPosts: 211Member
    naku super bilis pala nag close grabe naghigpit na rin sila 😱

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    Anszco Code: Construction Project Manager 133111
    28 Oct 17: IELTS test
    15 Apr 18: Skills Assessment Submitted (Vetassess)
    24 May 18: Positive Assessment received from Vetassess
    23 Jul 18: Lodged EOI for Subclass 489 QLD
    28 Aug 18: Received pre-invite from QLD
    04 Sep 18: Submitted all documents to QLD
    12 Sep 18: Received approval from QLD and invitation to apply
    17 Sep 18: Visa lodge
    22 Dec 18: Direct grant 12 Sep 18: Received approval from QLD and invitation to apply
    17 Sep 18: Visa lodge
    22 Dec 18: Direct grant

  • aron_drnaron_drn SingaporePosts: 365Member

    hopefully guys mag bukas ang QLD sa October or November for 190 visa just incase.....good luck po.


  • groovez10groovez10 Quezon CityPosts: 161Member
    Wala padin balita nyaha
    Invite invite naman dyan bsmq
  • Pandabelle0405Pandabelle0405 SingaporePosts: 499Member
    @groovez10 kaya nga bilis mag sara tapos ayaw umusad sa invite haha charot
  • aron_drnaron_drn SingaporePosts: 365Member

    be patience guys.. cheer ln gpo...pwedi rin kau mag positive feedback kay BSMQ mag repsonse nmn sila nian meron kasi mga case na overlap ng ibang applications lalo na sa mga priority professions. Try to send them emails in a positive ways. Tips ko lng po yan.. yun din kasi ginawa ko nun..


  • groovez10groovez10 Quezon CityPosts: 161Member
    Saka na ko mag email after two weeks siguro
    Eto sabi sakin nakaraan

    “Please do not keep emailing to find out where you are in the queue. We will get to you in time.”...

    Hintay hintay pa konti, sana mainvite na maexpired na visa ko sa feb😂
  • aron_drnaron_drn SingaporePosts: 365Member
    @groovez10 Maganda ang response na yan mukhang yan..goodluck be patience lng makukuha din yan..
  • imauimau SingaporePosts: 459Member

    try to send an email guys, i did that 3x. and for me malaking factor yun bakit kme nktnggp ng invite. i did asked some questions s officer and they responded same day and the day after.

    i even called, and maayos pong kausap ang bsmq officers.

    eto po ung mga nttandaan kong questions ko.

    1. after ko mgsubmit ng EOI
    • ang sb ko ngsubmit ako pero hnd ko dineclare ung work experience n hnd pinuntosan ni vetassess. magbbago ba kako ung DOE ko. sumagot sila na hanggang hindi nmn mgbabago ung points mo s iuupdate mo same DOE prin.
    1. nung maginitial invite sila
    • ngtanong ako kung kelangan pbng ipakita sa show money ung computation ng nabayaran nnmin s condo, plus ung market value ng kotse. sumagot sila n ung total amount lng ng property plus cash fund pr s bank statement.
    1. after nmin masubmit ung proof of funds etc.
    • ngtnong ako kung ung 2-3 weeks b n assessment ng sinubmit nmin magsstart nung before magchristmas break o after n ng xmas break kc inabutan kme ng break sbko lagpas 1 month n ung sinubmit nmin. the next day lumabas ung invitation to lodge nmin ng visa.

    sa ACT ntry kong tumawag dati kc nngpasa rn kme ng EOI medyo masungit ung officer dun unlike s BSMQ. dagdagan nyo lng po ng

    “have a nice day”, sinamahan ko pa ng “merry christmas happy new year, enjoy your christmas, and new year’s break” then after nmin mainvite to lodge ngemail pko to say thank you.

  • Pandabelle0405Pandabelle0405 SingaporePosts: 499Member
    Panu po pag di pa nainvite pwede din po ba mag email ask anu po ang status. Or pwede ask kelan cla mag release ng invite hahaha mag papa pansin lng po bka nemen mapansin hehe ✌️
  • groovez10groovez10 Quezon CityPosts: 161Member
    @Pandabelle0405 pwde naman mag email kahit sinabi wag mag email hahaha
    Kulit e haha saka na ko mag email hahaha
  • aron_drnaron_drn SingaporePosts: 365Member

    @groovez10 Congrats...malapit na yan......cheers

  • aron_drnaron_drn SingaporePosts: 365Member

    @Pandabelle0405 have you recv na invite na?.... pwedi kau mag send ng email positive feedback parna gnagamusta lng ika nga...para next week meron invites

  • LovellaEllenLovellaEllen QLD, AustraliaPosts: 315Member

    Guys, me and few friends got the initial contact 30-35 days since submitting EOI. This was last Dec-Jan. unless more than 35 days na, send them email :)

    ANZSCO Code: 254423 | Age : 25 , Education: 15, Experience: 15, OET: 10| 65 Points
    July 2017 - Passed OET
    Oct 2018 - Completed Bridging Program at ACN
    Nov-Dec 2018 - Completed AHPRA Registration, ANMAC Assessment and Job Offer
    Jan 2019 - Submitted EOI for VISA190 (QLD, offshore) and Applied for TSS (482) VISA
    Feb 2019 - TSS VISA Approved and received ITA for 190 (QLD)
    March 2019 - Lodged 190 (QLD) VISA application offshore
    April 2019 - Started work in QLD via TSS (482) VISA
    Oct 2019 - 190 (QLD) granted - Thank you Lord and everyone in the forum!

  • imauimau SingaporePosts: 459Member
    edited August 2019
    @Pandabelle0405 pede kpo mgemail kunwre mgttnong klng s pinasa mong EOI o kya my tnong klng kunwre may hnd syo clear. hnd ppo kme nainvite nung una kong ngemail. ang concern ko kc nun hnd ko sinama sa EOI ung work exp n hnd ncredit kc ang akin ns vetassess nmn kso sb ng friends ko isama ko.

    so from there ako ngstart mgemail. tmwg rn ako. ngreply nmn sila. wag lng ung drekta n tnong mo ano n status ng application mo hnd sila sagot. kunwre my tnong klng.

    ang purpose lng po nun mgpapakilala k.

    Nov 12 kme ngpasa ng EOI after 1 month lumabas yung pre invite. then dec 21 kme ngsubmit ng reqs ng qld for proof of funds etc, Jan 23 kme nktnggp ng invitation to lodged (n dapat 3 weeks lng my result n) kso ngchristmas break sila.
  • Pandabelle0405Pandabelle0405 SingaporePosts: 499Member
    Wow salamat mga kapatid sa advice try namen yan mag email para kunwari mag ask hehe magpapansin lng po.
  • imauimau SingaporePosts: 459Member
    @Marie @Pandabelle0405 bgo po kme mapreinvite sk mainvite gnyn dn nklgy s site nila. pero ngeemail pdn poko. bst hnd po direct ang tnong s status ng application. mgttnong klng kunwre s scenario mo n gnito ganyan. un eentertainin k nl
  • Pandabelle0405Pandabelle0405 SingaporePosts: 499Member
    @imau salamat sis 2 weeks n wala pa invite kami hehe antay antay lng bka after 30 days mag invite cla
  • Pandabelle0405Pandabelle0405 SingaporePosts: 499Member
    @aron_drn sir 21 days na today simula ng send kami eoi nung july 29 lol 3 weeks na pag 30 days na magpapansin n talga kami hehe.. subok lng
  • aron_drnaron_drn SingaporePosts: 365Member

    @Pandabelle0405 Yes..okis lng yan mag email sa kanila its Normal nmn yan..masyadong bussy sila palagay ko kasi mag close na ang 489 visa...Just pray mostly you will get and invite before they will close the 489. Its important alos na pag nag email kau yung laman ng query nio is about your interest in the state wag direct EOI kasi ma annoy ang officer.



  • Pandabelle0405Pandabelle0405 SingaporePosts: 499Member
    @aron_drn salamat sa tips sir godbless
  • Pandabelle0405Pandabelle0405 SingaporePosts: 499Member
    Hello po sa mga ng apply sa QLD 489 balitaan po if naka received n kayo ng invitation para kasi ang tahimik nila haha at di pa ng bubuhos ng invitations. Salamat po
  • skimberlouskimberlou SingaporePosts: 48Member

    Hi everyone! Pwde ba ako magpasa ng EOI for QLD visa 190 ngayon kahit close pa sila or aantayin ko mag open sila for 190 then saka ako magpasa eoi? Thank you! :)

  • aron_drnaron_drn SingaporePosts: 365Member

    @skimberlou Kindly wait for mag open sila ... most they will announce in FB page and also in their website.
    kaya you need to patient po sa ngaun at laging tingnan ang website nila anytime mag open sila po nian . It is a first come first serve mostly.

    Good luck Cheers

  • skimberlouskimberlou SingaporePosts: 48Member
    @aron_drn noted thank you po!
  • charlieuaecharlieuae DubaiPosts: 24Member

    Hello guys just received my ita today! 312113 - building inspector - 65 points ( inclusive of state nomination)

  • Pandabelle0405Pandabelle0405 SingaporePosts: 499Member
    @charlieuae congrats wow buti may naiinvite na kami waiting p din 🙏
  • charlieuaecharlieuae DubaiPosts: 24Member

    @Pandabelle0405 thanks! Kayo nanyan ang sunod tiwala lng po! Good luck!

  • aron_drnaron_drn SingaporePosts: 365Member

    @charlieuae Congrats.......

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