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Filipinos in Adelaide - pasok



  • adelaide_boiadelaide_boi SydneyPosts: 72Member
    pre, okay yan ah, business with pleasure.

    one hella' skilled visa grantee. Happily ended up as an ICT gov't employee where SKILLS Australia is just one desk away!

  • sohcsohc SydneyPosts: 249Member
    Photo share:

    Blue lake @ Mount Gambier = 4 1/2 drive from Adelaide.

    ACS 262113 / Arrived in Adelaide 19/02/12
    Employment started 19/03/2012
    Enjoying the land down under :)

  • k_mavsk_mavs MelbournePosts: 712Member
    Reply to @sohc: Panalo talaga yung work nyo sir. Work + Pleasure + High pay = "PRICELESS" :D

    “We can make our own plans, but the LORD gives the right answer.”

  • sheryl0126sheryl0126 MelbournePosts: 44Member
    Hi there mga kababayans! I am new and have just registered on this website. Glad to know na may ganito palang forum ang mga pinoy sa Adelaide. :) Ask ko lng po baka may available kaung room or may marerecommend kaung room jan sa Adelaide? May mga websites na po akong nakita sa Adelaide na ngrerent ng rooms pero mas prefer ko sana kung pinoy na rn ang makakasama ko.I have just received my PR approval and plan ko pong mg-migrate by August, in case lng po, may alam kau, it would be a big help! :) Many thanks!
  • k_mavsk_mavs MelbournePosts: 712Member
    Reply to @sheryl0126: Hi! Welcome po sa pinoyAU. Intay lang po kayo sa mga replies ng mga taga Adelaide dito. :) Im sure may makakatulong sayo dito. :)

    “We can make our own plans, but the LORD gives the right answer.”

  • sheryl0126sheryl0126 MelbournePosts: 44Member
    Reply to @k_mavs: thanks for welcoming me. :)
  • emjdeeemjdee MelbournePosts: 84Member
    Hi @sheryl0126 and to all the Adelaide forumers hehe! I'm going to Adelaide this coming September! I'm also looking for a temporary room that my bf and I could rent while we're looking for a job. Sana po may makatulong sa amin :) Thanks & hope to meet u guys!! ;)
  • sheryl0126sheryl0126 MelbournePosts: 44Member
    Reply to @adelaide_boi:

    Hello adelaide_boi! Ung rent mo na 15aud, bale ng-share ka ng room sa iba? How much kaya if solo ung room. Plan ko jan n lng dn muna mgstay para makatipid while looking for work. Pano pala ung address mo nung ng paregister ka for medicare, tax, etc. jan mo muna inaddress? Then pa-change address n lng kapag nakakita na ng permanent accommodation?
    Thanks in advance sa reply! :)
  • ch1ck33n4ch1ck33n4 BrisbanePosts: 2Member
    hello everyone! im from adelaide too! :)
  • sohcsohc SydneyPosts: 249Member
    to all new migrants, kapag maghahanap kayo ng room hanap lang kayo ng bandang north, east or south. Sa west mahirap ang public transpo.

    @chicken nabangit sakin ng dati kong landlord na pinoy may time na pumupunta sila sa adelaide hindi ko lang alam pano yun malalaman.

    may nakapost dito flat for rent sa eastern suburbs, dun ako dati ngrent highly recommended for new

    ACS 262113 / Arrived in Adelaide 19/02/12
    Employment started 19/03/2012
    Enjoying the land down under :)

  • redsin87redsin87 SydneyPosts: 15Member
    sup guys? ill be following my siblings there in Aug 6! quite excited and as I checked either really young or older mga kapwa pinoy dito and thats boring haha! hopefully i can find some near my age(25) once i get there. after all, connections can jump start things there..

    add me on fb: [email protected]
  • lock_code2004lock_code2004 PerthPosts: 5,037Member, De-activated
    oooppss... ennggkkk!!

    Sep 24, 2011 - IELTS (L-8 R-8 W-8 S-7.5 : OBS-8)
    Jan 04, 2012 - EA application submitted | Feb 23, 2012 - EA assessment result (IE ANZSCO 233511)
    May 8, 2012 - Lodged GSM 175 online application | June 4, 2012 - CO Allocated
    June 22, 2012 - Medicals Finalized | Aug 30, 2012 - PCCs Completed (PH, UAE, USA)
    Sep 3, 2012 - Visa Granted (IED Jun 11, 2013) Thank You Lord!
    Oct 16-28, 2012 - Initial Entry Completed - Sydney
    July 28, 2013 - Final move to Perth
    Sep 9, 2013 - Started work with the same company i worked for in UAE/USA
    Oct 28, 2013 - Moved to another company.. ;)

  • stoneheartstoneheart SydneyPosts: 8Member
    Hello po sa lahat! Im glad i visited this site.. Very helpful! Thanks very much for those people who are in Adelaide already...laking tulong talaga ang mga tips as well as encouraging words nyo. Hope to see you guys sometime October this year!!!
  • emjdeeemjdee MelbournePosts: 84Member
    Reply to @redsin87: Hey! Kami rin, mid/late 20s. My bf and I will be in Adelaide by Sept2. Hope to meet u and the rest of the people in this forum :)
  • sohcsohc SydneyPosts: 249Member
    me & my wife both 28, ok naman enjoy. Got my unlimited internet installed today. Hindi katulad satin walang limit limit.

    Mababait din coworkers, lucky me.

    Napaisip ako one time kung kakain sa chicboy, mang inasal o teriyaki boy, I forgot na I'm in Oz lol.

    ACS 262113 / Arrived in Adelaide 19/02/12
    Employment started 19/03/2012
    Enjoying the land down under :)

  • redsin87redsin87 SydneyPosts: 15Member
    Reply to @emjdee: wow nice exciting sunod lang pala kayo after a month ge balik balikan niyo lang forum once youre there na rin
  • redsin87redsin87 SydneyPosts: 15Member
    Reply to @sohc: onga i heard limited yung internet in data di bale kung time restricted maganda ok lang. how much subscription niyo?
  • sohcsohc SydneyPosts: 249Member
    dodo unli internet $59/month.

    ACS 262113 / Arrived in Adelaide 19/02/12
    Employment started 19/03/2012
    Enjoying the land down under :)

  • rbolanterbolante North RydePosts: 247Member
    hello future citymates. :D our visa was granted yesterday and jan sa adelaide ang punta namin soon pina-finalize lang namin kung kelan. kitakits! :D

    Skilled – Family Sponsored (Subclass 176)
    Software Programmer (261313)

    05/03/2012 - Lodged visa application (Online)
    06/07/2012 - CO allocated/Medicals requested
    06/11/2012 - Medical exam at NHSI
    06/28/2012 - PCCs submitted
    07/03/2012 - Health requirements finalised
    07/13/2012 - Visa granted (IED: 06/19/2013)

    Thanks be to God!!! :D

  • bambinabambina AucklandPosts: 30Member
    gud day to all...my family is planning to relocate in adelaide,dahil based on our internet research,one of the liveable cities to live & work(housing etc)..wala kaming kamag-anak or friends in adelaide/australia and most of out info are from internet sources/data lang...
    1) what are the nice nice suburbs in adelaide ?---esp with small kids at school (12 yo,9 yo and 2 yo)

    2) where's a good store to shop for affordable furnitures & appliances?

    3) what's the best site to go online when looking for a place to rent (3 bdroom house)?is it as good as going to agents?

    4)how much is the modest weekly living cost in adelaide for a young family with 3 kids?

    thank you
  • bambinabambina AucklandPosts: 30Member
    Reply to @bambina: addition: what's the cheapest telco(phone & broadband) in adelaide? =)me TFC?PINOY cable din ba?how much...thanks
  • bambinabambina AucklandPosts: 30Member
    Reply to @sohc: hi..landline & broadband na ba yan?is that the cheapest rate?
  • bambinabambina AucklandPosts: 30Member
    Reply to @sohc: i heard the eastern suburb is nice..thanks for confirming..i will try to keep in mind about the west part esp i dont drive...whereabouts in east adelaide r u?whta's the online site i should go when looking for a place to rent (house)?
  • bambinabambina AucklandPosts: 30Member
    Reply to @Ren: is the rent in the CBD expensive?we're thinking of renting a 3 bedroom house for t
  • sohcsohc SydneyPosts: 249Member
    edited July 2012
    Hi Bambina just to answer your questions

    1. Eastern suburbs such as Newton is a good place. This is where I used to rent but because my work is in South West, I'm now living in the west side. Public transport in Eastern suburbs is very nice. I'm impress with the normal bus that goes to a railway looks like transformer lol. 15-20 mins to CBD via Paradise Interchange.

    2. Kmart has the cheapest appliances, hands down :)

    3. realestate.com.au but if you're a new migrant it would be tough to get a place using this site because of the 100 security points requirement. I've attached a sample application form explaining how you will meet the 100 points. http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a9/ronald3_16/rent.jpg Adelaide gumtree is your other option.

    4. Based on my experience last two months ago when I was looking for a three bedroom house. The cheapest that I saw is around $270/week (unfurnished), others are around $300 up.

    5. Dodo unlimited internet = $59/month including phone line rental. Super fast download! TFC is $50 I guess that's what my brother told me. I just used my computer to watch live channel 2 or 7 or if I want a bigger screen I can just connect my laptop to an LCD.

    I hope this has been informative for you. Welcome to SA.

    Cheers :)

    ACS 262113 / Arrived in Adelaide 19/02/12
    Employment started 19/03/2012
    Enjoying the land down under :)

  • kenyokenyo SingaporePosts: 2Member
    Hi po! dito po ako ngayon sa SG, IT analyst sa isang telco. Java/J2ee po forte ko. Ask ko lang po sana kung mahirap po ba mag apply jan sa adelaide na related sa skills ko? Gusto ko po sana kc iconsider SS ng SA and sa Adelaide po balak ko kaya lang pag tumitingin ako sa seek, iilan lang po ang job opening. Tnx po!
  • bambinabambina AucklandPosts: 30Member
    Reply to @sohc: thanks for the prompt reply!i just hope there's a nice network of filipino groups in adelaide...now im thinking of looking for work preferrably in the eatern suburb.
    didnt realise Kmart has extensive furntures too but its good to know =) thanks a lot!
  • emjdeeemjdee MelbournePosts: 84Member
    Hello! Nakakatuwa naman, parang dumadami na mga papuntang adelaide :) anyway, just wanted to ask din ano po pinaka-recommended na prepaid sim in AU? Ung may ok na rates for sms/calls to Phil and ok din ung coverage? Thanks in advance ;)
  • donkingdonking MelbournePosts: 258Member
    Hi adelaide people.... sama na kami dito. next year pa kami maginitial entry kaya ipon ipon pa.. also, to think the difficulty of job hunting

    April 24, 2011 - Submitted CDR to EA
    May 6, 2011 - IELTS BC OBS 7.0
    August 25, 2011 - Received positive assessment from EA
    February 22, 2012 - Resat IELTS IDP OBS 7.5
    April 13, 2012 - Applied SS SA
    May 1, 2012 - Received positive response from SA
    May 10, 2012 - Pre-lodgement to DIAC
    May 31, 2012 - Lodgement to DIAC
    May 31, 2012 - South Australia sent form 1100 to DIAC
    June 4, 2012 - application being processed further...
    June 4, 2012 - C.O. allocated
    June 4, 2012 - request for PCC and medicals
    June 6, 2012 - Medicals done
    June 7, 2012 - NBI
    June 8, 2012 - further medical results received
    June 27, 2012 - All medicals finalised
    July 2, 2012 - Visa Grant

  • JanChloeJanChloe SydneyPosts: 44Member
    hello po s lahat..
    maki-join n rin ako s thread n to.. planning to move in Adelaide by 1st quarter next yr. 475 visa holder po.
    Same lang po b usually ang salary offer pag offshore k nag apply or better pag andyan n mismo.. Prang risky kse pag pumunta n wala pang sure n job.
    Baka may ma -share po kayong mga hiring pra s civil estimator, QS, cost engineer
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