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Roadtrip: Sydney - Canberra - Melbourne

catajellcatajell SydneyPosts: 94Member
edited December 2014 in Taste of Australia

Sino na nakapagtry mag road trip from Sydney - Canberra - Melbourne, pashare naman ng itinerary nyo.. :) We are planning to do this during shut-down period.


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  • MathieuLaroche01MathieuLaroche01 BangkokPosts: 11Member
    I don't understand Filippino but I'm planning to do almost the same road trip so maybe we can talk about it if you speak english :) sorry lol
  • deloriandelorian SingaporePosts: 181Member
    edited October 2018
    @MathieuLaroche01 hi, i've done this trip last December with my family. This was our itinerary

    Day 1 - Sydney to Canberra : Started driving at 8AM and arrived at Canberra almost mid-day. Stayed and camped at Cotter reserve campsite. The rate is 15$/day with hot shower and toilet but no network though. We spent the day exploring the city and given the size of Canberra, I think you can go to all the interesting places in less than a day.

    Day 2 - Canberra to BIG4 Wangaratta North Cedars Holiday Park (rate is 50$/day. Stops along the way were Gundagai and Albury (were we had lunch). Wangaratta is a sleepy suburb near NSW/Victoria boarder. We didn't bothered exploring the town because my kids already enjoyed the caravan park's amenities (pool, game room and playground). It was close to a 6-hr trip (including the stops), so my wife and I just spent the afternoon relaxing.

    Day 3 - Wangaratta to Melbourne. Spent the Christmas there at a friend's house and stayed in Melby for 4 days (we even drove to see the 12 apostles).

    On the way back..

    Day 1 - Melbourne to Gundagai Cabins & Tourist Park (34$ /day). it was close to a 6-hr drive with only 1 stop at Albury for lunch. The caravan park has basic amenities but there is a community swimming pool beside it with a stunning view of the mountains. So my kids went for a swim and they loved it. We also drove around to see the interesting places around the town.

    Day 2 - Gundagai to Sydney

    On the average, I spent atleast 50$/day for fuel. This is not the best itinerary but it suited us and we enjoyed our trip.

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  • Noodles12Noodles12 SydneyPosts: 484Member

    Sharing my Sydney to Melbourne trip last weekend.

    It was around a 10hr drive including toilet break and stop over to eat via Hume highway. We left Sydney at 5:30am and arrived at Melbourne around 4pm.

    The drive was not too bad but kind of boring(lol), maybe because there is not much scenic view except maybe from the windmills (Not sure what place it was). Make sure you had a good sleep the night before because the loooooong drive will definitely make you feel sleepy, and take loooots of coffee. LOL

    Be sure to visit these place when you get to Melbourne.

    • Great Ocean road (this will make your Sydney to Melbourne long drive worth it. )
    • Twelve Apostles
    • Phillip Island
    • Brighton Bath Boxes

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    (panong nde ma eexpire eh ang tagal tagal na namin nag lodge. Malapit nadin mag expire yung NBI clearance ko so sa 4th CO contact rerequest naman ng new NBI clearance?)

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  • abroaderoabroadero SydneyPosts: 4Member

    I did bike road trip.... Port Stephen to Brisbane. (NSW to Queensland).

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