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Tourist Visa Help!

We are gonna apply for a tourist visa for my mother (3 months stay). couple of decades ago she had tuberculosis which is now completely healed & cleared. Upon looking at the application form, in the medical declaration section, there is a question asking if you ever had a TB. My question is, (1) do we have to declare it even if it's completely healed? (2) Do they request you to take medical examination for a 3 months tourist visa? really need your help guys.



  • kremitzkremitz North RydePosts: 1,074Member
    @imar2010 we also applied for a three months tourist visa for my mom. We declared that she had thoracentesis before. Yun yung kinukuhaan ng fluids sa lungs. That was in 1991 pa. Ayun because of that she was required to take a medical exam eventhough three months visa lang.

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  • lmar2010lmar2010 SydneyPosts: 6Member
    That's exactly what I'm worried of. Its not that my mom is hiding something, it's just that I need her to be here ASAP and we don't have much time to those exams pa. Still if that's the rule then we are willing to abide it. Any more suggestions please..
  • REDRED PerthPosts: 391Member
    That's exactly what I'm worried of. Its not that my mom is hiding something, it's just that I need her to be here ASAP and we don't have much time to those exams pa. Still if that's the rule then we are willing to abide it. Any more suggestions please..
    IMHO, its better to declare it. Not declaring it is the same as hiding something if it was asked.

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  • lmar2010lmar2010 SydneyPosts: 6Member
    I am thinking if we could go straight to medical center appointed by oz immigration and have a test done even before we lodge the application. Lodge the application together with the result. Is it feasible to take the test even if they haven't asked for it?
  • jen11xxjen11xx BrisbanePosts: 26Member
    @lmar2010 I think yes.

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  • RuCheRuChe MelbournePosts: 97Member
    @lmar2010, from my immi Account "Note: When booking an appointment for your health examinations at a clinic, you must provide your HAP ID so that the clinic can locate your case in eMedical. If the clinic cannot locate your case using the HAP ID that you have provided, they will contact us directly for further advice. "

    HAP ID will be provided by immigration after lodging your application and they require you to undergo medical. Pede din kaseng hindi ka nila irequire ng medical.
  • RuCheRuChe MelbournePosts: 97Member
    By the way, na-apply mo na ba mom mo? Mabilis lang sila mag update online. I just submitted application of my in-laws and within couple of hours lumabas na yung link for medical requirement.
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