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Oil and Gas, Petrochem, Pharmaceutical - Service Engineer

johannjohann SingaporePosts: 3Member
Mga Sirs tanong ko lng kung madami bang opportunity sa Oil and Gas, Petrochem, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing (Automation) sa Perth? Kaka grant lang kasin ng visa namin. Plano ko kasi magpunta dun August or September.


  • AdminAdmin SingaporePosts: 1,607Administrator
    oil and gas industry ako nagwowork may office kame sa perth.

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  • johannjohann SingaporePosts: 3Member
    Try kong puntahan yung site. Pwede bang magapply dyan kahit wala pa sa Pert? Nasa Singapore pa kasi ako.
  • IsentropicIsentropic PhilippinesPosts: 20Member
    Hello mga Sir/Ma'am,
    I'm currently a Mall Engineer( manages operations ang maintenance of the facilities/equipment of the building) here in Pinas. Im a licensed Mechanical Engineer. Hingi lang po ako advice. Though 1 year palang ang experience ko, i dream of working in OZ. Do you think it is wise to pursue facilities engineering if i want to work in australia? Im also taking my girlfriend ( soon to be my wife) who is a CPA with me. Should I shift to a different industry like oil and gas or construction? Please help po. This is my dilemma right now. Is facilities engineering best suited to make a good career sa australia or even penetrating it?
  • vencel2017vencel2017 VictoriaPosts: 117Member
    Hi @Isentropic, in my opinion, if you are talking about VISA 189/190, I suggest that you look first in CSOL or SOL. See what ME profession that is far from its ceiling quota for you to get surely invited on the date you planned to apply. Also look in the internet for those in-demand ME professions now until some future extent.
    What I'm trying to say is that you try to build your strength in an engineering field that is flexible and be an expert with it. Do not focus specifically on Oil and Gas only. Building Construction is also a good/in-demand field.
    By knowing the basic requirements to get the point requirements, you will have a better chance of being invited. Strategize how you will get 65 points or above. Because it seems like you are very young and fresh engineer with 1 year exp. it will be hard for you to obtain such points as of now. You may try increasing your points through IELTS.
    But like they say, there are many ways to skin a cat. You can try Student visa and other visa streams to live in Au. All the best for you. APir!!!

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    02-03-2018 - Big Move

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