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how much is downpayment for home mortgage?

ShinyshanShinyshan MelbournePosts: 8Member
ilang percent po ng price ng house ang down payment pagnag mortgage sa nbangko?


  • JCsantosJCsantos SydneyPosts: 1,416Member, Moderator
    normally minimum is 5%

    read this thread to give you an idea


    Google for Everything !!!

  • crisreyescrisreyes BraddonPosts: 27De-activated
    Tama yung sinabi ni JCSantos usually 5% but be reminded na hindi kasali dun yung mga grants para sa first time home buyers kaya minsan imbes na 5% mas maliit pa. Depende yan sa bibilhin mo and of course sa bank.

    Happy house hunting!
  • ShinyshanShinyshan MelbournePosts: 8Member
    salamat po sa inyo!! nakakatuwa ang site na to. atleast lahat puro nagtatagalog. sa ibang forums mga pinoy puro spokening dollar! hahhaha
  • sydneymumsydneymum St LeonardsPosts: 5Member
    Hi Shinyshan, best thing to do is to go to a mortgage broker or home lender. Although maraming nagsasabi dito na 5%, the actual deposit should be 20%. If you only have 5% deposit, the bank will require you to pay mortgage insurance because you are borrowing more than 80% of the property value. Depending on the house value, your mortgage insurance could be more than $20K. By the way, have you heard about FHSA (First Home Savings Account)? FHSA will help you save to buy your first home. You may check the link below.

  • Roehrii6Roehrii6 indiaPosts: 1Member
    It starts from 5% I think. I too will be applying for home loan because I have heard a lot about income tax benefit on home loan as it would help me save some money on taxes that I am already paying. What is your opinion regarding it?
  • fgsfgs Cooper BasinPosts: 1,033Member
    Roehrii6 said:

    It starts from 5% I think. I too will be applying for home loan because I have heard a lot about income tax benefit on home loan as it would help me save some money on taxes that I am already paying. What is your opinion regarding it?

    You can only claim tax deductions on expenses on your homeloan(ie interest) if the property is rented out( part or all). For owner occupied, theres no tax benefits. The link you quoted above is not applicable to Australia. Most banks allows you to borrow up to 95% of the property value. This means you only need to pay the 5% balance but the bank will take out a Loan Mortgage Insurance payable by the homeowner. LMI can be form part of the loan or you can pay it in cash...a 400K loan will cost at least 10K LMI...LMI can only be waived if you will deposit at least 20% of the value if the property..
  • fgsfgs Cooper BasinPosts: 1,033Member
    When estimating the total amount needed..consider the following
    1. Purchase Price
    2. LMI
    3. Stamp duty ( none in many of the states, abolished na like in Qld for house below 800k yata)
    4. Other expenses( conveyancer, etc.) which can be paid separately

    1 First homeowners grant( if eligible)
    2. Deposit

    The balance should be 95% or less of the value of the property which will be determined by a property evaluator organised by the bank. If not you will be required to increase out of pocket participation. The amount of loan granted by the bank will also be determined by your capacity to pay( based on income and expenses).
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