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Do's and Dont's in sending balikbayan boxes- sa mga magpapadala ng balikbayan boxes

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edited August 2013 in Balikbayan Box
When sending items inside your balikbayan box please be sure that the contents are not the following:

1. currencies, checks, money orders and traveler’s checks

2. jewelries

3. firearms, ammunitions and explosives

4. prohibited drugs and other substances

5. pornographic materials, gambling cards and toy guns

6. pirated products i.e. dvd, cd, tapes, etc

7. items of commercial quantity

So that you will not encounter any problems just in case it will be go somewhere else during the freight and handling process.

Organize the contents of your balikbayan box. This ensures that you have enough space for the balikbayan box to accommodate all the things you need to send for your loved ones back home.

Book your balikbayan boxes only with PSB-accredited sea cargo consolidator / freight forwarder companies with clean records. This is for your security, when somethings goes wrong at least you know that your balikbayan box is safe and will surely reach to its destination. The DTI has a lists of accredited companies credible for the balikbayan services.

Be wary of exceptionally very low rates. Always know that you are paying the right price, there are some unscrupulous agents, consilidators or forwarders that will charge you higher rates.

Declare the contents of your shipment. This is for your benefit, at least you will know that something is missing and can file a complaint against the forwarder.

Secure transport documents such as cargo receipt (or Official Receipt) for fees paid, and Bill of Lading – a document issued by a transportation carrier to the shipper as proof that they have received the cargo shipment and have placed them on board a particular vessel for delivery to a particular destination.

Get the name and contact details of the forwarder’s agent in the Philippines.

Monitor the movement of your cargo from origin to destination to make sure it is being shipped and delivered.

Inform your consignee to check your cargo with the Philippine freight forwarding agent even before it arrives.

If you encounter pilferage or lost item, or non-delivery, file an immediate claim or complaint with the freight forwarder’s customer service. You may also lodge your complaint directly to the Philippine Shippers’ Bureau at 2nd Floor, DTI Bldg., 361 Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City or fax at (02) 751.3305 or email at [email protected] or call DTI-Direct (02) 751.3330 or 0917.834.3330 for assistance.

Source: http://balikbayanbox.com.au/?p=47
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