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Temporary Graduate Visa Timeline

helloiamalexahelloiamalexa PhilippinesPosts: 25Member

Meron po ba ditong nagapply ng Temporary Graduate visa this year or nakapagapply na and naappove? Gusto ko sana malaman gano kahaba waiting time nung iba. Recently inupdate kasi nila yung processing time for 485 Post-Study Work Stream. 5-11 months ang processing. Hoping na merong instances na mas mabilis pa kaysa sa nakapost sa site nila.

485 Visa Application - February 9
Medical exam - February 15
Current Status: RECEIVED


  • helloiamalexahelloiamalexa PhilippinesPosts: 25Member

    485 visa finally granted earlier today! :) Processing took almost 7 months.

  • agentx44agentx44 Posts: 4Member

    Nakakuha po ba kayo ng bridging visa while waiting? Thank you po sa sagot and congrats po

  • hikarihikari AustraliaPosts: 112Member

    @agentx44 said:
    Nakakuha po ba kayo ng bridging visa while waiting? Thank you po sa sagot and congrats po

    automatic dapat maggegenerate yung bridging visa kapag naglodge ka. kung wala sayo, you need to contact your agent or the immi para itnong bat wala kang bridging visa. ganto din kasi nangyari sa friend ko. accidentally naisama sa application nya yung anak nya (offshore), kaya di sya nabigyan ng bridging visa agad.

    Master of Software Engineering

    Jun 2018 Started AU Dreams
    Aug 2018 Started inquiring about Student Visa pathway - AECC Global and KOKOS International
    30-Aug-18 Got an offer with a full scholarship from Macquarie University Course: Master of Information Technology | Application Date: August 20, 2018
    14-Sep-18 Got a conditional offer from Deakin University | Course: Grad Cert + Master IT | Application Date: August 20, 2018
    10-Oct-18 1st PTE-A Exam
    15-Oct-18 Got a full offer from Deakin University
    20-Nov-18 Tuition Fee Payment
    23-Nov-18 Received CoE from Deakin University
    27-Nov-18 Insurance Payment (Medibank)
    29-Nov-18 Medical at St Luke's BGC | Health Clearance Provided - No Actions Required
    12-Dec-18 Student Visa lodgement
    14-Dec-18 CO asked an additional de facto documents (Evidence of same home address)
    19-Dec-18 Uploaded all documents to immi portal (Waiting time!!!)
    02-Jan-19 Visa Grant!
    Jun 2019 IT Grad Cert completed at Deakin Uni
    Aug 2019 First Day in Uni Adelaide

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