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Property for rent

wihjie0wihjie0 MelbournePosts: 18Member

Baka may nghhanap po ng rental property sa Point Cook area. We will be leasing out out this property located po sa Kingsford estate.

Malapit po sa lahat (school/Woolies/towncenter/freeway exit.)

Sa Dec po ang availability. 4beds 2 baths 2 car garage.

$530/week if you are renting the whole house

I can also consider 2 small families who want to rent 2 rooms each. House is BIG so it can accommodate 2 small families or couples na on a budget.

It can also be leased as fully furnished if required (with additional cost)


  • wihjie0wihjie0 MelbournePosts: 18Member

    For questions / inquiries you can message me at 0432068496.

  • ga2auga2au ManilaPosts: 564Member

    Ang ganda!

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    2019 Aug- ITA from SA 489
    2019 Aug- Lodge SA Visa Application 489
    2019 Sep 09- Medical
    2019 Sep 11- Medical deferred
    2019 Oct 19- Start TB treatment
    2019 Oct 21- Pre-invite from NSW 190
    2019 Oct 26- ITA for NSW Visa 190
    2019 Oct 24- Pre-invite from ACT 190 ( Didn't pursue it because lack of job opportunities)
    2019 Nov 10- Lodge NSW Visa 190
    2020 Jan - Withdrawn Visa 489
    2020 Apr 16- Finished TB treatment ( yey! )
    2020 Jun 08-Sputum results negative
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  • wihjie0wihjie0 MelbournePosts: 18Member

    Students are welcome to rent a room if they like

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