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SV Work Restrictions

karenschmarenkarenschmaren AUPosts: 49Member

Hi! Baka may nakaexperience or nakarinig lang information about SV, like my case. Since 40hrs/fortnight lang yung max ko.

I'm currently on week 2.

Week 1: Worked 40 hours.
Week 2: No shifts (tho binigyan nila ako ng shifts pero I declined)
Week 3: Three shifts given.
Week 4&5: Scheduled school break, which means I can work fulltime.

My question is, if nabigyan ako ng 40 hours on week 3, and 40 hours din on week 4, and someone asks about it, should I say na dahil school break ko yung week 4? Just in case kasi magmumukhang 80hrs/fornight na.

Ang understanding ko kasi with the work clause is any fortnight hanggang 40 hours lang pwede. Not literally week 1 and 2 lang, but also week 2 and 3. Please enlighten me if may mali akong thought.

Pasensya na medyo mahaba. :)

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