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Exceptional reasons for extended stay

Hi, meron na po bang gumawa ng letter stating exceptional reasons for stay in AU as a Visitor (beyond 12 months)? I recently applied for subclass 600 thru online. After submitting, nakalagay po sa recommended document yung exceptional reasons. Salamat po.


  • jd_jd_ Posts: 11Member

    Mag stay ka ba longer? Nileave blank ko lang yung part na yun

  • jbarileajbarilea Posts: 4Member

    Hindi naman. Yung sa application form na question does the applicant intend to enter AU on more than one occassion, sagot ko yes. Baka kaya merong exceptional reasons na letter na hinihingi? Ganun kaya yun?

  • jd_jd_ Posts: 11Member


    Single entry lang ang finile namin (so No ang answer ko sa intend to enter Au on more than one occasion). Pero meron pa rin yang part na yan sa recommended docs to submit. Actually may kasama kaming bata and yun sa kanya maraming docs na nakalagay dun na hindi rin applicable ung iba samin. So I think attach your docs depende kung ano lang ang applicable sayo.

    Btw, kung multiple entry ang nirequest mo, mas impt siguro na ijustify mo bakit need mo multiple entry. So yun ang idagdag mo sa documents mo kung wala pa

  • jbarileajbarilea Posts: 4Member

    @jd_ sige try ko na lang gumawa ng letter. Salamat! :)

  • agentKamsagentKams AustraliaPosts: 820Member

    @jbarilea normally if you answer yes for the multiple entry kelangan mo ijustify the need for such. this is for my parent's tourist visa, minention ko lang dun na kelangan nila maghelp for the care of my daughter .
    some i know, kahit no naman sagot nila nabibigyan sila ng multiple entry. pero pag first time sa Aus, single entry lang binibigay and kung walang no further condition stay, onshore na sila nageextend ng tourist visa nila.

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    Hello po, matagal po bah ang approval ng TV ngayon?

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