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Options for helping a family member migrate to Australia

Hi everyone. Hopefully may makapagbigay ng options/suggestions/recommendations.

I’m looking for ways na matulungan ang sister ko to migrate to Aus. She has an education degree, limited teaching experience, and many years of experience as a customer service trainer/supervisor and as a station manager ( ng seaoil at Shell).

Already checked SOL and Wala akong makitang applicable Sa kanya.

Would appreciate any suggestions and ideas!!!!

Salamat in advance!


  • odwightodwight SingaporePosts: 161Member

    parang mahirap sya kasi magka iba yung degree nya and work experience nya.
    unless she can provide atleast 3 yrs of teaching exp, pwede na sana sa Teacher na Job sa AU.

    only way i can see is for her to try studying.

    although, let try waiting for others to comment, maybe other got better idea. =)

  • AdminAdmin SingaporePosts: 1,605Administrator

    Yes, i agree, for now kung less exp pa cya , better gain exp or if really needed then take 190 kasi alam ko like for ACT may points if you have family members living in the same place. or if they want asap, Study Path way ang possible route. You may check our Pinoy AU Verified Education Partner page. or i can connect you to them if you want.

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  • mumma_engrmumma_engr Posts: 2Member

    Thanks. Yes, if you can connect me to your recommended education partners, that'd be much appreciated.

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