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Student Problems

Hi guys!

Been following this blog for very long na but didn't make any account I'm more of a reader type for forums hehe. I arrived in Melbourne 6 weeks ago and having financial problems. Although hindi lng ako of course but I just wanna ask advices from students on how to get through this situation.

I have been applying for jobs ever since I arrived. Most probably hundreds na online then handed out resumes personally too. I had a few trials for a foodcourt and a few restaurants but it didn't seem to work out at all kasi they didn't call me back. I don't have any experiences at all din naman in the hospitality industry to be honest cuz I was mostly in the admin/acctg industry. I applied corporate jobs but of course, I never got a call back. The closest one was Robert Half called me about an opportunity but until now wala pa din feedback from them. I tried to make connections din but everyone's saying they'll let me know if they find one.

I know everyone's going through different stuff with their lives but it's making me think to return to the Philippines na lng. My fam is thinking of getting a loan kasi just so I could stay here which is di na kaya ng konsensya ko.

Honestly thought din na it would be okay to get a job as FOH pero hindi pala kasi I thought they'll train me pero hindi pala dito. You do trials and it's either you fail or pass. Nasanay ako sa corporate na they give me a week training which always turns out right kasi hardworking naman ako. Hehe. I tried applying for cleaning jobs too pero they're always asking for people who have cars and are residents. With receptionist and sales assistant jobs, I got few interviews din but no one never called back.

So basically any advice as to my next steps will be welcomed. I don't know where to go from here. I talked with my roommates which are all from France but they're not working kasi so they can't relate lol

Anyway just asking for advices lng talaga. Not work. Hehe. I know I can't find it here.

All the best.



  • rush.padrush.pad PhilippinesPosts: 20Member

    hi cass,

    I know how you feel, nung dumating ako dito sa Sydney, it took me a month din to find work, yung unang work ko was a trial in an italian resto, and like you it didnt work no call back, zero xp din kasi ako sa hospitality. and just when Im about to give up, yun may tumawag sa isa sa mga inapplayan ko and i didnt even know when I applied for it kasi nga sa dami dami ng application na na submit ko hindi na ako naka keep track. yeah, they gave me an interview and I got the Job and still with the same company after 11 months now.

    I dont know what advice to give kasi im bad at giving one hehe, pero in my experience ,cguro perseverance lang, I know Its not easy to apply and find work I've been there , just take it one day at a time, and try asking above he gives answers in ways that surprise you.

    all the best to you cass, you're not alone :)

  • faithopefaithope AustraliaPosts: 7Member
    edited October 2019

    @cassandra2019 definitely lahat tayo pinag daan yang pinag dadaanan mo dito sa AU, keep the faith lang :smile: I would recommend for you to sign up sa Sidekicker. It’s an online platform like Seek, but normally mga one day / adhoc jobs ang pinopost nila. I’ve done couple of casual jobs as a sidekick, and now I am working as a full-time employee within my capability dahil sa work na nakuha ko doon before na nag start lang ako as casual rin :smile: I’ll pray na makakuha ka na ng job soon, God bless!

  • cassandra2019cassandra2019 Posts: 6Member

    @rush.pad hi! Thank you! Really appreciate your words of wisdoms. Was about to give up until I saw your comment. I actually read your reply last week pa but I forgot my password for this. In God’s grace, I was already hired last Friday on a hospitality agency. They haven’t given me any shift yet as I have to attend my RSA tomorrow. For someone who was new with hospo industry before, can you give me some advices? How were you able to carry on with your tasks? I’m so clueless so I’m checking out youtube videos only. :)

  • cassandra2019cassandra2019 Posts: 6Member

    @faithope hi! Thank you for finding time to reply my post. Really appreciate it so nagtry ako ng Sidekicker and I just received a session with them this Thursday. I actually just got hired with a hospo agency too same as Sidekicker. I was wondering if they send you out casual shifts as well like accept and reject lng? Cuz from my agency ganon siya and I’m worried I don’t get enough shifts so I was wondering if I should check out Sidekicker too. Also, were you new to hospo industry? I’m quite worried kasi with all the three plate carry and wine understanding if they put me into fancy restaurants. Can you give me advices as well? :)

  • rush.padrush.pad PhilippinesPosts: 20Member

    @cassandra2019 actually la din akong exp sa hospitality talaga hehe.

    Kamusta na yung job mo, everything going alright?... I'm glad you've found one!

  • cassandra2019cassandra2019 Posts: 6Member

    Hi @rush.pad Yes finally everything went okay po. Thank you :)

  • cassandra2019cassandra2019 Posts: 6Member

    Hi @superluckyclover I’m still in Melb po. :) i’ll message you here po

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