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Engaged/Married visa process

pinilkrpinilkr Posts: 1Member

Hello po! I'm new here and Ive read the ACS' entire doc, the FAQs and used the search bar.. I understood the process. But my question is, I'm engaged and I want me and fiancé to try our luck in AU. I was eyeing visa 190, 189 or 489, can we both apply under any of this visa? or is there a specific visa for engaged/married couple? I tried using the search bar for "Secondary Applicant" but I cant find any. If anyone can enlighten me of the best approach, they said whoever has the highest score can be the primary applicant... but the whole idea is still vague to me in terms of VISA. (We plan to do this without any agent or consultant, just DIY.. because we need to prepare for our wedding next year, April)


  • fgsfgs Cooper BasinPosts: 966Member

    Visa 189,190 and 489 are points tested visas. The minimum points is currently at 65. You must at least meet this requirement for you to be invited. Your Fiance' can be included as de-facto secondary applicant and he/she wont need to have skills assessment or english test unless you are claiming for partner points. Follow these steps:
    1. Check the skills occupations list if your nominated occupation is included.
    2. Estimate your Score, if you meet the 65 points then proceed (you can increase your points for getting a high score in english test, state sponsorship)
    3. Apply for Skills Assessment ( check www.anzscosearch.com for options what visa you can apply and where if needed state sponsorship)
    4. Have your english test..unless it is required for your skills assessment, you can do it after
    5. Create EOI(Expression of Interest)- www.homeaffairs.gov.au
    6. Apply for state sponsorship if needed ( not all occupations are available in each state's occupations list)
    7. Wait for invitation to apply.
    8. Apply for visa.

    If you need further clarifications, just send a msg. The above are just simplified process.


  • arki_jigz06arki_jigz06 ManilaPosts: 58Member
    edited October 2019

    Hi question, I have a girlfriend for more than 9 years already, and we are engaged since April 2019 and I am applying for GSM but we are not living together due to religious belief. Is it okay to choose "engaged status" rather than "de facto relationship"?Thank you

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