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Filipino Pharmacists-KAPS EXAM

mrsmrs PhilippinesPosts: 6Member
For Filipino Pharmacists who wants to take KAPS exam you can PM me for reviewers.
Two of my friends passed KAPS recently.
I can guide you with english exams tricks and strategies too.


  • RPhwithOZdreamRPhwithOZdream SydneyPosts: 188Member
    Ako po

    263111 Computer and Network Systems Engineer
    Hubby's Signature
    31.07.14 decided to do my migration eligibility assessment
    23.09.14 started to gather and collate ACS requirements
    18.04.15 IELTS (L-7.5; R-8.5; W-6.5; S-6.5; Overall: 7.5)
    08.07.15 submitted ACS requirements
    30.07.15 Positive result from ACS
    20.08.15 PTE (L-73; R-68; W-73; S-47; Overall: 66)
    04.09.15 PTE (L-71; R-79; W-88; S-45; Overall: 69)
    22.09.15 EOI 190 (55points+5points SS) HOPIA!!!
    09.02.16 PTE (L-75; R-73; W-85; S-61; Overall: 72)
    01.03.16 PTE (L-79; R-78; W-90; S-60; Overall: 75)
    21.03.16 PTE (L-79; R-77; W-87; S-62; Overall: 75)
    04.04.16 PTE (L-81; R-74; W-79; S-64; Overall: 75)
    ~~decided to take Master's degree
    28.04.16 Uni Admission Form filled
    03.05.16 PTE (L-79; R-70; W-80; S-58; Overall: 74)
    01.07.16 Completed and paid Uni fees
    07.07.16 SC500 Visa Lodgement
    08.07.16 Medical
    23.08.16 Application Deferred
    14.09.16 SC500 Visa Grant
    14.11.16 Intake
    04.01.17 PTE (L-81; R-80; W-89; S-66; Overall: 78) YES!!!!
    10.01.17 EOI 189 (65points)
    01.03.17 ITA Received 189
    02.03.17 Visa Lodged
    08.03.17 BUPA Medical Exam (X-Ray & PE Cleared)
    17.03.17 Visa Grant (GSM Adelaide)

  • iamaudiiiamaudii Posts: 1Member
    > @mrs said:
    > For Filipino Pharmacists who wants to take KAPS exam you can PM me for reviewers.
    > Two of my friends passed KAPS recently.
    > I can guide you with english exams tricks and strategies too

    Pmed you Mrs* :)
  • animeiahanimeiah Posts: 2Member
    Hi! Ako din po! :)
  • RubyRPhRubyRPh Posts: 4Member
    hi po..meron n po ba d2 nagkaps tpos pharmacist na ngaun sa oz? tnx..sana my mgreplay😊
  • RubyRPhRubyRPh Posts: 4Member
    anu po bang first step?mapaassess muna s APc or take na kaps first? tnx sa sasagot
  • MitziRPhMitziRPh Posts: 1Member

    Hi I'm planning to take next year pwd po huminginng reviewers

  • ntmanalo08ntmanalo08 Posts: 8Member

    any1 here in SA as pharmacy technician?

  • g_pr0530g_pr0530 saudi arabiaPosts: 26Member

    Hello! I have a friend who wants to work as a pharmacist in Australia. What are the initial steps?

  • MissRPhMissRPh Posts: 1Member

    Hi I'm planning to take the exam next year. May review center po ba for KAPS EXAM? Pwd po maka hingi ng reviewer? Thank you po

  • MemaHajMemaHaj Posts: 1Member

    Hey i would like to know the intial steps

  • frozenberryfrozenberry Posts: 1Member

    Hello! I'm planning to take the exam this October 18-20, 2020. If you won't mind, can I have copies of the reviewer too? I would be happy if you can also share to me the reviewers you have. Thank you in advance!

  • AljaAlja Posts: 1Member

    Hi where to take kaps exam here in Philippine. Thanks in advance

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