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leaxxxleaxxx PhilippinesPosts: 13Member
Just want to know kung mas okay ba talaga na itake ang IELTS over PTE?

Naguguluhan kasi ako since sabi nila mas madali daw ang PTE. Iniisip ko kung pte nalang kukunin ko since I have to get results by june para sa conversion program ko for nursing.


  • bulbasaurbulbasaur Perth, WAPosts: 81Member
    PTE is easier. Kumuha ko IELTS and I failed to get all 7 in all bands kahit nag review pa ko ng 1month compared sa PTE nakakuha ko 80 in all which is equivalent sa ielts band of 8 with 2weeks review.

    Pero again its up to you. Good luck
  • leaxxxleaxxx PhilippinesPosts: 13Member
    @bulbasaur sir ask ko lang kung mas maganda ba kumuha ng ielts kesa PTE? Yung nagreresearch kasi ako laging same lang sila. I’m planning to take conversion program in nursing this July. Ayoko naman masyado mapressure sa ielts kung pwede naman pala ako magpte which is mas madali. Iniisip ko lang kung may benefits ba pag ielts kesa PTE
  • bulbasaurbulbasaur Perth, WAPosts: 81Member
    @leaxxx same lang sila na itetest ang english skills mo but in a different way and setup from one another nga lang.

    Ang ups ng IELTS in my POV, ay ung dami ng review centre. Madaming resources. Meron din naman resources ung PTE kaso it will be on your own. I havent been to the Philippines for 4 years now kaya wala akong alam kung may mga PTE review centres na.

    Again sa setup ng PTE ang kaharap mo ay computers only, sa Ielts speaking naman tao. Kung mas comfortable ka sa tao kaharap mo kesa computer (I prefer computer), mag ielts ka. You need to be comfortable and loose para gumana ung utak mo at madami ka masabi nga pala.

    Sa results mas mabilis mag labas ang PTE since computer based. two days lang alam mo na. Tapos ang testing ng PTE mas frequent compared sa IELTS. Pwede ka try and try until you get superior english results.

  • xero09xero09 PhilippinesPosts: 21Member
    I suggest mag-PTE ka nalang. It is not an easier exam but a fairer one. Test scores get delivered fast as well, so there's no need to wait. Plus, yung preparation time for the exam mas maikli din. Minsan in two weeks kaya mo na siya ipasa. Mas mura din ang PTE kung may voucher code ka. If you're taking PTE for the first time in the Philippines, I can help. PM me. :)
  • JobelleJobelle PhilippinesPosts: 1Member
    Hello, I am planning to take my PTE exam next month. I need to hit atleast 80. Any tips please.
  • PeregrinePeregrine PhilippinesPosts: 24Member
    Choose PTE. Got superior scores on my first take which became an advantage during my 189 independent skilled application. Since computer based sya, kalaban mo lang ung mga kasabay mo mag-exam during the speaking part kasi magiging maingay dahil lahat kayo magsasalita. Another tip is make your voice louder. When I did my review, simulation sya ng real pte exam, so nakarecord ung boses ko during speaking. Feeling ko nun sobrang lakas na ng boses ko. When the recording was played back, halos wala akong marinig sa mga sinasabi ko.
  • leaxxxleaxxx PhilippinesPosts: 13Member
    @Peregrine thank you po for the tips
  • PeregrinePeregrine PhilippinesPosts: 24Member
    @leaxxx no prob. Kung magconversion ka, some universities prefer ielts. Though not sure about this kindly check. Bridging kasi ang ginawa ko kaya accepted ang pte. Ang sure ako nag-aaccept ng pte for conversion is ECU in WA kasi ung friend ko nag-inquire doon. All the best!
  • rahlp316rahlp316 Posts: 3Member
    Double check ko lang po na acceptable si PTE as replacement ni IELTS once magsend na tau requirements for pointing?
  • australiandreamsaustraliandreams Posts: 12Member
    Yes PTE is acceptable. And PTE is much better to take since walang human bias when it comes to scoring.
  • adam2611adam2611 philippines Posts: 32Member

    PTE Academic exam is given to test the English language proficiency for the country where English is the first language. Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A and many countries which are accepting the PTE academic exam as proof the English language. Unlike other exams, PTE is conducted over the computer without any human involvement. As a result, many PTE aspirants prefer to study by themselves without any help from a coaching institute. Also because of the busy schedule, it is hard for the individuals to attain the classes for the PTE preparation.

    Now, the question is whether is it possible to self-study without any expert guidance? Is it possible to achieve the desired score of PTE academic exam? Can it be possible to find the proper material and PTE mock test for the preparation? And many more questions which will come up when you decide to opt for the path of self-preparation. Don’t worry. We will put rest to all the questions and doubt regarding the PTE academic exam self-preparation. Also, we will provide you the exact proven techniques to help you achieve the desired score for the PTE academic exam.

  • abbyzcabbyzc BatangasPosts: 21Member

    hi po. I'm selling my PTE voucher expiring on January 30, 2020. pm nyo po ako if interested. Thank you.

    233512 Mechanical Engineer | Age: 30 pts | Education: 15 pts | Experience: 5 pts | English: 10 pts | Total: 60 pts

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