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Subclass 600 to 482 or PR

jemusujemusu PhilippinesPosts: 23Member
Hi Everyone

Good day!

Anyone here tried to apply for 482 or PR visa when only obtaining subclass 600 visa first? I'm thinking to enter Australia with my subclass 600 then apply under my partner as subsequent 482 or soon PR (3 to 4 months from now) or is it better to apply for subsequent here in the PH rather than going there? (Money won't be a problem)

Also, if I chose to apply my 482 or PR (subsequent) in Australia, can I get bridging visa while waiting because subclass 600 only allows you to stay for 3 months straight. Thanks



  • jemusujemusu PhilippinesPosts: 23Member
  • yapjamanyapjaman Devonport, tasmaniaPosts: 19Member
  • cuccicucci NSWPosts: 864Member
    edited May 2019
    Visitor 600 to TSS 482 should have no problem. Inasmuch as 482 replaced 457 I presume much of the privileges are the same. I entered on 600 and lodged 457 when the employer nomination was approved.

    More so with applying as subsequent entrant as long as the visa of the primary has been approved, there should be no problem assuming all requisites are complied with.

    I would suggest however that the primary applicant be approved first to avoid having problems with cases like the subsequent failing in one or more requisites like Medical Examination. Some clinics in the Philippines are notorious with finding TB history with applicants even when there is none. However, since you will be applying while already onshore, be prepared to shell out higher expense in the medical compared to that in Ph... but as you mentioned that money is not a problem, then no worries.

    Same goes true with Visitor 600 to PR subsequent.

    For the PR (GSM or ENS) a bridging visa can be granted to allow the applicant to legally stay in Au until a decision can be made on the application. I am not that sure with regard to PR visa via prospective marriage (PMV) or partner visa.

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