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Migration agent with Manila office

ER1ER1 ManilaPosts: 24Member
Hi guys! Do you know an agency who has an office here? The 5 agencies listed by remit are hard to contact (except for Respall).
I tried contacting Ntrust too. They do not respond. CJ Migration no longer have an office here. Thanks guys!!


  • aron_drnaron_drn SingaporePosts: 365Member
    @ER1 don't even bother to contact Nrust agency..and U dont trust this ageny...go to other agency Ntrust is a SIngapore based agency which is a lot of complains from their clients. a piece of advise to u.

  • ER1ER1 ManilaPosts: 24Member
    @aron_drn thanks so much for the advise!
  • ignormsignorms AdelaidePosts: 107Member
    Why not try Respall? We've been assisted by Respall through our migration journey, from the start. Pricey, but no regrets.
  • ER1ER1 ManilaPosts: 24Member
    @ignorms i tried po. But because i am not on the skilled occupation list, they cannot help me daw. According to them, as they only process PR visas, they cannot give me reccommendations re work or student visas.
  • ignormsignorms AdelaidePosts: 107Member
    A ok. Oo nga, mga PR visas lang ang inaasikaso nila, hindi student visas.

    Maglalabas ng updated list ang Australia I think by July (not sure), pero there is no assurance na magdadagdag ng skills sa list. Hopefully makakuha ka ng magandang advise from others here. Wishing you goodluck on your journey! God bless.
  • ER1ER1 ManilaPosts: 24Member
  • fruitysfruitys BrisbanePosts: 72Member

    SI 189 - Software Engineer - 261313 (80 pts)
    -- offshore --
    11-Oct-2017 - ACS (ICT major, 8+ years)
    18-Oct-2017 - PTE (90/90/90/90)
    19-Oct-2017 - EOI
    09-Nov-2017 - Invited
    06-Feb-2018 - Grant
    13-Feb-2018 - PDOS
    14-Mar-2018 - Opened AU bank acct
    02-Jun-2018 - Initial entry
    -- onshore --
    04-Jun-2018 - Applied TFN, Medicare, myGov
    25-Jun-2018 - Applied driver licence
    01-Jul-2018 - Tax time
    25-Jul-2018 - Job offer
    26-Jul-2018 - Opened super
    30-Jul-2018 - Start job # 1

  • ER1ER1 ManilaPosts: 24Member
    @fruitys yup. Pero wala pa din ako sa list haha
  • ignormsignorms AdelaidePosts: 107Member
    @fruitys , yup, also saw that list. What shocked me and my wife was that they included Chemist again into the skill priority list. That was my wife's occupation, but got removed last July 2017. So we opted to pursue our Oz dream with another skill, as Chemtech. We would have preferred NSW, but only SA accepts Chemtech at that time. We were contemplating on why it was removed back then. But now, we are just glad that we already have our PR visa. Our lives can move forward again. Maybe God has bigger plans for us in SA.

    Anyway, what I wanted to say is that the list changes quite often, and your window of opportunity, when it finally comes, could only be quite a few weeks, and with lots of difficulties. Best of luck @ER1 !
  • SatvaiSatvai ManilaPosts: 60Member
    @ER1 hello po, if you are interested sa student visa route dun sa same building Kung saan si Respall sa taas na floor Nila - 6th floor ata - may company naman dun na nagaasikaso NG student visas... I just forgot the name :( but worth a look if ur in the area
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