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Employment History with Inactivity

jakibantilesjakibantiles SingaporePosts: 110Member
Hello po. Magpapa assess pa lang po ako sa EA. Sabi dun kailangan ko istate yung employment history including inactivity. May naging work po ako na 3mos lang tapos walang employment cert. Safe po ba na ilagay ko yun, halimbawa magprovide lang ako ng ITR? Pag di ko naman siya ilalagay, magkakaron ako ng total of 4mos inactivity. Alin po mas advisable na gawin? Thanks po in advance.

ANZSCO 233512 | Mechanical Engineer | Age: 30, Education: 15, Work Experience: 5, PTE: 20, Spouse: 10, CCL: 5 |

Lodged EOI | 189/85 Points | DOE: 28 Jan 2020
(90pts by June 2020 - Work Exp)

Lodged Visa 482 - 17 Mar 2020


  • se29mse29m PerthPosts: 2,119Member, Moderator
    @jakibantiles lagay mo na din. If mag query si ea, saka mo sya iexplain tapos iattach mo payslip or itr mo to support it.

    233211 Civil Engineer
    30/09/15 - VETASSESS Lodged - 133112 Project Builder
    09/10/15 - IELTS Results: L-7.5, R-7.0, W-6.0, S-7.5 OBS-7.0
    19/10/15 - PTE A Results: L-82, R-74, S-90, W-76 OAS-79
    26/11/15 - Obtained NBI Clearance
    09/12/15 - VETASSESS Results - NEGATIVE!!!
    12/01/16 - Submitted CDR to Engineers Australia
    22/01/16 - EA Positive Results - Bachelor's Degree with 4 years 8 months skilled employment
    22/01/16 - Lodged EOI 189 (60pts)
    03/02/16 - Received 189 ITA
    11/02/16 - Health Clearance Provided - No Action Required
    18/02/16 - Obtained SG CoC
    26/02/16 - Lodged 189 Visa
    15/03/16 - Direct Grant - IED 11/02/2017
    25/05/16 - Big Move Perth!
    16/06/16 - Started Casual Work
    11/07/16 - Permanent Full-time Work

    Now for the Citizenship Journey

    26/08/2019 - Applied and acknowledgement letter received
    27/09/2019 - Test Email Invite for 19/12/2019
    01/10/2019 - Actual Test/Interview Date
    01/10/2019 - Approval Date (received the approval letter from the post 11/10/2019)
    05/02/2020 - Ceremony Date (received the email 10/01/2020)

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