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Hi to All, Please take extra care guys wherever you are, take care of your love ones too. Especially to our friends in Singapore, more being confirmed, and are through community spread, no longer from people who travelled from China. Observe proper hygiene at all times and also monitor our little ones as they often put their hands in their mouth.
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  • xpressdmsxpressdms SingaporePosts: 16Member
    @japsdotcom required for medical ang status samantalng meron naman sa emedical na site.
  • ish_30ish_30 singaporePosts: 14Member
    @teamLEE Hi, I'm a preschool teacher
  • ish_30ish_30 singaporePosts: 14Member
    @japsdotcom I see, pero san nyo po inattach ung insurance certificate?
  • japsdotcomjapsdotcom CanberraPosts: 81Member
    @xpressdms ang status ng eMedicalClient completed na? Pwede kaya mag follow up sa home affairs?

    Ganito ba ang status na nakalagay?

    "The required health examinations have been completed and submitted by the panel clinic to the department. This person's case will be processed or referred to the department's migration medical services provider, Bupa Medical Visa Services, for further assessment."
  • japsdotcomjapsdotcom CanberraPosts: 81Member
    edited October 2018
    @ish_30 kasabay po submit ng mga documents mo at English Test result or pwede ka mag update pag na lodge na ang visa mo sa immi account.
  • xpressdmsxpressdms SingaporePosts: 16Member
    Praise God! Visa approved today.

    Our TSS 482 Timeline

    1/Oct/18 Visa Lodge
    2/Oct/18 Booked result uploaded
    1/Now/18 Visa Granted
  • japsdotcomjapsdotcom CanberraPosts: 81Member
    @xpressdms Ayos! Congrats!
  • MiaMia NZPosts: 318Member
    @krizia There's no way for you to be sponsored a work visa as nurse kung hindi ka Australian RN. This job needs registration.

    Why not process your registration and by then saka mo na lang isipin kung paano makahanap ng work sa Aus
  • dy3pdy3p Sydney, NSWPosts: 549Member
    @krizia Mam, suggestion lang po. Don't stress on anything at the moment. Not to put you down or anything but you seem not to have an idea on what you are going to do. Relax and read through the processes. Research, madaming makakatulong sayo dito. Here are the steps in gaining registration here in AU as well as permanently staying here.

    1. English exam
    2. Apply registration with AHPRA
    3. AHPRA denies your application because we don't meet their standards hence they refer you to an NMBA approved study which is your bridging program
    4. Complete bridging program from an NMBA approved school.
    5. Reapply registration with AHPRA
    6a. You will then receive your registration which allows you to practice in AU.
    6b Once registered, either you have your skills assessed by ANMAC (Permanent residency) or you can look for an employee to sponsor you(Work Visa - 482).
    7. Wait for your skills assessment from ANMAC. They will determine your points pertaining to your experience.
    8. When your skills assessment is back, file for EOI and wait to get invited
    9. Once invitation is received, apply for visa.

    Getting a sponsor I would say is fairly difficult nowadays. Especially if one doesn't have much experience. Some regional hospitals still do.

    There is nothing to be stressed about if you know the process. For now, take the first step...
    To answer your question regarding the best pathway, I've just listed it above.


    08/11/15 - IELTS
    16/12/15 - AHPRA registration application
    14/01/16 - AHPRA refusal and referral to BP
    09-11/16 - Bridging program completion
    28/11/16 - AHPRA registration re-application
    03/12/16 - AHPRA registered
    04/12/16 - Job offered and accepted (457 Sponsorship)
    01/04/17 - Medicals for both 457 and future PR application
    07/04/17 - ANMAC assessment application
    15/04/17 - Filed for resignation from current employer
    21/04/17 - Nomination submitted by AU employer
    23/05/17 - Nomination granted
    31/05/17 - 457 application lodged
    16/06/17 - 457 Granted
    27/07/17 - EOI Submitted
    06/09/17 - ITA received
    10/09/17 - PR Skilled Independent 189 Application Lodged
    17/10/17 - CO Contact
    25/10/17 - Further Information Provided
    16/02/18 - Visa Grant Received

  • xpressdmsxpressdms SingaporePosts: 16Member
    Advice naman, currently working here in SG. kaso may new employment ako on Nov 19 SG padin.. Australia Visa approved Nov 1 and moving to Aus on January, do i need to update immi?
  • ish_30ish_30 singaporePosts: 14Member
    @xpressdms Hi are there any changes in your
    circumstances that affect any answers on your application form?
    If so, then you have to inform immi.
  • ricrnricrn Ferntree GullyPosts: 20Member
    Hello po. mag ask lang dito sa mga may partner (de facto). Secondary applicant po ako ng partner ko, waiting for TRN. gaano po katagal timeline ng may partner dito? and anong mga proof sinubmit niyo? salamat
  • DreamerADreamerA MandaluyongPosts: 236Member
    @ricrn hello , ung smen inabot lang ng 1 month. bale bago ilodge completo n lahat kmi ng requirements. Eto ung list n knuha smen,NBI ( wife ),Birth cert ( NSO ), ID PICTURE,medical ,passport copy,confirmation of any overseas residence usually yan ung pag me travel ka sa overseas sa loob ng 10 years llgay mo lang details (flight,hotel and date of travel) so far yan lang. ung forms ksi nde ko maalala naka agent kmi sila ang nag fill up para samen inask lang details smen like home address ganun.
  • FilaussiephyFilaussiephy SydneyPosts: 29Member
    ricrn said:

    Hello po. mag ask lang dito sa mga may partner (de facto). Secondary applicant po ako ng partner ko, waiting for TRN. gaano po katagal timeline ng may partner dito? and anong mga proof sinubmit niyo? salamat

    @ricrn Hi! Meron akong post regarding that exactly. Sana makatulong. :)

  • FilaussiephyFilaussiephy SydneyPosts: 29Member
    @krizia It will be a reeeeally long process I kid you not pero sobrang sulit naman. @dy3p already gave you a summary of what you need to do. But if you want more details, you can check out my blog:


    Your friends might benefit from reading some of my posts too.






  • ricrnricrn Ferntree GullyPosts: 20Member
    @DreamerA thank you sa info. also, di na kayo nag pasa ng mga statutory declaration? or form 888? yung parang sa partner visa na proof of relationship? yung ID picture kahit anong ID with picture and same address?
  • ricrnricrn Ferntree GullyPosts: 20Member
    @Filaussiephy thanks for the info. galing ng posts mo
  • DreamerADreamerA MandaluyongPosts: 236Member
    @ricrn company letter of support nklimutan ko iadd saka ung FORM 956 . about form 8888 hndi ako familiar. hndi bale scan copy of ID picture lang . lahat ng sinbe ko na docs scanned lang ang need, colored. yan nayun. pag me baby kay me concent form. un lang po. sa medical nmn me ffill upan ka prro mdli lang un ksi history mo lang pra mkpag generate nung HAP . ung HAP un ksi ung ibbgay mo sa pag memedicalan mo. ung agent nmen ang nag fill up online pra sa medical bsta nag sagot lng ako sa form pro mdli lang. yan lang po ung mga docs mdli lang. ssna nakatulong! goodluck
  • DreamerADreamerA MandaluyongPosts: 236Member
    @ricrn kulang pa pala saka INSURANCE. ssbhin nyo sa insurance na OFFSHORE pa kayo wag nyo kklimutan yan kung ndto kapa sa pinas para hndi ka icharge agad.pra mag sstart lang bayad mo pag nasa Au kna.
  • ricrnricrn Ferntree GullyPosts: 20Member
    @DreamerA, regarding HAP ID, nag medical ako last Feb 2018 lang, 1 year validity yun db? negative naman sa lahat thank god. andito kasi ako sa Aus, waiting for the TRN kami ni gf. pano yung insurance na yan? yan ba yung BUPA? salamat
  • DreamerADreamerA MandaluyongPosts: 236Member
    @ricrn oo tama ka 1year nga daw ang validity ng medical inask ko dn dati sa agent un.tama ka BUPA nga. bale kung si GF mo nasa pinas pag nag apply ka ng insurance sa knya sabhin mo sa insurance company OFFSHORE pa si gf mo pra d kau agad icharge. iask mo dn sa insurance kung possible un na ang kaltas sayo eh pag nanjan ndn x sa Au ksi sayang nmn montlhly payment kung mgbbyd kna agad pro ibwas dn nmn nla in case.pro sa case nmen pag lapag ko pa AU mag sstart payment nmen ksi nag ttipid dn kmi ;).
  • FilaussiephyFilaussiephy SydneyPosts: 29Member
    Thanks @ricrn! :D
    ricrn said:

    @Filaussiephy thanks for the info. galing ng posts mo

  • mkdt11mkdt11 philippinesPosts: 5Member
    Hello po. Meron po bng naapprove na nomination less than 38dys? Pwd na po bng isama agad ang spouse pg granted na ang 482 visa? Or mas ok na later nlng? Thank you.
  • japsdotcomjapsdotcom CanberraPosts: 81Member
    @mkdt11 Hello Kabayan! Based po sa experience namin. Less than 5 days lang po ang nomination para ma approved. Suggest ko lang po, once ma approved and nomination at mag lodge na kayo ng VISA 482 isabay muna po sa application ang spouse and kids ninyo. after submit ng medical result ilang days or a month lang may result na. Good luck po!
  • mkdt11mkdt11 philippinesPosts: 5Member
    @japsdotcom Thank you po kabayan. Mg 1 month na po kc ung nomination ko. Nghhintay pa rin po ako ng result hnggang ngyon. Gusto ko rin na isama na agad ung family ko sa pg apply pra sabay na dn po kmi mkaalis.
  • japsdotcomjapsdotcom CanberraPosts: 81Member
    edited November 2018
    @mkdt11 Kabayan, Tiwala lang ma approved yan!
  • mkdt11mkdt11 philippinesPosts: 5Member
    @japsdotcom Sana nga po. Salamat kabayan.
  • juantamadjuantamad PhilippinesPosts: 55Member
    Sa mga my dependent po dto. Ask ko lang po paano kayo nag subsequent visa?
  • japsdotcomjapsdotcom CanberraPosts: 81Member
    @juantamad Ang sa amin po. Sabay sabay po ang application. para isang process na lang po.
  • samjar22samjar22 NSWPosts: 87Member

    233111 – Chemical Engineer

    08.20.2016 - IELTS Exam
    08.30.2016 - IELTS Passed (L8 R9 W7 S7)
    05.05.2017 - Submitted docs to EA (fast track)
    06.02.2017 - Positive EA outcome
    06.07.2017 - Lodged EOI
    06.21.2017 - ITA received
    06.29.2017 - Lodged Visa 189
    06.30.2017 - NBI Clearance received
    07.14.2017 - Medical schedule
    08.16.2017 - CO Contact request additional docs
    09.15.2017 - SG COC finger print schedule
    09.15.2017 - Submitted required docs to CO
    10.13.2017 - VISA Grant (It's all worth the wait.. Thank you Lord!)
    06.19.2018 - IED
    xx.xx.xxxx - Big Move to Sydney!

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