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Multiple entries tourist visa

Aiza05Aiza05 SydneyPosts: 191Member
edited June 2018 in Visitor - Tourist Visa
Mga kabayan!

Please excuse my ignorance and hindi ako sure if naitanong na to dito.


First time ko mag-apply ng year-long tourist visa for my brother. He was granted a visa today and I'm not quite sure about the duration "length of stay: 3 months from the date of each arrival"...that means ba na 3 months max lang sya pede mgstay then he needs to exit then he can just return here anytime in a year? For those na naka experience with this kind of visa, can u kindly share what u did after 3 months? Like do u have to go back to Phils.then after 2 days balik na dito etc. Thanks in advance!

Herein attached ung visa grant letter :-)

November 2011 to February 2012- First entry to Australia with a Tourist Visa
December 2012- Second entry with a Fiancee Visa
June 2013- Applied for 2-stage Partner Visa (Temporary & Permanent)
July 2013- Temporary Visa granted after I got married
December 2015- Permanent Visa granted
February 2013 to January 2016- Worked in a non-healthcare job
January 2016- My first job in healthcare as a Tech. Assistant/ Pathology collector
January 2017- Given a permanent position as a Tech. Assistant
January 2017- Applied online for Citizenship
February 2017- Received an email re: Australian Citizenship
appointment and test
May 2017- Citizenship test date! Yeeeyyyy! ;-)
May 18,2017- Citizenship exam passed and application approved
Aug. 7, 2017- Citizenship Ceremony
September 2017- new sched of my AIMS exam
November 2017- received AIMS exam result
February 2018- start of Uni session 1

(This site is very informative and very glad to have discovered it! Cheers!)


  • cuccicucci NSWPosts: 808Member
    @Aiza05 Yes po... he can only stay for a maximum of 3 months per visit, he needs to exit on or before the end of the 3 month period but he can come back anytime within the 1 year period for another 3 month stay. He can exit into any country and come back... even just for 1 day.

    The only caveat specially for repeated entry as visitor is that immigration tends to doubt the person's intentions, as viewed from episodes in the Border Security Australia series.

    07.2016 | IELTS
    01.2017 | Applied to AHPRA
    04.2017 | received Letter of Referral
    09.2017 | finished BP
    11.2017 | AHPRA Registration / Employment Offer
    12.2017 | Lodged 457 Visa Application (onshore) / ANMAC Assessment
    01.2018 | 457 Visa granted / Received positive ANMAC Assessment / Submitted EOI

    04.11.2019 | Received Employer Nomination
    04.26.2019 | Submitted Visa application (186 DE)
    05.06.2019 | CO contact for medical exams
    05.09.2019 | Visa Granted (186 DE)
    (Thank you Lord!!!)

  • wilsonwilson PhilippinesPosts: 3Member
    Hi, good day to everyone. Asking for a friend. Her visa is
    Subclass 600 (multiple entry visa for 1 yr) and it states there that her visa will expire on august 16. Could she still go in australia on or b4 august 16 and stay there for another 3 mos. or is there a way to extend her visa for her to stay in au for anther 3 mos? thank you for your answers...
  • nickoryanfangnickoryanfang QatarPosts: 66Member
    hi! is it possible for me to extend my visa. single entry lang and 3months . due ko na po sa october 29, wala namang no further stay! salamt po sa mkaka sagot..
    and if due n ung single entry ko for 3months.. how long po ang iintyn ko para makapg apply ulet ng tourist visa?? hoping na multiple entry na po ang makuha ko. salamat :D
  • maealbamaealba BacolodPosts: 5Member
    @nickoryanfang pwd mag-extend kasi wala namang no further stay sa current visa mo...make sure to lodge a new application before oct 29 - once lodge bibigyan ka nila ng bridging visa tas hintay ka nlng sa result ng visa mo
  • nickoryanfangnickoryanfang QatarPosts: 66Member
    okay salamat po.
    ask ko lng din po , ibang question naman.
    pag mag re apply na po ako ng visa. target ko multiple entry sana, okay kaya na reason ang gawa ng girlfriend and family tapos para mag aral.. ? ma grant kaya ng multiple yan or ma deny po salamt
  • tiddyberrtiddyberr bulacanPosts: 1Member

    Kunyare po, indicated

    must not arrive after : Aug 31

    Ibig sabihin, dapat wala na ako sa australia ng aug 31? or literal na meaning na, okay lang dumating before aug 31 + ung 3 months mo na dapat ipagstay.

    --Sorry din for my ignorance, really confused lang and I would appreciate if anyone cal answer ;)

  • babbab PhilippinesPosts: 24Member

    Hello po, pahelp naman to confirm if tama ang understanding ko dun sa 3 months stay after each arrival, so if must not arrive after June 28, pwede ako magstay hanggang September 15 if I arrive ng June 15.

    Thanks in advance.

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