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Similar products between AU and PH

patpapatpatpapat Sana makapunta na sa ibabang parte ng mundoPosts: 13Member

Not sure if there is already a thread like this, but I would just like to know if there are products or items found in the Philippines that's similar to that in Australia. I have not been to Australia, but for us to prepare to adjust for the life there, maybe there are some products that would remind us of the taste or experience same as in PH. Are there any products and tastes similar to:

1. San Miguel Beer? :)
2. Kopiko 3in1 coffee?
3. Snacks like Clover, Chippy, etc?
4. Filipino Restaurants, or similar taste of Max's Fried Chicken?
5. Purefoods TJ Hotdogs?
6. Lily's Peanut Butter?

If you have some other products in mind, not just food (like your fave deo or safeguard soap) other that those above, you may share them here. :)

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  • engineer20engineer20 SydneyPosts: 1,574Member, Moderator
    may asian/filo stores dito so kung miss mo PH products may mabibili pa rin naman.

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    05Feb2016: Lodged Visa 190
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  • atheleneathelene SydneyPosts: 371Member
    @engineer20 Hi, saan po yung pinaka-ok na asian/filipino stores in Sydney? Super expensive po ba ang presyo ng mga items or relatively ok naman?
  • ysabelleysabelle SydneyPosts: 139Member
    @athelene if nagcoconvert ka ng au to php, mahal. hehehe pero okay naman ang price. do you have any idea saang suburb ka magsstay in sydney?

    i buy sa filipino shops sa ashfield and bondi. yun yung alam ko talaga pero im sure madami rin pinoy shops
  • atheleneathelene SydneyPosts: 371Member
    @ysabelle I see. Thanks. I'll be at Glenfield in my first few weeks in Sydney (may relatives kasi ako dun). Then I'll see kung kailangan ko lumipat closer to uni.

    Wow ang layo pala ng filipino stores, close-ish to CBD hehe.
  • ysabelleysabelle SydneyPosts: 139Member
    where located uni mo? or what uni ka? @athelene
  • atheleneathelene SydneyPosts: 371Member
    @ysabelle University of Sydney po hehe
  • ysabelleysabelle SydneyPosts: 139Member
  • atheleneathelene SydneyPosts: 371Member
  • ysabelleysabelle SydneyPosts: 139Member
    @athelene mganda po school niyo
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