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How to waive my " no further stay " in my 3 months tourist visa

charisseguijarocharisseguijaro MelbournePosts: 8Member
edited January 2013 in Visitor - Tourist Visa
Hi I'm just new here. I applied my 3 months tourist visa in Philippines. I've arrived here in Australia October 21,2012 my return in Philippines is on Sunday January 20,2013. Me and my fiancé applied for waiver. I got pregnant while I'm here. I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant now. We got a letter from my OB here stating I can't go back to Philippines because I'm having a sever morning sickness and spotting. And recently I was diagnosed with a thyroid active. We included those letters to my waiver application. Until now we haven't heard from them. I called the immigration in Melbourne yesterday and told me they're still processing it. Any suggestion what we can do? Can we waive my visa so I can able to give birth here in Australia? Thanks everyone. If we got the waiver we will apply for medical visa for me to give birth here. Hope can someone help me. Thanks.


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