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Seek/Share Immigration Advice
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Category List

Working and skilled visas

Discussions2.2K Comments177.7K
For people who are not sponsored by an employer and who have skills in particular occupations required in Australia. Applicants satisfy the age requirement, English language skill, and work experience or a completed eligible Australian qualification.
whimpeeOrganisation and Methods Analyst 224712
> @jianna08 said: > Thank youuu!!!! Yung mga previous work experience nya ba na hindi relevant sa 224712, sinama nya pa sa cv, payslip, job description, reference, etc? Yes, included lahat ng work experience. VETASSESS will determine whether it's related or not.

Regional Sponsored Migration

Discussions564 Comments25.7K
This visa allows skilled workers (who are nominated by their employer in regional Australia) to live and work in Australia permanently. Occupation must be on the relevant list of eligible skilled occupations to qualify and must have at least Competent English.
lukey191 PR Visa Application Question
> @whimpee said: > > @lukey said: > > Hi Tanong ko lng po: if 491 visa ako (main applicant), and ung dependents ko (husband and son) Ay 491 visa din, kelangn ba main applicant ung May job for 3 years para mag apply ng 191 after or pwede na si husband (dependent) ung mag apply ng 191 visa after 3 years na May job cya. Take note past 45 yrs old na cya. Waiting plng kame ng visa grant. Just curious pra mka strategize kung kaya in case Isa lng samin ang makahanap ng job sa aussie. Thank you > > As far as I know, either of you can be the main applicant, though it wouldn't hurt to have both of you declare income for 3 years. Wala din naman na yung minimum income requirement. Thank you @whimpee

Family and Partner Visas

Discussions655 Comments13.8K
This category is for families of permanent residents or citizens who wish to join their familes in Australia. Various family visa categories are available, from fiances, partners, children, parents and other family members of Australian citizens.
jianna08De Facto Visa Applicant
> @"Ryan A" said: > Hello. recently naglodge ako ng visa application ko (189) and then ginawa kong non-migrating member ung partner ko as de facto. ngaun nag require ung case officer ng evidence. na submit ko naman ung evidences and ngayon under assesment parin ung visa ko mga 3 weeks na. ask ko lang po kung ano ang kalalabasan ng partner ko kung dependent ba or parnter visa. ang pagkakalaam ko kasi magkaiba ang fee ng dependent and partner visa. TIA sa sasagot. good day! hello, may i know ano progress dito?

Employer Sponsored Visas

Discussions339 Comments6.1K
For lawfully operating Australian and overseas employers to employ approved skilled workers for temporary vacancies in particular occupations required in Australia. Temporary visas can offer a pathway to a permanent visa.
Joninho482 Dependent Now With Work- Need OEC?
Good Day! Tanong ko lang po. I am under 482 visa and kasama na partner ko. We are planning to be in the Phils in a few months. My partner has started working here. Will she also need an OEC to fly out of the Philippines? Kasi sa pagkaka intindi ko she has a contract and we are both on temporary residence- that means para na ring OFW ang status nya. And nope, we cannot wait until mag PR kami before visiting our country, so waiting for the PR is not an option for this situation. Hopefully someone can share their knowledge regarding this. Thanks!

Study and Training Visa

Discussions1.1K Comments39.2K
Student visas are temporary visa that allows student to study in Australia for a specific course duration. Discussion includes steps on how to apply student visa on your own.
nicazurStudent Visa (Step by step)
Hello, pwede po bang magpamedical during menstruation? Ano po ba mga test ang gagawin? Kasama po ba ang urine test?

Visitor - Tourist Visa

Discussions330 Comments5.8K
For people who intends to visit or extend their stay in Australia for holiday, sightseeing, social or recreational reasons, to visit relatives, friends or for other short-term non-work purposes.
JacrayeAffidavit of Support or AOSG For Tourist
Not aware that this was required. In-laws on tour just arrived a couple of days ago, they were not required to show any documentation of support.

IELTS, PTE and OET Topics

Discussions289 Comments31.6K
This Forum is related to International English Language Testing System (IELTS) , PTE , OET corner! Share your tips and tricks to get a high score. Get tips from the experts to in order to get the max score (9.0) !
scarlettcrossPTE ACADEMIC
Hello po, planning to take PTE exam next month. Anyone po would like to share their discount code? Thank you.

Migration Agent

Discussions154 Comments2K
This forum is catered for topics regarding migration agents, tips in engaging, reviews and experiences of the members. Please do share your views.
jianna08BridgeAus Migration Consultancy and Auspac Visa?
Cool!! I’ll see what’ll happen on Wed. Thank youuu!!!

Other Migration Topic

Discussions939 Comments28.9K
Other migration topics that doesn't fall to above. Topics specifics to other visas, Citizenship or other special visas can be discussed here.
> @nicazur said: > Hello, pwede po bang magpamedical during menstruation? Ano po ba mga test ang gagawin? Kasama pa po ba ang urine test? pwede na ngayon kasi di na nagcoconduct ng urinalysis

Blogs at Pinoy AU - Source of Useful Tips and Guides for Pinoys in Australia

Ask A Migration Agent [FREE Consultation]
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ReachOut Migration
Inquire about:
Inquire about:

General Topics on Life in Australia
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Category List


Discussions1.2K Comments17.1K
A general discussion area about Australia where topics doesn't fall on any categories.
AimeemedSG-based Members; drop by here! (",)
> @flancheesecake said: > Hello! Paano po ang process pag nakakuha na dati ng SG COC at kailangan ulit magrequest dahil expired na pero hindi na based sa Singapore? Kailangan pa rin po ba magpadala ng fingerprint? Hi all, I have the same question po. Meron po ba naka try ulit to request SG COC? I have hard time accessing their website. Thanks po.

Taste of Australia

Discussions44 Comments634
Show us your photos, showcase how beautiful Australia is.
valorant po is PC game tama ba? lolz, wala na akong alam sa mga PC games, console lang nilalaro ko recently (the past 3 years lolz) all the best po!

EB's and Get Together

Discussions41 Comments1.9K
Organize a meet up or gatherings here.
KomikusLooking for friends in Melbourne
Hi @emzkie , where are you located? I can help you with that. ;)

Family Matters

Discussions127 Comments2.6K
Bringing up a family in Australia, education for kids, etc.
d_bHow much initial money required to Settle down in down under
> @ga2au said: > > @d_b said: > > May pwede po makapagshare ng recent experience nila for a lone immigrant for NSW? Average monthly expense siguro sa food, rent, commute, utilities, phone, etc. Thank you 🙏🏼 > > It varies really. Since your alone, probably much cheaper ang pag relocate. For accommodation, you can rent a room, since mag isa ka. Thats probably depends on the location ng house, pero baka may mahanap ka ng 250-300 per week. We dont eat out kasi mahal food sa labas, so if u cook at home and un din baon mo makakatipid ka. 100-150 per week will do. Commute to city depends kung san ja galing. From herr sa Blacktown to city, parang 7$ per trip.pero kung maka 8 trips ka, libre na sususnod mong sakay. Kung magsasakyan ka, i dont recommend it kung titira ka sa city. Kasi mahal parking dun, kung sa suburb ka pwede kang magdrive to any nearby park to ride na train station, tapos take the train from there. Libre parking basta ginamit mo ung opal travel card mo sa train. Utilities varies din sa usage mo. But ung phone namin whch is Telstra is I recharge it every 28 days for 30$. > > Kung magrerelocate ka dito, magastos ung mga unang bwan mo kasi for sure mamimili ka ng mga gamit sa bahay at gamit mo. Ngaun mejo nag iimbak na kami ng mga winter clothes kasi lumalamig na. May mga gastos din pala sa pag convert ng Driver's license at register ng kotse. Evn pag register malaki din nagastos namin. Yan ang sagot! haha Thanks @ga2au, napakainsightful ng mga responses mo. I'll keep in touch and continue to post questions.

Working in Australia

Discussions390 Comments13.5K
Work related experiences in OZ.
lack14Filipino Doctors planning to practice in Australia
> @Xxxc said: > Hi, just want to seek for an advice. I am a registered nurse and registered Midwife. I am a medicine graduate also but not yet a passer. Yung husband ko nasa au n as engineer, kakaalis Lang niya nung July at balak namin pumunta dun next year after ng school year ngaun, may 3 kids kami. Tanong ko Lang po sana Kung may bridging course din po ang medicine sa au? At Kung anong visa mas maganda sa amin ng 3 kids ko. Salamat po sa sasagot > > > Hi, I'm not a migration agent but based on what my experience, these are your options: 1. If your husband is a PR, he can apply you and your kids as dependents. You become PR too. PRs are almost like citizens, same benefits, except you cannot vote and PH passport. 2. If you husband is not a PR (e.g., Student Visa), there is no pathway for doctors from what I know. I know very little about specialists being accepted here but check the link I posted above. 3. You have a higher chance of getting a PR visa as a nurse - its highly in demand here at the moment. Best to check a registered migration agent. TIP: Dont bring your kids here if you are not a PR yet, school fees are very expensive.

Health Care

Discussions133 Comments1.7K
Health related matters, insurance, etc
era222Medical Test for visa with stage2 CKD
> @HondaCity said: > am about to get my medicals done to continue my visa process. Grounds kaya for rejection if i have controlled hyper tension and controlled stage 2 kidney disease? Di pa naman ganun ka taas yung createnine ko. nasa less than 120 lang. > > will it better kung di ko sabihin na may ckd ako? kase its usual naman di ito mapansin kase wala itong symptoms. If controlled naman with medication it might not be too severe? Alam ko they look at the potential costs on the Australian healthcare for your condition, as mentioned by @Ozdrims so it varies by severity of the case. Try getting clearances from the doctors helping handle your condition, in case that could help. I don't know exactly the possible consequences of not declaring the condition, but personally I think you'd risk having them find out na you knew about it prior to/during visa application and you intentionally failed to declare... and you might risk your position. Not saying that to scare you, just to let you know the risks. All the best.

Remittance/Exchange Rate

Discussions60 Comments622
Sending money to the Philippines? Useful tips in selecting between providers.
c0dyCheapest way to send money from Philippines to Australia
Hello po, reviving this thread... sana po may sumagot especially sa mga nagBM recently :smile:

Hobbies and Activities

Discussions64 Comments443
Are you a fan Basketball or other sports? How about hobbies like Yoga, dancing or Singing? Check this out.
danyan2001usRoad Trip Around Victoria
> > > > > > > @BertGasenoSaher said: > > > > > > > > @danyan2001us said: > > > > > > > > Hello guys, > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Kumusta kayong lahat lalo na ung nmga kapatid natin dito sa Melbourne. Next road trip namin would be from Melbourne to Warnambool...a 3- hour drive to Warnambool kung saan may hotel na may sikat na hot spa....maganda rin ang mga view while on the way to the destination. Just tell us if you want to join us guys...... > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Sino po ba mga kasama, would be good to see Warnambool again. > > > > > > > > > > > > Hello Bro Bert sorry for late reply medyo na busy na hehe....anyway mga friends namin ang kasama then we will just identify the dates....inform kita if may new plan na...saan banda ka dito sa Melbourne? > > > > > > > > > > Hi kuya, I live in Forest Hill eastern suburb. My car naman ako so kahit western sub kayo ok lang saken. > > > > > > > > Hello Bro Bert, good to hear that....we will see this coming long weekend ....sana bandang North pala kami pero we are close made by our transpo means hehe....tingnan natin saan ang gala natin ngayong long weekend ...available ka ba kung long drive saka overnight like mag AirBnB tayo?....kami dalawang couple na kami dito pero mas marami mas masaya hehe....taga Davao pala kami sa atin sa Pinas ikaw taga saan ka sa atin if you dont mind? > > > > > > Taga Marinduque ako. My number is 0480264081 just update me, yes definitely can do long drive airbnb. > > > > > > I go to my sister's sa Doreen so minsan nasa North side din ako. > > > > Wow so maybe nadadaanan mo na nag area namin sa may Kalkallo right after sa Craigeburn..anyway we will let you know if matutuloy kami sa plano namin ngayong long weekend (AFL GRand Finals) either mag airBnB kamis a Mornington Peninsula or sa Warenambool.... > > Hi, dito pala ako sa NSW at babalik sa Vic maybe on 30th sept o 1 oct so di ako makakasama. Nag drive ako pa NSW para makasama sa holiday ng. Sisters family. Sa sunod na outing na lamg ako sasama sa inyo. Ok lang yon Bro anyway may mga ibang pagkakataon pa naman. Enjoy your days in NSW maganda din dyan. ANyway looking forward sa long weekend natin dito sa Victoria next week.

Balikbayan Box

Discussions35 Comments415
Sending you Balikbayan Box? Where to and How to help us decide.
lunarcatCourier service
Good day po, May experience or alam po ba kayo na courier na pwedi magpadala ng gadgets (cellphones and laptop to be exact)? Thanks in advance sa sasagot ! 🥰

Flying to and out of Australia?

Discussions80 Comments2.5K
Flight travel discussions, find the cheapest flight ticket or learn tricks from our members.
whimpee491 visa going out of Philippines
> @omegamega said: > Hello po sa lahat. 491 visa holder here at galing na sa Australia for a year via Singapore pero nag resign at umuwi ng pilipinas for family reasons. Pabalik na ako soon sa Australia at wala pa akong work na mababalikan. Tanong ko lang if visa lang ba sapat na sa immigration para palalabasin or kailangan pa talaga ng iba pang documents? Please advise kung may nakaranas ng ganito or similar. Hirap kasi sa situation ng immigration natin ngayon. Alam nyo naman dito sa pilipinas. Salamat po Might be best to also prepare documents showing that you've left your employer like a COE that shows your end date with them.

Other Info Bout OZ

Discussions89 Comments2.1K
All other things or information you want to know about Australia
lunarcatBig Spiders and Poisonous Snakes in Australia
Don’t think about it too much po. It’s the last thing that you’ll worry about :) Enjoy Australia 🇦🇺 May pesticide sila dito. Very particular sila mga danger zones. They will put signs din naman!

Resident's corner - Latest Happenings, Offerings, in specific State, Suburb, City
3.3K 16.2K


A Filo Marketpace App by Pinoy AU for Pinoys in Australia


Category List

New South Wales - Sydney
New South Wales - Sydney
Discussions1.1K Comments2.7K
JacrayeFilipino in NSW asan na kayo?
> @shygrace said: > > @ga2au said: > > Paki heart po kung malapit kayu Blacktown! Hahah try natin mag EB. > > ok ba ung area sa blacktown? Blacktown is not bad. dami pinoy dun and mura bilihin.
Victoria - Melbourne
Victoria - Melbourne
Discussions831 Comments2.6K
pjacksonRoom for rent in Cooblebank - 5 minutes drive to Cooblebank Train Station
Anyone looking to rent a room. There are 2 rooms available. 5-minutes drive to Cobblebank train station, and Coles and other stores are nearby. If interested please send me a message.
ACT - Canberra
ACT - Canberra
Discussions120 Comments1.3K
whimpeeAustralian Capital Territory - Canberra
> @CinnZinn said: > I got an invite po for 190 ACT nomination, may I know po ano pong acceptable financial capacity for a family of 2 (myself and my spouse) ngayon po for ACT? And does it have to still be notarized po? > Wala kasi akong mahanap online na basis for ACT. Salamat sa makakasagot po. I don't think may prescribed amount sila. I think you can check NT, meron silang table. The declaration needs to be notarized.
South Australia - Adelaide
South Australia - Adelaide
Discussions506 Comments4.2K
PeanutButterpinoy medtek in aus
Good day po to all and kay boss @Ren , plan ko po mag masteral of IT sa SA/Adelaide, yung asawa ko AIMS passer na po siya Med Tech, ang tanong ko po makakapag full time job po kaya siya kahit lab technician? Isa po kasi sa kinakatakot nya yan ang hindi makahanap ng trabaho to sustain. Salamat
Western Australia - Perth
Western Australia - Perth
Discussions361 Comments1.9K
lanaAvailable room for rent in Wellard, Western Australia
Hi, We have a available room for rent with own toilet and bath. House is walking distance to Wellard train station and bus stops. 31 minutes to Perth City. Prefer female , couple and not working night shifts. Thanks Interested you can messgae me.
Queensland - Brisbane
Queensland - Brisbane
Discussions219 Comments2.1K
OzdrimsNAATI - CCL exam - additional 5 points for 189/190 visa
> @onahgondo said: > mas madali ba ang naati kesa pte? iniisip ko kung worth it ba ang naati sa 5pts o iretake na lang si pte? hindi ko kasi naabot ung superior last pte exam ko pero ung 3 parts ng exam halos umabot lahat sa 79. Hindi sila comparable - in PTE no translation but you need to be fluent and kahit inaccurate pwede pero sa NAATI you need to be precise sa translation and avoid major errors ,if you are trying to max out the points to get invited you can try NAATI.
Tasmania - Hobart
Tasmania - Hobart
Discussions32 Comments180
melodymanHow is living in Hobart,Tasmania?
Kumusta ang IT diyan sa Hobart nowadays? May work pa ba na available?
Northern Territory- Darwin
Northern Territory- Darwin
Discussions53 Comments1.2K
Zezima1234Looking for accomodation
Magandang araw po sa lahat, I'll be moving to Darwin next month and am currently looking for a place to stay. Okay po sana if one br or one rm sa house sharing within CBD area. Any insight po would be highly appreciated salamat!
Other States, City, Suburb, Location
Other States, City, Suburb, Location
Discussions16 Comments5
jeharileCairns Student - Looking for a Job
Hello my fellow Kababayan! I was hoping if anyone can help me find a job here in Cairns. I am currently studying but I can work 20 hours a week during school term and full time during Christmas Holiday. I can do any kind of work. Thank you!

Free Ads - Section
1.9K 5K

Migration Agents

We are committed to assist anyone who wishes to migrate, study, work and travel to Australia and New Zealand in the most professional, efficient and cost-effective manner. We are committed to delivering excellent and honest service.

NTRUST is a leading registered Australia migration agency in Singapore with a very high success rate of 99.7%. With our professionalism and affordable fees, we have successfully helped thousands of people in Singapore migrate to Australia and attain their permanent residency (PR) since 2003.

Category List

Housing & Rentals

Discussions1.5K Comments3.5K
Looking and offering accomodations
ladotesFurnished room for rent, QUAKERS HILL, NSW
$100 per week, + $100 a mouth utilities 1 room own room for rent, fully furnished. Flexible stay, temporary stay welcome Own seperate toilet Own seperate fridge in kitchen Unlimited wifi included Quakers hill, near Blacktown Western Sydney About 5 minute walk from bus stop About 10 minute walk from Quakers hill station Prefer senior woman / or middle age Please email [email protected]

Jobs-Seeking & Openings

Discussions243 Comments1.2K
Job opportunities and employment corner
adoniscmdlooking for any job.
Hi, I am currently working in Middle East for more than 10 years by the field of IT. Any body here to help me to find a IT jobs in Australia. I'm planning to settle down with my wife.

Goods & Services

Discussions69 Comments76
Sell goods and other services here
LuxiyaFinding Timber Flooring In Canberra? Come Flooring 2 You
**Why choose timber flooring?** Timber flooring can be installed as solid timber or engineered boards. Engineered boards have the same feel and natural look of real species timber and are the perfect options for those who love timber but need to watch their budget. The cross laid solid Hevea Core and Spruce backing layer means you can enjoy your favourite timber species for a fraction of the price. The best thing about timber floorboards is that the more you live on them, the more awesome they look! Timber flooring has an appeal that goes way beyond simple aesthetics. It’s a look and feel that touches the heart in a way other flooring types can’t. There’s just something about the look of timber that gives off a beautiful character to any space, be it a home or a business. The natural tones and variations of hardwood floors are simply gorgeous, providing a robust and warm feel. The addition of wooden flooring brings a luxurious style that’s hard to imitate, and brings up the value of the property, too. Compared to laminate it’s more hardwearing and can be sanded or even re-stained lasting for generations. It also provides a much more authentically natural and timeless look than concrete or tiles. So, pop into one of our showrooms or browse the ranges on Flooring 2 You to discover what we already know – there’s magic in Flooring 2 You! [preview] **What we do in Flooring 2 You?** We specialise in crafted engineered timber flooring. From product supply to install, to maintenance and aftercare, our team provides comprehensive support. You’ll find every aspect of your flooring needs taken care of. No matter which option you choose from our range of hardwood floors, or custom timber solutions, you’ll be met with excellent products and service every time. Our team’s expertise in installation, parquetry and stairs, means you’ll have beautiful timber floors to last you for the years to come.


Discussions26 Comments25
Cars, Vans, Parts Accessiories, Sale & Rental
MakuneruPhilippines Vettassess Fee
> @roldan008 said: > Hi gusto ko lang po ishare ung isang sitwasyon po ng kasama namin na pa Australia. Isa pong mekaniko, kami po ay nakatapos at nakapasa sa Vettassess para sa isang mining company sa Australia, sa kasamaang palad ng dahil sa Covid , hindi na po natuloy ang aming pag alis. Ngayon hinanapan kami ng Agency ng new employer, at naging ok na ung isa naming kasama. ang concern ko lang po, okay po ba yong ginawa ng agency na kami daw ang magbabayad ng Vettassess fee and twice daw namin babayaran ito dahil nakadalawang employer kami. > > salamat po sa makakapag bigay ng Idea and information. Isang positive skills assessment(result letter) ay ok na po kahit ilang employer pa pu yan. di na di na po kailangan ng reassessment.

General Ads

Discussions101 Comments126
uncategorized ads
SGtoAUMortgage Broker (first home loans, refinance and investment loans)
If you need a mortgage broker please do not hesitate to reach out. Even if you think you are not ready to purchase, I can take a look and review your financial situation to see how much you can borrow. My service is free :) [email protected] 07 4317 4048 [preview] Type your message

Anything Goes
161 2.5K

Category List

Loose talk, Kulitan & off-topic

Discussions84 Comments1.9K
Anything goes. Kulitan, moving to another countries, opinions, etc.
danyan2001usIs it good to study in Tafe?
Hello guys good morning to all of revive ko lang ang topic na ito kasi malapit ito sa amin ni mrs since we started on TAFE here way back 2010 ...medyo matagal na ring panahon guys pero it could always be a good start here in OZ.....Melbourne based kami since then until now. Maramign TAFE schools dito sa Melbourne.

Gamers Arena

Discussions30 Comments100
Any gamer here? What games do you play? Share and Show case your Strategy.
JayperPerfect mobile game for Filipinos
My favorite [worldle game]( "worldle game"), in the evenings after work is the best thing. I'm already tired, so I have no desire to play hard games, and this game is just right for me. This game will test your knowledge of geography which is very useful for both adults and children.

Information Tech Thingy

Discussions20 Comments64
Discuss any IT related stuff here
AdminTelstra is giving consumer and small business customers extra data
[preview] Telstra is giving consumer and small business customers extra data to support working and studying from home or self-isolating, as part of the national response to COVID-19. Post-Paid customers (both mobile and mobile broadband) can get an extra 25GB of data on their plan to use in Australia within 30 days. Pre-Paid customers with an active recharge of $40+ can get 10GB of extra data to use in Australia within 28-30 days (depending on your plan). The data won't rollover. Register your details below to get extra data. Telstra will send you an SMS to confirm once it's been applied to your account - it should take about 48 hours. It will be available within 48 hours and you'll be notified by SMS once it's been applied. Ineligible phone numbers won't receive a notification.

Suggestions for improvement

Discussions17 Comments489
help suggest to improve the Forum site
_sebodemachoSuggestions for Improvement!
> @Conboyboy said: > Haha, thank you! Nasa level 3 na ako now. So konting kembot nalang, baka kasabay ng grant Chos! Mag comment ka sa lahat ng threads para mag level 4 na agad! Charing. :D

88 802

Category List


Discussions88 Comments802
AdminStudent & Training Visa Seminar | Baguio & Live Stream | 16 Sept 2023.
[preview] Hi PinoyAU pips, In partnership with World2Migration by Gloria Collins, we would like to announce that there will be an Information Seminar on Student and Training Visa in Baguio this coming 16 September. This session will also be available on live stream so please make sure you secure your slot (link from below) Discover everything you need to know about student visas, GTE statements, and partner schools. Get expert advice from seasoned speakers, including Gerilyn Ibañez, Gloria Collins, Chantelle Gumban, and more. Plus, don't miss out on valuable insights about IELTS and training visas from professionals like Lois Ann H. Rapanut and Dr. Khaled Hammad. What to Expect: * “10 Year Anniversary” discount for customers who sign up at the event * Vouchers given to all attendees + a free 20 min consultation * Raffle prize * Refreshments provided Check out more details of the program from here Register now to secure your spot and unlock your path to studying in Australia!

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